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By the time Mo Qingfeng rescued Qin Xiaomeng, he had already been howling on the tree for the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. His voice was still loud and full of vigor, even longer than the singing on the stage.

"Enough, enough. Everyone is down, and you're still howling!" Why are you so useless? " It wasn't that he hadn't tried out the abilities of Qin Xiaoliu before, it wasn't that he couldn't climb down such a short tree. Mo Qingfeng didn't know why she hid her Qing Gong so impatiently as he poked her forehead. She was half a head shorter than him, and her height was just right. Mo Qingfeng couldn't help but poke twice more when he was at the right height.

"Do you think my head is an iron sand bag for you to use in your training?! If you can't finish poking at it, I'll give it back!" Qin Xiao angrily pushed Mo Qingfeng's hand away, "Hey, you with the surname Mo, quickly take me out of the village. My Little Treasure is still waiting for me to redeem him! If I go a step later, can you afford to pay for being thin and hungry!? "

Mo Qingfeng looked disdainfully at Qin Liuyun, "Isn't it just a donkey? If you want me to give you another ten, I'll let you have it!"

"Tch!" Qin Xiao could tolerate Mo Qingfeng looking down on him, but he did not allow anyone to look down on his donkey, "You brought that rotten ass over here, how can you compare to my Little Treasure? My Little Treasure is more important than my life, do you know that? Even if I sell you, you wouldn't be able to buy my Little Treasure's ass tail! "

The veins on his head were popping out, but he suddenly smiled as light as a breeze: "Yeah, only Master Qin can compare worth with a donkey, I think you would be worth a donkey's money if I sold you, right?"

"You!" Qin Xiaobao trembled as he pointed at Mo Qingfeng's nose. He didn't know why Mo Qingfeng would always get angry whenever he saw him. Staring at the large septic tank behind Mo Qingfeng, he pushed at Mo Qingfeng without thinking.

According to Qin Xiaomeng's thoughts, this septic tank was not a threat to Mo Qingfeng, but no matter what, Mo Qingfeng could still smell a body full of excrement and stench like that of a dead man. Unexpectedly, Mo Qingfeng's body slightly tilted and flew away along the surface of the pool, landing steadily on the other side.

Just as Mo Qingfeng landed on the other side of the pond, a girl in red suddenly jumped out, "Master, are you alright?!" The howling sound was quite a bit louder than the donkey-calling Qin Xiao, so he shouted, "Ahhh! Master, your shoes are stained with manure. Quickly take off your clothes! " After which, he pounced towards Mo Qingfeng.

Qin Xiaoliu was startled by the sudden appearance of this woman, and then her hair began to stand on end from the stimulation of that shrill voice. Then, she saw that the woman was preparing to strip that Mo brat's clothes, and even if she was bold and unrestrained, she was still covered in sweat from fear of this ghost-like woman! There really is someone better than you, there is always someone better than you!

"Hey hey, Lan An, don't strip me of my clothes!" Mo Qingfeng was also shocked by Baili Lan An, and he immediately stood up to fight against her Demon Claw.

"Ahhh, Master, your figure is really good!" Baili Lan An threw the jacket back while drooling, and then he started to attack Mo Qingfeng's undergarment.

"Ah, my clothes!" Mo Qingfeng watched as his clothes were thrown onto the septic tank, and couldn't help but to sigh in grief.

"Master, it would be better if you weren't wearing your clothes!" Baili Lan An was about to continue his attack, when he suddenly felt the back of his neck tighten as he was sent flying.

"Go back to your room and reflect on it!" Mo Qingfeng dusted off the non-existent dust on his hands. Looking at his clothes, he decided to not do anything, even taking off his shoes and throwing them into the septic tank.

"Ugh …" Qin Xiaoliu pointed at the distant Mo Qingfeng with trembling hands, "Does he often throw people this way?"

"Actually, I didn't. I was just a bit more direct." Dan Rong raised his head to look at Baili Lan'an, who was hanging on a tree branch, and patted Qin Xiao's shoulder consolingly.

Qin Xiaozui secretly wiped off his cold sweat. It seemed this Mo fella was too polite to him, and didn't throw him onto the tree. It was a small matter to fail to come down, but it was a matter of life and death to lose face!

However, it was just a matter of words.

Qin Xiao stared at Mo Qingfeng's back as he left. This crazy woman was right. Her body with the surname Mo was perfect!

"Brother Qin, be careful on your way. I won't send you off." As expected, it was the disciple that his second brother had taken in as a joke last year.

He didn't care too much about Mo Qingfeng's matters. Back then, he had become sworn brothers because he was of the same heart and spirit with Mo Qingfeng. After all these years, their relationship had long blended like milk and water. However, with his identity, the less people knew about his livelihood, the better. Mo Qingfeng wasn't on the same path as him, and he had no intentions of dragging him into the water.

Last year, Mo Qingfeng brought back a little girl with a completely red body. He stayed here for a month. He didn't even ask about his identity or background, as he had a tacit understanding with his second brother about many things. At that time, he felt that this child was interested in his second brother, and he thought that his younger brother's personal problems would finally be solved.

One day the child said that her birthday had come, and she was fifteen years old, and the two of them gave her a curtsy. During the feast, he said that he wanted to give her a gift, but who would have thought that this child would ask for Mo Qingfeng to be her master.

He cupped his fists towards him and was about to leave, but just as he was about to turn around, he didn't have a mischievous smile and instead said in a rather serious tone: "Manor Lord, tell me, if your enemy is several times stronger than you, what should I do?"

Dan Rong Bu knew that her heart was always preoccupied with other things, so he thought for a while before walking closer to her and said: "Knowing yourself and knowing your enemy, you won't die in a hundred battles. "If I could stand by his side, it would be much easier to do things."

With a "kacha" sound, Qin Xiao bit off the twig and turned to smile as he waved his finger: "This tree's quality is not good. A single bite and it'll be broken." After saying that, he turned around, threw his backpack behind him and left in large strides.

He looked at her back and said: "Shouldn't I have said that much to him?"

A person jumped down from the wall and habitually dusted off his clothes. He indifferently said: "Something has to be done." He didn't walk far. He was just lying on the wall, leisurely watching the show. He saw that his brother was worried and decided to get involved.

"What does second brother know?"

"Master! Master! Hurry and save your disciple! A hornet stings me! Stung me! Help! Oh, oh, oh, I'm finished! " A fiery girl was screaming in the tree.

Mo Qingfeng ignored her and replied, "I don't know anything." While doing so, he stretched his waist and lazily said, "I've been really free these past few days. I'm just going to have some fun." With that, he walked in the direction of Qin Xiaoliu.

"Be careful."

Seeing that Mo Qingfeng had already ignored him and was leaving, Baili Lan'an, who was on the tree, pouted and jumped down, breaking the branch on the branch. He unwillingly said, "How boring."

"Manor lord, can I stay here for a while?"

"Whatever." Dan Rong turned and was about to leave, but he didn't have anything to say to this girl. In any case, this Dragon Sword Villa was more casual towards her than he was.

"Then where is my master going?"

Seeing that he had ignored the other and flipped back into the courtyard, Baili Lan An was filled with anger. He kicked away the snow on the road, "What's so amazing about that?" Why do you keep the door shut and like to climb over walls? " She complained as she jumped into the hole.

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