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Baili Lan An walked over to the bed and looked at him. Suddenly, she pulled out a dagger from her sleeve and gritted her teeth. Then, he remembered Mo Qingfeng's last words. After thinking for a long time, he decided to put it away. Hearing the hurried footsteps coming from outside, she knew that Mimi had come. At first, she walked very lightly, but the recent events had hit her too hard. Every day, she would be in a trance and her steps would be hurried. The corners of her mouth curled up as she let out a small, incongruous laugh and cried. She squatted down by the bedside and said with grievance: "Villa Master, what should I do? I know someone wants to harm you, but there's nothing I can do. I know that Qin Xiaoliu is a spy sent by the Imperial Uncle's Palace, but my Master just doesn't believe me when she's bewitched by him. Now that you're lying here, it's all my fault. I'm weak, so I'm afraid that Master will blame me for not daring to kill him. But, Lan An isn't afraid of death. I'm afraid that if Master kills me, no one in this world can save you! His master was really confused. Although that Qin Xiaoliu was locked up in the prison, his master still visited him every day. That spy would act again, pretending to be sympathetic and die in the prison. Who knows, he might be released tomorrow. I didn't dare to save you because I was afraid that if he came out, he would harm you! Master, you are so silly! " She was crying but listening carefully to the sounds outside. She only stood up after she heard the slight flurry of footsteps. With an evil smile, she turned around and left.

The rest were left to Laifu. Mo Qingfeng came out of the Ju Yi Hall, even though it was still daytime, the north wind was still strong. He stood in the courtyard and looked at the plum trees. They had originally been planted by Lucky, but sometimes Lucky would also come out to admire and make some sour poems. However, he couldn't come up with a better poem than this person.

As the wind blew stronger, Mo Qingfeng stood by the wind, trying to clear his mind. Another day passed, but there was still no improvement. He could not wait any longer. His self-control was truly inferior to Laifu's! Could they have been wrong? As he thought about this, he walked into the room with Dan Rong. However, there wasn't anyone there. The wind had blown the windows open and the fire was about to go out.

Annoyed, he shut the window and rekindled the coals, roasting his hands. It was a cold winter this year, but why hadn't Mimi come? Wasn't she the one who cried the most every day? You don't have the strength to cry? With a smile on his face, Mo Qingfeng sat on the end of the bed. He didn't dare to sleep now, so he closed his eyes to think about other things. The Prime Minister, Uncle Guo, General, Princess, Emperor, all sorts of high level figures floated over and over in his mind. Since when did he, a commoner, become involved with the royal family?

He intended to close his eyes and rest, but his mind was restless as he tossed and turned. He was thinking about how he could save his brother, how he could get rid of the poison in Qin Xiaoliu's body, how he could pass the county magistrate's trial with Xu Rufeng, and how he could seize the most difficult contribution points. Originally, this was not something he should worry about.

When someone came in, he looked up and saw that it was Lai Fu with a tired expression. Lai Fu's face was slightly pale. Perhaps he had expended too much internal energy yesterday. He stood up and asked, "Is everything ready?"

"Yes, I have. "Just do your best and leave it to fate." He looked at Dan Rong Rui and said: "If the manor lord was here, I'd definitely be able to avoid danger."

"You did your best, too. Besides, our problem is not only this one. We won't worry if we have too many debts, and we won't bite if there's too many lice. " Mo Qingfeng tried his best to speak in a relaxed manner.


"Let me do it this time. Are you okay?"

"It's fine. Next time, I really can't do it next time." Laifu smiled and wiped his sweat as he replied.

Mo Qingfeng stood at the doorway as he pondered in his heart. If this crisis was over, what would he do? Eat something to reward yourself. When he thought of eating, he felt a little hungry. He also forgot the last time he had eaten. He was really impressed by that little bully, Qin Xiao. He never stopped eating and even seemed to eat a lot.

While he was lost in his thoughts, someone knocked on the door and angrily opened it. Why was there someone disturbing him at this time? Seeing the panic on his face, Mo Qingfeng vaguely felt that something was amiss. "Not good, little bully Qin, little bully Qin —"

"What happened to him?" Mo Qingfeng asked with a trembling voice.

"He's dead!"

