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"How is it?" Several pairs of eyes turned to look at Baili Lan An.

Lan An rarely spoke with a calm tone, "Poisoned, it's poisoned!"

Laifu angrily grabbed Baili Lan An's wrist. Indeed, it was just like his diagnosis. It would be easy for one person to die from poison, but other than her, who else would die without leaving a trace? He also knew a bit about the art of distilled water. This principle was still reasonable.

"Why did you poison it?"

Hundred Miles of Lan An's wrist was about to break from his grip, and he begged Mo Qingfeng, "Master, save me! He wants to kill me! "

Mo Qingfeng was extremely annoyed in his heart. He had never felt so burdened before, not only because he was worried about whether he lived or died, but also worried about the existence of Green Forest and Dragon Sword Villa. In the past, he always had his big brother with him. He was always the idle person, but now, he realized how difficult it was to sit on this seat!

He pulled Lan An back and said irritably, "Why are you still rebelling at such a time?"

"Isn't it? She was the one who prescribed the manor lord's medicine. Who else would have the ability to cook it other than her? " Laifu had always been extremely respectful to Mo Qingfeng, but at this moment, he saw that the manor lord had long forgotten about his inferiority, so he asked solemnly.

Mo Qingfeng also looked at her doubtfully. Indeed, Lan An was the only one who knew medical skills here. If she poisoned him, it would be too easy for her. However, what was her motive for doing so?

"There's no problem with my prescription, it's not like you haven't read it before!" Besides, it's not like we haven't checked it before. " Baili Lan An shouted at Laifu in dissatisfaction. Now, it seemed that even his master didn't trust her, so he felt a bit wronged in his heart.

Laifu sneered. "There's no problem with the prescription. Don't you want to put it in when you're brewing the medicine?"

"How could I be so stupid?" If I were to be the first to be suspected of what had happened to him, would I do such a foolish thing? "Can you not belittle my intelligence so much?" Baili Lan An's originally loud voice was now even louder.

"Who knows if you will try to cover it up or not! You're so clever! "Humph!" Laifu snorted coldly. He had never liked her. Every time he had her around, he would get into trouble. It was too much of a coincidence. Moreover, this girl definitely wasn't as innocent as she appeared on the surface. All her little thoughts could only be concealed from Mo Qingfeng. For example, even though Qin Xiao didn't show it on the surface, anyone with eyes would be able to tell that there was something wrong with her. She had been hiding it too deeply.

"That's right, I didn't boil the medicine today. Today, I have a headache. Did Mimi boil it?" The implication was, why did Mimi have to come back today, and something happened as soon as she did?

When Qin Xiao, who had been silent this whole time, heard this, he finally understood what was going on. She frowned, it turned out that the one that had been crucial in this matter wasn't just him!

Mimi, who was crying like a funeral, lifted her face and nodded, suddenly aware that something was wrong, and shook it again.

Laifu said anxiously, "Don't cry! "Speak!"

Mimi had never seen her so fierce. She was stunned for a moment, and in order to get rid of the suspicion as soon as possible, she immediately said, "I, I don't know how to poison! I don't even know what poison looks like! Oh yeah, I've prepared it. It's, it's something that Master Qin came to fetch. "

So it was like that, Qin Xiaoliu smiled wryly in his heart. The murderer's target was indeed him! Looking at the gazes of everyone present, Qin Xiao didn't bother to conceal himself as he admitted, "Yes, I got the bowl. Is it my medicine or is it something that happened to your Manor Lord?"

Unexpectedly, Lai Fu and Wang Cai didn't treat her like how they treated Baili Lan An, but instead silently pondered.

Mo Qingfeng emotionlessly asked, "Why would you go today?"

"There's no need for that. I accidentally caught a cold today, so I let Lan An take a look at my pulse while I was taking the medicine." Qin Xiao said those words in a carefree manner. He looked at Dan Rong, who was lying on the bed, and thought to himself, I hope that I'll let you off if they harm you.

Baili Lan An nodded, "That's right, Master Qin has indeed caught a chill."

Laifu glanced at the two of them before taking Qin Xiaoliu's wrist to check her pulse. His expression was slightly relaxed. Qin Xiao forced a smile. Actually, he didn't need to check his pulse. This chilliness was truly hard to bear. She was so cold that her entire body trembled. Mo Qingfeng glanced at it for a moment before pulling out a cloak for her to wear. Baili Lan An pouted in jealousy.

"Currently, Lan An, Mimi, and the little hoodlum have no motives. What do you think?" Mo Qingfeng had always seen fortune and wealth. Wang Cai held his abacus tightly, not saying a word. Laifu frowned and sneered, "Only he himself knows if he has a motive." He looked at the little hoodlum Qin, then asked with a deeper meaning: "Would Old Man Qin mind if we searched it and return your innocence?"

Qin Xiaoliu shrugged in a nonchalant manner, but then said anxiously: "I think the most important thing right now is to save the manor lord?"

"Don't worry, I've already sent someone to get a doctor." The manor lord was poisoned by a chronic poison and will not be in danger for a while. " The meaning behind his words was obvious. Now, Baili Lan An had also entered the suspicion zone. When everyone heard him say this, they all felt slightly relieved.

