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On the execution grounds, the criminals were pushed up with all kinds of ties, their long hair draped over their faces, and their clothes were filthy. They looked as bedraggled as they could get.

"Hey, this substitute sure stinks!" Qin Xiao frowned in disgust, and pushed Mo Qingfeng who was beside him, "Can't you find a cleaner one?!"

"Tch!" Mo Qingfeng disdainfully threw a supercilious look at Qin Xiaomeng, and pushed away her hand that was covered in sugar, "Can you be any cleaner inside the prison? Moreover, I see that you're not much cleaner than him! Do not use my clothes as rags! "

"How am I cleaner than he is?" Qin Xiao shouted in disbelief, his fingers almost poking Mo Qingfeng on the head, "Hey, have you grown eyes? You can even tell that I'm much cleaner than him! "No matter what, his hair is still properly tied up!"

"If you're not that tall, don't pretend to be big!" Mo Qingfeng looked at Qin Xiao who was dancing and trying to poke him with his hands, "If it wasn't to cover his face, his hair would have been smoother than yours! Look at that straw! "

"So what if it's straw? The straw is grown on the ground as well." Qin Xiaoliu picked up the straw and placed it in her mouth, "Why are these people crying like this? This little Xu is very popular, isn't he?"

"Yeah, this guy is a little stupid, a little simple-minded, and a little careless. But he's still a clean and honest official, and he's so close to the people. It's quite a pity!" Mo Qingfeng looked around at the crying citizens. He didn't expect this fellow to be so popular!

"Hey hey, cut it off!" Qin Xiaoliu suddenly became excited. She wanted to see through the crowd, but there were too many people in front of her. She was short, so she couldn't see them clearly.

"You woman!" Mo Qingfeng sighed and shook his head. He reached out his hand to hold onto Qin Xiao, causing the two of them to fly towards a tree by the side of the road. "You won't know how to use Qinggong!"

"Hehe, I have you!" Little Mob Qin stuck out his tongue, giggled, and turned back to look at the execution grounds.

He raised his hand, the blade fell, blood splashed, and a head rolled down. Blood covered his face, and his long hair scattered about, making him look exceptionally desolate. Suddenly, with a long whistle, a vulture spiraled down, picked up the head and flew away. The commoners cried out in unison, "Lord, you are in the wrong!"

"Wow, this is the first time I've seen such a beheading! "It seems quite interesting." Qin Xiao laughed as he watched his underlings cry. He was so excited that he looked like he was watching a big show.

Mo Qingfeng rolled his eyes as he speechlessly asked the heavens, what kind of woman is this!

After a long while, the people finally dispersed. At this time, a girl suddenly walked up to him. She was dressed in spotless white clothes and had a beautiful jade flute hanging from her waist.

"Wow, a beauty!" Qin Xiaoliu's eyes stared unblinkingly at the woman in white, "So beautiful!" Seeing Mo Qingfeng's expressionless face, he couldn't help poking him on the shoulder, "Hey, look at that. It's really pretty!"

"Average." Mo Qingfeng coldly cast a glance at her as he spoke with an unchanged expression.

"Tsk, you must be jealous to see him look better than you!" Seeing the woman in white say a few words to the bailiff before turning around to leave, a few of them walked away with steady steps and a glimmer in their eyes. It was obvious that they were experts that were hard to come by. This must be another member of the rich family watching from the sidelines! I heard that there was a Heavenly Immortal like lady in prison who called herself Xu Rufeng's fiancée. Where did this idiotic woman come from? To think that she would bump into a blade at such a time! Looking at the few people silently touching the handle of their sabers behind the woman, Qin Xiaolian suddenly jumped down from the tree: "Hey, go tease a beauty!"

"Hey, don't joke with me!" Mo Qingfeng hurriedly jumped down as well.

"Hello beautiful, my name is Qin Xiaobao. I'm the best in the world, peerless in the martial arts world." I'd like to invite you for a cup of tea. Qin Xiao was a hoodlum, but his hands still shamelessly wanted to touch that lady's face. He took the opportunity to slip in and stand between Linghu Jellyfish and those experts.

Linghu Jie took a step back, his face was still cold and expressionless. "Get out of the way."