Mo Qingfeng didn't know how he got to the dungeon. He rushed in, but he didn't dare take another step. He couldn't accept this fact. Was he the one who caused her death? Despite knowing that she was in danger, he was still able to send her into danger! Was it because he, Mo Qingfeng, was too selfish? And he didn't care what he did to her for the sake of his goal! When he thought of the day when the two of them had fought together to kill, Qin Xiao had even said that if he could make it back alive, he would become sworn brothers with him. Remembering her extraordinary kid looking at the knife, he called that a kid looking at a duck. Actually, he truly knew that he must have put a lot of effort into practicing this set of sabresmanship.

Mo Qingfeng slowly walked to her side, his small and thin body was already stretched out, his already pale face was now even more green, and his seven orifices were bleeding profusely as they fell at his feet.

He could not believe that his life, which had been so lifelike a moment ago, was gone just like that. His friend who had scolded him a moment ago had died just like that.

He bent down and picked her up. It was really light.

Mo Qingfeng turned his head to look at the guard at the entrance, enunciating word by word, "What's going on?"

The guard was terrified, he had never seen Mo Qingfeng with such a sharp gaze before, and he trembled as he replied, "Your subordinate does not know. It's just that, just now Mimi came over and said she was sending him hot soup. Not long after this, this little hoodlum, Qin Wushuang, started shouting for help. I thought he was sick again. He just ignored her. After a while, seeing that there's no movement, I came over to take a look and she's already bleeding from all seven orifices. She's dead. "

"Go get Mimi, get Wangjin, go! "Go quickly!" Mo Qingfeng roared with all his might.

The guard agreed, turned around and ran, running a few steps, only to see Wang Cai rushing in, seeing Mo Qingfeng, he slapped his thigh, "Second Master, I've finally found you, Mimi, she's dead!"


"Mimi committed suicide!"

Dead? Suicide?

Why did these words always happen to her? He swayed his body, and Wan Cai held him up, and anxiously said: "Master Er, you have to hold on! You can't be here without me! "Why is it that Qin Xiaoliu also —"

Mo Qingfeng was terrifyingly calm, he gently let go of Qin Xiaobao and instructed, "I'll leave the rest of the matters of Qin Xiaobao to you, you'll be buried in the limelight, don't you know how glorious it is!?"

Seeing him leave, he quickly asked: "Second Master, where are you going?"

"Meet my big brother." Mo Qingfeng slowly said.

When he returned to Laifu, he had already stopped cultivating and slumped back in his chair. He took out a True Jade Pill from his bosom and placed it on the table, "Hurry up and eat it as you need to replenish your energy."

Laifu swallowed his saliva without hesitation and asked, "What happened just now?"

Mo Qingfeng shook his head. He clearly knew that his brother was unconscious, but he was still afraid that he would hear it.

Laifu had never seen Mo Qingfeng's face turn so ugly and so solemn. He had always felt that something was amiss, but he did not dare to ask too much as he closed his eyes to rest.

This time, it seemed like Dan Rong woke up even later than last time. Mo Qingfeng tidied his hair, afraid that he would reveal a flaw. He forced a smile but didn't say anything. He was afraid that if he opened his mouth, he would choke. He even joked to Laifu, "When my brother is well, he'll give you a promotion and a raise." Laifu also laughed when he heard this, "I'm already a deputy, how can I get promoted? Isn't it time to usurp the throne? I don't want to shock the world with my achievements! " However, in the end, he didn't use the feelings he had built up. In the end, he didn't wake up. Mo Qingfeng trembled with fear and went over. However, all of a sudden, he clenched his fists tightly and a large amount of blood flowed out of his mouth, spraying directly onto Mo Qingfeng's face. Mo Qingfeng was so scared that he froze and didn't know how to deal with it anymore. Laifu scurried over, scratching his head in panic. "Why, why? How could this be? What was wrong? "What's wrong?"

Mo Qingfeng grabbed onto Laifu and asked, "What happened?"

"I don't know, I don't know!" Laifu timidly broke free from Mo Qingfeng's restraints, walking back and forth while muttering to himself. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and scared Mo Qingfeng, his eyes widened and filled with fear, causing the hairs on Mo Qingfeng's body to stand. Laifu slapped his thigh. "Why am I so confused? How can I be so confused? "

"What's the matter?" Mo Qingfeng had reached the edge of collapse, and he grabbed onto Laifu's collar as he roared loudly.

