Accompany You Around the World/C2 Paternal Reparation for Female Debt
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Accompany You Around the World/C2 Paternal Reparation for Female Debt
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C2 Paternal Reparation for Female Debt

After Gu Muyan finished speaking, she pressed down against her wrist, causing hot, wet blood to spurt out.

Shen Zhiwei cried out in pain, "Ah …" Don't... "My hand …"

Her most beloved hand had been destroyed by someone she loved.

Blood splattered onto his hands. Such a mournful scene gave him a sense of revenge. Feel.

Gu Muyan didn't even spare her a glance before tossing her to the ground and leaving.

Despair swept over her as she tried to pay her debts. However, what did she owe Xu Yan? Nothing at all!

"Gu Muyan, not me." "Xu Yan is lying to you. You believe me!"

She suddenly sobbed, "I loved you for ten years.

Gu Muyan narrowed her eyes, a trace of unfathomable emotion flashing across her beautiful eyes … Yes, this crazy woman had loved him for ten years.

However, the person in his heart was not her.

Shen Zhiwei fell into the rain. Lightning flashed above his head, but Gu Muyan's words were more ferocious than the lightning.

"Xu Yan is the woman I love the most. I don't believe her. Don't tell me I trust you?" He sneered, "Moreover, you have loved me for ten years. What does it have to do with me?"

"Scram, don't stay in Yan'Er's beloved Orchid Garden, you are not worthy!"

Orchid Garden, called Orchid Garden, because it is full of Xu Yan's favorite orchids.

She fell heavily onto the ground, bringing with it her love for the past ten years.

He said that she loved him and it had nothing to do with him.

You don't deserve it.

Shen Zhiwei didn't make Gu Muyan believe her. In the end, he even got a long scar on his hand and the grievous news that he might never be able to talk about the piano in his lifetime.

The doctor told her it would take a very long time to get it back to its original state.

While she was staring at her hands that were born to play the piano in a daze, her cellphone suddenly rang.

It was Aunt Liu, a servant who had worked in the Shen family for many years.

"Miss, come back quickly. The Shen family has gone bankrupt and a large number of debtors have come to our house. The master is in a rush and the doctor said that it was a cardiovascular emergency and we are in urgent need of 300000 operation fees."

Shen Zhiwei felt as if all the air in his chest had been sucked out. He couldn't believe what he heard, "The Shen Corporation is so big, how could it suddenly go bankrupt?"

Aunt Liu cried even louder. "I heard them say that it seemed like the Gu family did it."

It was like a hammer smashing into Shen Zhiwei's head. Bang! A golden light appeared in front of her eyes.

It turned out that Gu Muyan's words didn't seem to be fake. He was really going to kill the Shen family and her.

One month later.

Shen Zhiwei sold all the expensive items in the house and even bought his own piano before he finally managed to raise enough money for the surgery.

A whole three hundred thousand, such a heavy sum.

Coming out of Piano City, Shen Zhiwei rushed to the hospital and was about to tell Aunt Liu the good news when he saw Aunt Liu squatting in front of the ward crying.

A bad premonition arose in his heart as Shen Zhiwei's footsteps became as heavy as lead.

"Miss, you're finally back!" Aunt Liu saw her and immediately rushed over, "It's all my fault. The operating expenses of the master that you painstakingly saved were gone. All of them were taken away by Xu Hai."

"What?" Shen Zhiwei's head exploded as he staggered back a few steps.

Xu Hai was Xu Yan's father and the housekeeper that had been with the Shen family for decades. Why would he come to steal money?

"Xu Hai said that now that the Shen family has collapsed, he is no longer the steward of the Shen family. Since his daughter is half-dead and doesn't want to lose her life, then I will repay this debt!"

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