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C8 Prostrate

Xie Hee turned around and saw Shen Zhiwei. A smile that was not a smile appeared on his face, "Yo, Miss Shen."

"That's Gu Muyan's peace talisman. Give it to me." Shen Zhiwei didn't have time to greet him, so his gaze was fixed on the safety amulet in his hands.

"Miss Shen wants this?" Xie Hee raised his eyebrows, "But unfortunately, I picked it up and it's mine. How can it be reasonable?"

"You …"

"Of course, it's fine if Miss Shen wants to go back." As Xie Hee said this, his eyes squinted, "Just like five years ago when I knelt down, Miss Shen personally kneeled down once, so I will give this rotten thing to you."

Shen Zhiwei already knew that it wouldn't be easy to get back, but hearing Xie Hee's words, his breath stopped.

Xie Hee had chased after her five years ago, but at that time, she only liked Gu Muyan and didn't take anyone seriously. Therefore, she told her dad about Xie Hee pestering her every day, and he directly grabbed Xie Hee and told him to kneel down and say that he would never bother her again.

Unexpectedly, Xie Hee remembered his kneeling to this day.

"Seems like Miss Shen is not willing? That's right, you are a great Miss Shen, why would you kneel to such a rotten person like me? "

Shen Zhiwei's face turned pale. After a long while, she raised her head and revealed an extremely serious expression, "Is it true?"

"What?" Xie Hee smiled.

"Are you going to return the safety amulet to me once I kneel?"

"Yeah." Xie Hee obviously wanted to humiliate Shen Zhiwei to death, "But Miss Shen is so arrogant, she should..."

"Putong!" Shen Zhiwei kneeled down heavily on the ground. His bones hit the ground and made an extremely loud sound.

"Also …" "Give it to me." Shen Zhiwei's eyes were clearly filled with tears, but she resisted the urge to fall down.

Shen Zhiwei, don't cry, it's worth it.

It's his most important thing, and you love him, so it's worth it.

"Give it back to me …"

Wu Junzhen was astounded by Shen Zhiwei's straightforwardness. Just as he was about to say something, his eyes flashed as he stared at a distance.

He threw the safety charm over, but right after, he took out a stack of bills from his bag and scattered it on Shen Zhiwei's head in a flurry, "I didn't expect Miss Shen to be so short of money, to actually be willing to kneel down for money. Haha, this young master is so happy today, I'll give all of it to you! You don't need to accompany me tonight. "

Shen Zhiwei carefully picked up the safety amulet. Before he knew what Xie Hee was talking about, an angry roar came from behind him, resounding through the entire corridor.

"Shen Zhiwei!"

Shen Zhiwei's face turned pale. He suddenly turned around and saw Gu Muyan standing not far away with both of her fists clenched tightly. The expression on her face could almost kill.

"Gu Muyan …"

Shen Zhiwei cried out in surprise and suddenly felt as if his entire body was being grasped from the ground.

"Oh, Young Master Gu, what a coincidence." Xie Hee greeted with a smile.

The veins on Gu Muyan's forehead popped up as she suddenly kicked out, "Scram!"

Then, he grabbed Shen Zhiwei and walked towards the underground parking lot.

Shen Zhiwei could not resist at all. Only now did he realize that he was framed by Xie Hee.

In the underground parking lot, Gu Muyan suddenly let go and Shen Zhiwei fell onto the door of the black Maybach.

In the next second, Gu Muyan bent over and pressed down on him.

"Shen Zhiwei, why are you so lacking in men?"

It was like a hurricane had swept through his body, causing all his internal organs to shift positions.

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