"I actually forgot that last time, Luo Ru's Soul Dissolving Hook was actually poisoned."

"How could that be?" Mo Qingfeng was unable to imagine the signs of his brother's poisoning.

Lan An and I have long seen that the concealed weapon of Luo Ju Kuang has been tempered with a slow poison. People who are poisoned will naturally listen to everything they hear if they want to live. Lan An and I secretly placed the antidote into the manor lord's tea cup every day because we were worried about your worries. However, the poison in the manor lord's tea has yet to be dispelled. It must be because the poison mixed together with the previous one, causing the poison to be even more deadly. I sealed off the acupoints on my own accord and used my powers to expel the poison, but actually hastened the spread of the poison. "I'm done for. Even if there is an antidote, I'm afraid there is no cure!" Laifu was so regretful that he wanted to smash his head into a wall.

"Impossible!" How is that possible? "

Mo Qingfeng looked at him in disbelief, "What do you mean there's no hope? What do you mean hopeless? Young bastard Qin is dead, Mimi is dead, and my brother is dead. No hope? Who is the one who isn't saved? " "He thinks that it's not that everyone is hopeless, but that he is the one who is really hopeless." She's — dead? " In the end, he wasn't able to open his eyes. He could only think about it lightly and no longer make a sound.

"Big brother!" Mo Qingfeng roared as he pounced towards Qin Wentian.

Laifu looked at Mo Qingfeng's expressionless face as he casually hugged onto his son's corpse. He didn't cry, but he chuckled instead, "Good, very good! He Huan in life but also in death. The reason why he came to live secretly was to repay the manor lord's kindness. Now that we have made a huge mistake and are unable to turn the tide, we can be considered relieved. " He sighed and said, "We also have some help on the Road to River Styx."

Mo Qingfeng raised his head and was stunned, before he could react to the meaning behind his words, Laifu had already chuckled, laughing till Mo Qingfeng felt cold all over, he turned and quickly pulled out the soft sword at Mo Qingfeng's waist, touching his neck, causing blood to spurt out, dying Mo Qingfeng's famous' Lunar Steps' sword red!

"Clang!" A person and a sword fell under his feet.

Mo Qingfeng discovered that he could no longer clearly see the scenery in front of him. He suspected that this was the real deal, or if everyone was just putting on an act to tease him. After poking Lai Fu and poking Dan Rong Ruoyun, he finally closed his eyes in despair. After a long while, he shouted towards the door, "Someone come!"

Baili Lan An couldn't believe the scene in front of him. If that wasn't the case, how could it have ended up like this? She went up to take a look at the corpse, but Mo Qingfeng pushed it away and squeezed out through his teeth towards the stunned Wan Chao, "I have to prepare for the aftermath."

Mo Qingfeng knelt in front of the mourning hall, with his hair in disarray, his eyes looking at the figures in front of him in a disorderly manner, no one knew what they were busy with.

Baili Lan An squatted in front of him and helped him to straighten his messy hair and clothes, mumbling, "Master, how could you be so dirty?" Finished speaking, she picked up her sleeve and wiped the dirt off her face, "You are Mo Qingfeng, you are the eternally pure and pure Young Noble Qingcheng, how can you be like this?"

Mo Qingfeng leaned on the coffin, as though he didn't know who Baili Lan An was, and asked: "You said my brother died just like that? Do you think he was just teasing me? "

Baili Lan An looked at the four coffins, and slowly stood up. Looking at Mo Qingfeng who looked like a madman, yes, who could still associate this person who was already delirious with Young Noble Qingcheng?

"Master, I'm really sorry." Baili Lan An wiped away her tears. She didn't want to end up like this, but why did it end up like this? She never wished for him to die, and even more so, she didn't wish for her master to be sad.

Mo Qingfeng turned around and touched the ice-cold coffin. From start to finish, he had the feeling that they were still by his side. How could their lives so easily slip away like that? Wang Cai had been busy with all sorts of things for an entire day, and Mo Qingfeng's appearance was enough to move the hearts of everyone. At night, he refused to leave and stayed at the mausoleum. They also refused to wear white and stubbornly believed that they weren't dead.

Wang Gui went over to help him up to rest, but Mo Qingfeng's wooden face suddenly lit up, he pushed Wang Cai away and pointed at the coffin, "There's movement, there's movement, my brother is not dead, he's not dead!"

