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Mo Qingfeng pinched his feet and ran in front of the brazier, changing the topic: "Aiya, seriously, I'm almost out of charcoal. Big brother, what should I do if I freeze you to death?" Saying this, he added more coal in, then shook his head and pretended to be concerned: "When will this Mimi be able to return home without kissing? You're injured and you don't have anyone around to serve you, so you just can't! Why don't you use my 'Spring Festival' for now? Brother, the level at which we give a servant a name is not that high. Look, what are these? Lai Fu, Wang Cai, Mimi, Yingchun, how can this show our power, domineering, knowledgeable — "

"Lucky is not a servant!" Eh? Don't you try to change the subject. What exactly happened today? " Dan Rong knew what he was thinking, so he asked in dissatisfaction.

"Ah?" What is it? There's nothing at all! " Mo Qingfeng replied half-heartedly, standing a distance away from Qin Wentian. Although he also knew that he was reluctant to beat him up, he still felt apprehensive every time he saw how he was scolded. Sure enough, Dan Rong was so angry that he slammed his palm on the table. Mo Qingfeng was shocked, "Brother, be careful, be careful of your wounds." Dan Rong pointed at him and asked: "Did you already know that Qin Xiao Zhu is a woman? Did you bring her back that day — "He didn't have the heart to ask further, but it was about time. Mo Qingfeng nodded his head. When Dan Rong Yun saw that he had tacitly agreed, the anger in his heart grew even more. "Since you know that a young lady like her is in a difficult situation while pretending to be a man, you should try your best to help her. How can you still do such a despicable thing?"

Mo Qingfeng was dissatisfied, he pouted and said aggrievedly: "Haven't we helped her enough? I'm about to lose my life. "

Even though Mo Qingfeng hadn't stayed with him for long for a year, he was very clear on the character of this younger brother of his. What happened today might not be as he had imagined. Perhaps the two of them already had feelings for each other. When he thought of this, his expression became slightly calmer as he asked, "You've been with her for a long time. What do you think of Miss Qin?"

"The Divine Nerve Scripture is a mysterious and mysterious scripture. It's filthy and full of nonsense; one wouldn't be able to find such a person even after thousands of years." He thought back to how Qin Xiaoliu used to blow her nose with the corner of her shirt and ride a donkey with the straw in her mouth, wanting to use all the insulting words. However, thinking about her pitiful background and the anger that was written all over her face, Yu Feng changed the topic and said: "However, at least you have a pretty good heart. You can barely pass on your martial arts, especially that person's sabresmanship. It's something that has existed since time immemorial."

His expression finally eased up, but he didn't know that her martial arts skills weren't bad either. He immediately said: "Then let's choose a day to marry her off."


Mo Qingfeng suspected that something might have gone wrong with his ear. He rolled his eyes, and with a 'gulp', he collapsed onto the chair. His entire body trembled, and he began to bicker with the other party.

"Big brother, dad, ancestor, you, do you have enmity with me?"

Dan Rong Ning ignored him and continued: "Don't you think she's not bad? She's a good person, and her martial arts are good as well. I saw her wash her face and look pretty good, what else do you have to say for yourself?"

"That's it. With just her, she weighs five Jin of mud. How am I supposed to —" Mo Qingfeng imagined his terrifying future, and the hairs on his body stood on end.

"Shut up!" After hearing what he had said, Dan Rong, in an instant, misunderstood. He hadn't thought that the two of them had already developed to the point of being intimate with each other! Feeling a little uncomfortable, he didn't care too much about it. Just as he was about to speak, the door was forced open.

He saw the little hoodlum, dressed in tattered clothes, rush in and stab his head into Dan Rong's leg. He began to bawl, lowering his head while his mouth bloomed with happiness. She wanted to make Mo Qingfeng a reality, but she twisted her arm so hard that tears would come out of her eyes. He grit his teeth and let out a few tears as he shouted, "Master, you have to seek justice for me! The Lun family has already given their innocence to Mo Lang, the Lun family doesn't want to live anymore! "

At this moment, when he saw that Qin Liuyun had cried so much that his nose and eyes and mouth had twisted together, he couldn't help but feel his heart ache. He comforted her: "Don't cry anymore, I'm in charge of everything. Qingfeng will not ignore you." How could he know that Qin Xiao was afraid that he would be found out by laughing.

How could Mo Qingfeng not know what she was thinking? In anger, he pulled out his flexible sword and pointed it at her, "You, you, how dare you spout nonsense again!"

"Qingfeng!" "Stop!" Dan Rong shouted loudly when he saw how shocked he was. Do you still want to silence me? "

"This little hoodlum is from the Mo Clan, and his death is the ghost of the Mo Clan!" Qin Xiao could be considered to have played a trick. He wiped his tears and snot onto Dan Rong Ruoyun's body as he thought to himself, "You damned brat, are you still not going to die today?" Dan Rong was afraid that something would happen to Qin Xiao, so he gently said: "Don't worry, I'll find some good fortune to pick a lucky day for your marriage."