"No, unless you want me to treat you to a meal!" Qin Xiao still had a mischievous smile on his face.

"Hey, can you please restrain yourself!" Mo Qingfeng felt his head hurt more and more. Was this fellow really a woman?

"Hey, are you and him together?" Linghu Jie asked Mo Qingfeng.

"Uh, we know each other, but we're not familiar with each other!" Mo Qingfeng felt that he had never been so humiliated before. His face reddened slightly, and he seemed as though he wanted to find a hole to hide in.

"Hey, are you trying to forget about sex!? To actually say that I'm not familiar with you! You have even seen my body before, do you really want to go back on your word? " Qin Xiaoliu poked Mo Qingfeng's back in dissatisfaction.

Three black lines hung down from Mo Qingfeng's head. He turned and said, "Say a few more words, I don't mind announcing what I saw that night."

"What is it?" I would really like to know. " Qin Xiao replied in a sloppy manner.

"Aiya, let me think. It looks like a golden eagle." And a Suan Ni? What other nonsense can I not remember? " Mo Qingfeng stroked his chin as he put on an act.

"Threatening me? I won't take your trick. " Qin Xiaoliu jumped onto Mo Qingfeng's back in anger, pointed at his shoulder and bit down.

"Ah, you lunatic! Get down here!" Mo Qingfeng cried out in pain.

"If you don't want to come down, then don't want to come down. Let's see what you can do to me!" Qin Xiaobumpkin proudly laid on Mo Qingfeng's back, "Obediently carry me back, and I'll forgive you!" In the past few days, she had been extremely depressed. Now that the problem had been resolved and Xu Rufeng had been saved, she could not hold back anymore and once again exploded. This really annoyed Mo Qingfeng to death!

Linghu Jie looked at the two people in front of him who were messing around and suddenly felt a chill in his heart. These two people didn't seem normal, they were obviously two men, yet they gave off a very ambiguous feeling. Even if he was real, he should look a bit more beautiful. It was really a loss for such a handsome man to be paired with a stinking beggar.

"Well, if you know him, I'll trouble you to get him home. It's dangerous to let this patient out of the house." Linghu Jie had a face full of sincerity as he finished saying his infuriating words, then he hurriedly left. When he heard the ghost howls coming from behind him, he disappeared.

"Hey, come back and explain to me what this kind of patient is. Do I look like I'm sick?" Qin Xiaoliu waved her arms to block the line of sight of the people behind her, as she pretended to shout angrily. Mo Qingfeng took advantage of her distraction to throw her off his shoulder, causing her to scream out in pain.

"Hey, can you be a bit more gentle? In any case, I'm still a girl, and I don't have the slightest bit of mercy for the fairer sex! " Qin Xiaoliu crawled up from the ground with a pout as she spoke in an extremely soft voice. Her movements were not the least bit ladylike as she rubbed her butt.

"You're a girl, I'm sorry, I really didn't realize that!" Mo Qingfeng said with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. He reached out his hand and pulled Qin Xiao away as he walked towards the direction of the Dragon Sword Villa, "Alright, alright. We've finished looking at the beheading. Let's go back!"

"It's not easy to get out. Why don't you have a good time? What are you going back so early for!" Qin Xiao was still worried. He circled around Mo Qingfeng, not wanting him to catch him.

"Didn't you say that you want to take the examination? Why aren't you going back to your book?"

"F * ck you, Yours Truly doesn't even need to read books. If I close my eyes, I can become a top scholar!"

"Hmph, now you're boasting. Wait until the results are released then it will become listless!" Mo Qingfeng's face was filled with disdain.

"Who said it? This young master has read a wide variety of books at the age of five, all sorts of classics are available. If you don't believe me, you can test me!"

"Alright, I'll test you when we get back to the Manor!"

"Wow, I don't want to go back so early!" Qin Xiaoliu screamed miserably. When she looked back, she saw that those people didn't seem to have any movements. She finally relaxed, but she was still unable to change her fate of being dragged back to the villa.

The sun was high in the sky, and the normally warm weather was cold. The bystanders pricked their ears and asked one after another, "Was there a ghost howling just now?"

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