Wang Cai pulled Mo Qingfeng who was about to open the coffin, and all the servants were called over to hug him and drag him out. Mo Qingfeng was an expert to begin with, but now, he went berserk. He flung the people aside and slapped the coffin as he shouted, "Brother, is it you? Brother, answer me! "

Wang Cai could not tolerate him any longer as he said in a low voice, "Second Master, please forgive my rudeness." After which, he slapped the other party's neck, causing Mo Qingfeng's body to stiffen as he fell into his embrace. Wang Cai carried him in his arms and called for everyone to go out. As they spoke, they discussed, "Hurry and find a doctor, and also find a mage. I think this place is really — not clean! No one is allowed to enter before the mages come! " Some of his men also agreed with him in a low voice, as if they had really heard a sound from inside the coffin.

Baili Lan An's thoughts went through a hundred twists and turns. She had always felt that it was strange, how could she die so quickly in just two days? At this time, seeing that everyone had retreated, he ruthlessly muttered to himself, "Master, I won't let you feel sad again."

She pushed open the coffin's lid with all her might and found that inside, Dan Rong's face was turning green. He was indeed no different from a dead man. She stretched her hand out and checked her chest. Finally, she revealed a smile. Luckily, there was still a trace of warmth. She pressed down on her chest and her heart was still beating weakly.

Thanks to me, she thought, hopping up and down in delight. Otherwise you'd be buried alive!

He didn't dare to waste any more time, afraid that everyone would come back in the middle of their journey. He immediately opened his mouth and poured in a bag of medicinal powder, then retrieved a knife from his bosom. After hesitating for a moment, he ruthlessly cut his wrist. Seeing that the blood had soaked the powder, she pinched his chin upwards. He said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I didn't want you to die. You'll be all right in a few days. Master, he won't be sad. "

She was about to close the coffin again when she heard the sound of movement from the other side. After all, she was still young, so when she thought of Wang Cai's words, she took two steps back in fear. Following the sound, he saw the lid of the coffin next to him move a bit, then two, then three, until it was completely opened.

A head popped out of it, a pale, bruised face, looking at him with its bloody orifices.

Baili Lan An was so scared that his hair was standing on end. He pointed at her while trembling and said, "Deceit, cheating, cheating!"

"Then what are you doing?" A cold voice sounded. Baili Lan An's entire body shivered, he turned around and saw Mo Qingfeng coldly staring at him.

"Master, you're not?"

"I didn't lose my mind, did I? Do you really hope so? "

"No, no, I hope you're all right." Baili Lan An hurriedly waved his hands in denial.

"Then you're harming me!" It was not easy for the little bully inside the coffin to find a piece of straw to bite on as he asked.

"You, didn't you die?" Baili Lan An looked at Qin Xiao Budian in disbelief and asked, "What's going on?"

"You are truly ruthless. Not only did you plot against me, you even lured Mimi to kill me! Did I steal your fiancé?" Or did I carry your child into a well? "

"Are you lying to me?" Baili Lan An's heart turned cold as he looked at Mo Qingfeng, trying to find the answer.

Mo Qingfeng didn't even want to look at her, so he said word by word, "Aren't you lying to us? You poisoned my big brother's medicine and then passed it on to Qin Xiaoliu, didn't you? "

"So you already know about it?" You already knew, didn't you? Yes, it must be. She must have colluded with you to deceive me. But I just don't understand what you like about her. "I still don't understand why the manor lord would want to betroth her to —"

"Shut up!" Seeing that she had almost revealed Qin Xiao's identity as his daughter, Mo Qingfeng sternly cut her off, "As a man, I naturally like good women, how can you sully me? My brother treats him as a good brother, are you jealous as well? "

"Master, do you not understand my intentions at all?" Seeing that Mo Qingfeng was not willing to reveal his identity as a little hoodlum, she also did not want to bring up what she heard that night again, making him angry. Originally, it was none of her business whether Qin Xiaomeng was a man or a woman. I was never a good person from the inside, but I never wanted to hurt anyone. I just wanted to get rid of her. It just so happened that she caught the cold that day and coincidentally went to your room. I wanted to poison Qin Xiaoliu and chase her away. "

"Hey, hey, hey!" Aren't you afraid that his subordinates will kill me out of anger? " Qin Xiao asked with some discomfort in his heart.