Mo Qingfeng's body flickered as he moved to block the hand that was going to search the body, "Let me do it." Qin Xiao looked at him with gratitude.

Laifu then turned to Baili Lan An and asked, "What do you think of the manor lord's situation?"

"In my opinion, if there is no antidote within the next ten days, then his organs will definitely be corroded!"

Ten days. Ten days. So many things were going to happen in ten days. What was he going to do? Mo Qingfeng looked anxiously and awkwardly at Dan Rong. He thought to himself, "Big brother, you're the one that's easy to play dead. Hurry up and wake up!"

Lucky ordered his servants to search the room, but there was nothing in return. Qin Xiao's heart tightened again. Impossible, it can't be so simple, isn't it too simple to frame someone like this?

However, he heard Wan Zhenghao say, "I think we should go through them one by one. This is too unfair for Master Qin."

Qin Xiaobao was somewhat comforted in his heart. It seemed that these people had finally trusted him, and they were all doing this out of respect for him. He looked at the person on the bed and sighed, "In the end, I've implicated you!"

Mo Qingfeng sat at the head of the bed with a dark expression, no one knew what he was thinking. Qin Xiaobao placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "Don't worry, nothing will happen to you." Mo Qingfeng didn't say anything, he only tightly gripped onto a corner of the blanket. Yes, he would definitely be fine, and he wouldn't allow anything to happen to him. But what should he do now? What should he do with Xu Rufeng, his achievements, his lunatics, and his unknown eldest brother? It was truly a rainy night!

The people who were searching looked at Mo Qingfeng hesitantly, but did not say anything after entering. Laifu was infuriated, "What's the time? Why aren't you speaking!?"

"Yes, your subordinates are here. Yes, Second Master's wardrobe has been rummaged through. Here, this." As he spoke, he handed over a packet of medicine.

Qin Xiaozui stared at Mo Qingfeng as his entire body turned ice-cold. This person was truly a schemer. It seemed like even if he had a mouth, he wouldn't be able to explain himself this time. She closed her eyes, hoping that the play would soon be over so that she could let the innocent man go. However, was there an antidote?

Mo Qingfeng looked at the eyes of the crowd and didn't explain anything. He only asked Laifu, "What do you think?"

Laifu took the medicine with an expressionless face. He twirled it around with his fingers and said, "Clownless turtle!" "Extremely poisonous!"

Baili Lan An was surprised, and said hurriedly: "Quick! For cooking honeysuckle, mung bean, and licorice! "

Laifu shook his head. "There are other drugs. I can't tell what they are. I'm afraid I'll be poisoned again if I randomly use the antidote."

Baili Lan An snatched it over, and with a pinch of his nose, he frowned, "Indeed. There's something else in the smell, and I don't know what the rest is. Weird, medicine that even I don't have an impression of is truly rare in this world! "

Wang Cai thought about it and asked Mo Qingfeng, "Second Master, where did you go this morning?"

"Go ask around."

"Do you have a lock on your door?"

"No, I don't have anything valuable. I never lock the door."

"That, that." Baili Lan An said in a small voice, "You guys even suspect my master?" He is the Manor Lord's younger brother! "And …"

"And what?"

Qin Xiaozui's expression was dark as he found another straw to bite on. He snatched the words away and said, "Moreover, she saw me enter in front of Mo Qingfeng's door this morning. Is that what you're going to say? " After saying that, he turned around and looked at Baili Lan An with a Ruffian's expression.

"What are you going to do?" Mo Qingfeng asked angrily.

"Find some clothes." He pulled out his cloak.

"Why do you insist on taking Second Master's hand?" Laifu asked suspiciously.

"Mine is broken."

"What a coincidence!"

"Right, what a coincidence!"

"That's right, I was making medicine. Young Master Qin came over to say that his cloak was torn and wanted me to sew it up. Then —" She did not finish her sentence. The meaning was too obvious.

"How?" Laifu asked patiently, sensing that something was wrong.

"This, I, I can't answer." She scratched her head. Was it about her humiliation last night? Even if it was just a small matter, wouldn't his identity be exposed then? Since he didn't know who the other person was, how could he tell? Mo Qingfeng coldly spoke as he gazed at Mo Qingfeng, "Is there any other explanation?"

"Would you believe me if I said I didn't do it?"

"I don't believe it!"

Mo Qingfeng said before he rushed to Laifu.

"Then I have nothing to say."

"Then don't blame me!" Mo Qingfeng looked at her and spoke with a profound tone. It was already unclear whether these people were friends or enemies. He didn't want to reveal Qin Xiaolian's identity. With that, he looked at Laifu. Laifu understood and blinked his eyes, then shouted sternly: "Men! Take down the little hoodlum Qin! "

Qin Xiaoliu suddenly felt disheartened. She was really cold and tired. After being framed so many times, she suddenly had the thought of giving up on everything. Moreover, the day that he would be poisoned should be coming soon!

"Put him in the dungeon before you find out!"

Mo Qingfeng watched as the crowd led her away, not saying a single word. Qin Xiao was so cold that he was trembling. Before he left, he said indifferently, "Mo Qingfeng, you must save him!"

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