Mo Qingfeng was struck right in the face by a bolt from the blue. He could only feel his vision darken as countless crows lined up in a row. "AHH!" Fly over the ground. Although he was wielding a sword, he had also forgotten his moves.

Ah? What was going on?

Qin Xiaozui looked up. Even though he was acting in order to tie the knot with them, he still wanted to deal with that damned brat Mo Qingfeng. However, if she really wanted to marry him, it would be better to just run into a wall and die. Why was this Dan Rong Ning so serious? This was no fun.

"About that, about that, Manor Lord, I don't think we need to rush."

"Yeah, you're right." After thinking about it, he continued, "You can't be too wronged. Tomorrow, I will tell the Manor that the two of you are going to get engaged. "

He knew that he couldn't disobey his elder brother, and could only take a step, and said: "I think, it's better if she doesn't reveal her identity as a lackey, because it is too unsafe for her. Wouldn't it be better to wait for the situation to settle before doing anything good for us? Besides, I should at least inform my mother of the orders of my parents and the words of the matchmaker. "

When Dan Rong saw that he had finally said something, he exclaimed in his heart, "Ah!" He was just his big brother, and he was the one who did it. How could he so hastily decide on the life and death of Qingfeng? He had always regarded this sworn brother of his as his own brother and always thought that he had the responsibility to manage all of his matters. Furthermore, Qing Feng had never been willing to return home to face his true kin, but this did not mean that he could take the place of his real family! Dan Rong looked at him, then looked at Qin Xiaomeng with an inquiring expression.

Qin Xiaoliu was confused. What was going on? Were these two people discussing their life's affairs? How could he give it to this damned brat so easily? His family was truly like a fertile river that didn't flow to a foreign land. She jumped up and was just about to shout "no" when she saw Mo Qingfeng's dead, frosted eggplant look. She instantly changed her mind, changed it, and shyly leaned on his shoulder, obediently answering him: "I'll let big brother decide everything. I'll wait for the day when the dust falls before I marry Mo Lang again." This time, she even changed the way she was addressed. That sound made her want to puke. She could even puke it out overnight. He admired himself for being so good at acting. Perhaps he wouldn't have any more food to eat in the future and could be a good actor.

Mo Qingfeng's face turned green, and he had the same expression as though he was about to vomit after eating the whole night's worth of rotten food.

"You look like a sensible little hoodlum." As she spoke, she glanced at Mo Qingfeng unhappily, and then took out a short knife from the drawer of the table and handed it to her. Seeing how meticulously the scabbard was made, especially the large gem on top of it was extremely valuable, Qin Xiao couldn't wait to take it out and see.

The blade was only about seven inches long, which was just enough for him to hide in his boots. Its entire body was a cold green, and there were tortoise markings and feather markings on the blade.

"I don't have anything good either. This blade is a token of love for you two, right?"

Qin Xiaoliu touched the blade in astonishment, thinking to himself: This Dan Rong Ning really treats me well, giving me such a precious gift! When you have no money, you can make a lot of silver. Her attention was only on the saber. She didn't know what the other party had said, but she nodded her head like she was pounding garlic.

Mo Qingfeng saw that she wasn't willing to accept his offer, but he didn't dare show it in front of her. He thought to himself, 'Let's see how I'll deal with you in the future!' She ran her fingers along the blade, trying to see how fast.

"Be careful!"

As soon as his words left his mouth, a cut had already appeared on the little hoodlum Qin Xiao, causing blood to gush out.

"It's too late." Qin Xiao looked at him with a dejected expression.

Dan Rong helplessly took her hand and placed it in his mouth to help her suck the blood out, "Child, how could you use yourself to test it?" Suddenly, he felt that something was amiss with this action of his. He immediately released her and glanced at Mo Qingfeng. Mo Qingfeng stretched lazily with a nonchalant look on his face, thinking to himself: It's best if you marry her, then I'll be liberated. On the surface, he said, "Brother, you have the friendship of sharing wealth. In my opinion, it isn't bad for this wife to do the same."

"You!" Dan Rong was so angry that he didn't know what to say. He remembered that his actions just now had been inappropriate, so he didn't say anything else. He waved his hand and said, "I'm tired too. You can all go back." Indeed, he was exhausted after tormenting himself for the entire day. As soon as the matter was resolved, the wound on his back burned him uncontrollably. Watching Qin Xiaoliu leave in a sweet and beautiful manner reminded him of her side profile. He felt uncomfortable.

After exiting the room, Mo Qingfeng threw a punch. Qin Xiaoliu had already prepared himself for this, so he slipped to the side faster than a loach, "Hee hee, I didn't hit you."

"Y-y-yes!" "You bastard!" Mo Qingfeng gritted his teeth as he called out to her in a low voice.

"Grandfather is here! Grandfather is here! " Qin Xiaoliu blocked and attacked from the left and right. The two of them rolled into the yard in a scuffle.

Unbeknownst to them, in the darkness outside the door, an unknown pair of eyes was staring hatefully at the two of them.

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