Baili Lan An ignored her, thinking to himself, You are already Master's fiancee, will he let people kill you?

"You want to poison my brother in order to chase away my little hoodlum? Has my brother offended you? " Mo Qingfeng took a step forward. He really wanted to see clearly what was hidden underneath that innocent and cute face. That year when you caused trouble outside and took refuge in the villa, do you think that my brother really didn't know? You want to kill him because of such a small matter? " Thinking of her burden and the suffering she had gone through, Mo Qingfeng wanted to grab her by the neck.

"I just want to secretly detoxify this guy after you kick him out. Then, I lied and said that I worked hard to concoct the antidote. I just wanted you to have a good impression of me! How could I really want to hurt someone? "

"There are so many opportunities to save him, why don't you save him? Why did you incite Mimi to harm Qin Shixiong? " If that was all it was, he could still reluctantly forgive her, but after so many things happened and so many people were killed, how could he redeem her guilt?

"I'm jealous that you're so good to Qin Shixiong. I just can't get used to her clearly having nothing, yet still being able to win my master's favor. That day, I pretended to say that she was a spy sent by Uncle Guo, who wanted to harm the manor lord, and secretly told Mimi. I knew that Mimi liked the manor lord, so she definitely wouldn't sit by and do nothing.

"But do you know that you killed Mimi? After she poisoned herself, she committed suicide out of fear! "

"She really died? I thought she was playing dead like you, poor Mimi. " Mo Qingfeng could see traces of regret on her face. She continued, "Mimi didn't commit suicide out of guilt, she only wanted to protect the Manor Lord. Mimi is too stupid. She thought that I was the only one who could save the manor lord, and she was afraid that if you asked for clues that would implicate me, you would kill yourself in order to protect me. Unfortunately, she still couldn't kill you! " With that, Baili Lan An raised his hand and pointed viciously at Qin Xiaoliu. Qin Xiaoliu felt that if she wasn't far away, she would have stabbed him to death with her finger. She spat out the straw from her mouth, "Pah! Do you think everyone is as scheming as you? With one look, Mimi didn't kill anyone. Your grandfather has been wandering in the Jianghu for many years, yet he couldn't tell that her words were flickering? "Aiya, it's hard to give up a natural beauty. Just because she's popular, she has to play dead." Recalling the suffering he had gone through these past few days, his anger began to boil.

Baili Lan An knew that he was finished, but still asked Mo Qingfeng with a glimmer of hope: "Master, did you suspect me from the very beginning?"

Mo Qingfeng shook his head and sadly replied, "I never thought that it would be you. If it wasn't for the blessings, I think I would never have known the truth." Mo Qingfeng hadn't told her any lies. Initially, he and Qin Xiaomeng had only thought that the people from the Imperial Uncle's Manor had accused Qin Xiao of killing Dan Rong while killing two birds with one stone. However, thinking about how he had put out the pawn, Xu Ruo Feng, why did he have to go this far? Furthermore, after separating from the wonton stall, he found out that there was no longer anyone left alive. In terms of achievements, Qin Xiaoliu should not have leaked anything. Recently, the only strangers in the manor were Qin Xiao Zhu and Baili Lan An. Even if they weren't Qin Xiao, they could only be Bai Lan An.

Baili Lan An listened to him speak while feeling somewhat comforted in his heart, "Then I'll be satisfied. So it turns out that Laifu never really liked me. "

"I like you. Am I still alive?"

With the sound of the coffin being moved, Lucky sat up and looked at her coldly.

Baili Lan An looked at him with a contemptuous smile, "So you were just pretending to be dead!"

"Yeah, I learned it from you." Laifu snorted. "Since you're using Mimi's feelings for the manor lord, why can't we use your feelings for Second Master? I want to see if you can bear watching Second Elder go on like this! I want to see if you still have any humanity left! " As he said this, he knew he couldn't wait any longer. Baili Lan An was a bit unwilling to give up. The reason he had failed and failed was all because of this servant whose name did not even deserve to be called! Puzzled, she asked, "Why do you always dislike me? Why do you have to suspect me?"

Laifu refused to look at her and replied impatiently, "It's true that you're not pleasing to the eye, but as long as you're here, there'll be trouble. He wasn't sure if it was a suspicion, but he knew it definitely wasn't Qin Xiao. Don't ask me why, because I find him pleasing to the eye. As long as the manor lord sees me in his eyes, I, Laifu, will always trust him. I said early on that you were clever, but you were smart. Have you forgotten what you said after the manor lord's poison was diagnosed? "

"What did I say?"

"You said that if there's no antidote within ten days, it will corrode and pierce through the lungs! Other than the person who poisoned you, who would calculate the date so accurately? "

Baili Lan An was suddenly enlightened, "As expected, words are bound to be lost." However, there was no hint of regret in his expression.

An extremely disappointed look appeared in Mo Qingfeng's eyes, "I never wished for it to be you, but the murder of Qin Xiaoliu caused me to no longer be able to deceive myself." That day, he had wondered why Mimi wasn't in her room. Following that was the news of Qin Xiaoliu's murder and Mimi's suicide. There was no way he wouldn't think of Baili Lan An, the last person to leave his brother's room, who was extremely dissatisfied with his concern for Qin Xiao.

"Lan An, you're so young, why are you so vicious?" Could Mo Qingfeng really be trying to kill someone just because he couldn't get the love he wanted? Such a hobby is terrifying!

"Master, do you know what the most painful thing in this world is?"

Mo Qingfeng did not know what she was going to say, but he asked, "How old are you? What had he experienced? Do you know what is the most painful thing in the world? "

"Since I was young, I have lived with Master and Senior Sister on Medicine King Mountain. Where it was beautiful, the spring water looked blue from a distance, like it had been painted. Flowers bloomed all year round without fail. My senior sister and I had been drinking water from the source of the waterfall and eating fresh ganoderma and fruit. Since I could remember, she had never been sick. I thought we were happy. Only, I've always wanted to know what could be at the bottom of this mountain. My master told me it was a hard time. I did not believe that when I was 14 years old, I begged my master to take me out to buy supplies. Although we are self-sufficient, every six months, Master would go down the mountain to buy some food and clothes. I followed my Master to the outside world. Only then did I know that he had lied to me. "So, I secretly slipped away, but unfortunately, I met a hooligan. Just as I was about to use my needles to stab their fatal acupoints, Master, you descended from the sky, bringing about a hero to save a beauty. From then on, I swore that I would marry you."

Mo Qingfeng couldn't help but sigh. He had always thought that he was the one who saved her, but it turned out that he was the one who saved that group of hooligans!

"I know I'm young, so I'll just wait and see. I hope to grow up quickly and reach my prime. But you still treat me like a child. I will always be a child to you. But I am not discouraged, I would rather be your disciple and guard by your side, silently waiting for the time when you think of me as your lover. " Baili Lan An laughed as he spoke. Qin Xiao could not imagine this little rascal's feelings, and shook his head as he listened.

"But, but, in your eyes, my feelings are worthless. I will always be the disciple, the disciple, the damn disciple! Your big brother that bastard, to actually propose marriage for you — "She looked at Mo Qingfeng, but in the end, he did not reveal his secret, and continued:" If I were to say that I had said so many things just to make a lie, would you believe me? "

"I do." No matter what, she was still his disciple. She did not bring any of her subordinates here because she wanted to give her a way out, and looking at Lai Fu's astonished eyes, Mo Qingfeng directly walked in front of her and asked: "Let me ask you, if my big brother, Little Lu and the others are really dead, do you regret it?"

Baili Lan An shook his head. She had already become crafty, so there was no need to continue being hypocritical. In any case, no one in the world had ever taught her how to do things, what not to do. "What is right and what is wrong!" "No regrets!"

Mo Qingfeng slapped her heavily in her face. The strength behind his slap was so strong that he couldn't even imagine it. "He had never expected to beat a girl like this one day, and she was even his disciple." Scram! Get lost! " He really didn't want to see her for even a second!

Baili Lan An spat out a mouthful of blood, raised his head and said, "I'll be leaving now. Thank you for giving me a way out." After saying that, he pointed to Dan Rong Yun who was inside the coffin and said, "Senior Sister and I can cure the hundred poisons with our blood, he'll be fine." Saying that, the corner of his mouth curled up, revealing his blood-stained teeth. As he gently smiled, Qin Xiaoliu felt a chill run down his spine.

"I will come back!"

With that, he tapped his feet on the ground, leapt up, and flew out of the courtyard.

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