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After watching Mo Qingfeng's figure disappear into the distance, a person appeared from the corner of the room. The man dressed in black was like a cat as he quietly approached the dead bodies. After checking them one by one he picked up the money and carefully checked them under the dim light of the wonton stall. After a long while, she suddenly exclaimed and carefully observed him.

"How is it, did you see anything?" A person's voice suddenly came from behind. The man in black turned around reflexively, and just in time, he brought his neck right in front of the blade that Lord Zhao had already set up. The poison blade shone with a frightening blue light in the dark, and it was obvious that it had been poisoned.

"There's poison on the blade!" The black-clothed man cried out in alarm. He subconsciously leaned backwards, wanting to dodge. Unexpectedly, the blade of the blade followed his neck closely, but did not break a single part of his skin.

"Nonsense!" There was no trace of nervousness in his voice as he smiled, "You scum have low martial arts, so you can only rely on despicable trash!" The person who entered was Mo Qingfeng, who had just departed a moment ago. His sword had already been sheathed.

The black robed man was startled at first, but then he sneered, "Seems like the renowned Young Master Qingcheng also likes to use such underhanded methods!"

"Hur hur, you can eat whatever you want, but you can't say whatever you want!" The blade moved as though it was a threat, Mo Qingfeng leisurely pulled out a smile, "Can you see clearly, I wasn't the one who smeared this poison. However, if you can tell me who you are, I would be happy to leave you with an intact corpse. " His tone of voice was as if he had given a huge favor to someone else.

"Humph, even if you kill me, don't even think about getting anything out of me!"

"Oh? It seems that you are truly loyal to your master. It's a good life for your master to have a subordinate like you! " His tone was still smiling, as relaxed as if he was chatting.

"Of course. To be able to work for someone else is Kai Yang's honor!" The man in black answered arrogantly, not even noticing that he had given in to the fight.

"Oh, so it's the Seven Sons of the Big Dipper, under the tutelage of the Imperial Uncle. I'm truly sorry for the disrespect." Mo Qingfeng cupped his hands in a perfunctory manner, "I presume that uncle has trained you thoroughly. You sure slipped away when you shouted those slogans!" In the early years of his life, Xia Kaiyang and his fellow apprentices had made quite a few achievements in the martial arts world. However, they were later taken away by Uncle Feng. This led to scolding and envious voices in the martial arts world.

"You!" "Since you know that I'm Uncle Guo's subordinate, then why aren't you letting me go? If Uncle Guo finds out that you actually dare to touch his people, you'll be in for a beating!"

"Yo, your temper is pretty good!" A shadow flashed across Mo Qingfeng's smile, "If that's the case, then I can't let you leave here alive. Otherwise, if you go back and complain, then Uncle Guo will come looking for trouble with me." While he was chatting, a flash of light came from his blade, and his lifeless body fell straight down. There were no other scars on his body, and a line of blood appeared on his neck.

Mo Qingfeng stood there silently, the wind rustling the hem of his robes.

A smile suddenly appeared on his face as he muttered to himself: "This little bastard Qin is really a troublemaker!"

The night was as cold as ever. The snow had stopped long ago, and there was a faint chill in the moonlight.

Qin Xiaoliu hugged her body as she shivered all over. Her body was cold, and her heart was even colder, but she was still as frivolous as before. He was still shakily shaking the straw in his mouth when he suddenly sneezed far away.

Qin Xiaobao rubbed his itchy nose and pulled up the corner of his shirt to blow it again! Suddenly, Little Treasure stopped walking and just raised his head and cried out, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Qin Xiao sighed. Sure enough, animals are more sensitive to danger than humans. She tucked her hands into her sleeves and craned her neck, waiting for him to appear.

Speaking of which, it was really cold today! It was so cold that people forgot that the blood flowing in their bodies was actually the same color.

The people hiding in the shadows finally couldn't hold it in anymore and jumped out one after another. They were all wearing black uniforms, and what was revealed was a pair of wolf-like eyes. The weapons in his hands were of all kinds, but they were all of the same sharpness, and shone with the same light.

Killing, no blood.

When experts fought, it was usually later than later. However, this sort of rule didn't apply to normal fights. Especially when it came to a pair of six, that "one" was a person who looked a little stunted while being unarmed. It was obvious who would win and who would lose.

Therefore, when that brat used a Flowerfly Flutter to knock back the person who was approaching him with one palm, those people who were surrounding him were obviously stunned. Especially when they saw that kid did not even take down his donkey and just sat down to exchange blows, they finally understood why he made them "act with caution" when handing in missions! The prime minister's men wouldn't have been so simple after all. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to escape the torture grounds.

Gritting his teeth, the leader shouted out in anger, "Set up the formation!"

"But big brother," the other man in black said frantically, "Sixth Brother hasn't come back yet!"

"I won't wait for him anymore. I don't believe this boy alone can escape our Big Dipper Formation!"

As he gave the order, the six of them spread out and formed an irregular circle around Little Brother Qin. This was the state of the Big Dipper. As for Kai Yang's position, it was empty.

"Among the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper, Heaven's Might is the darkest, but it is the place where the Kui's hilt connects with the other. It is the most important place, hence it is the place where the Seven Apertures are ranked among the martial arts."

The strongest will take on the job, while the warrior handle will be dominated by Yuheng. The second strongest will take on the job. " Qin Xiaob silently recalled the arrangement of the Seven Stars Array and calmly looked at the four people in front of him. However, he paid no attention to the two people behind him.

Qin Xiaoliu's palm technique was known as the Breath Destroying God Palm, which meant that once hit, the opponent's breath would be cut off, and very few people would be able to defeat it. Originally, her small body wasn't suitable for palm attacks. However, her moves were like ghosts and gods, appearing and disappearing without a trace. She was often able to hit out at an unimaginably high position. These people had ordinary abilities. If it were just a single person, Qin Xiaomeng would be able to bear it with all his might. However, when these four people combined their powers and borrowed the array, their strength actually increased by more than ten times. After a long battle, the two sides had actually come to a draw.

It was actually the palm strength released by Yu Heng and Yao Guang, who had been holding onto their weapons for a while now. Originally, the two spoons were connected and the handle was the Big Dipper Formation's ultimate killing move, but now, with Kai Yang missing, the unbreakable Big Dipper Formation had a flaw.

"Hahahaha!" A burst of laughter was like the sky falling down, a white figure stood on the roof not far away, his white clothes fluttering as if he was an immortal that had been exiled from the heavens.

"He fought six against one, yet he still beat the enemy. Don't you think it's shameful?" Mo Qingfeng took a deep breath, and in the time it took for a spark to fly, the weapons of the group clanged. Mo Qingfeng's flexible sword appeared and disappeared like a ghost. When everyone was unprepared, it had already entangled itself like a poisonous snake, and all the weapons immediately dropped powerlessly to the ground.

Mo Qingfeng floated over to Qin Xiaoliu's side, "Second Master Qin, you've stirred up trouble again."

"Cut the crap. Help me get rid of them. I'll treat you to wontons." Qin Xiao said as he rubbed his hands. His fingers were about to freeze. After which, he scolded the eight generations of Mo Qingfeng's ancestors in his heart. The other party had yet to ask for his name, but now, he had already revealed his identity.

"F * ck, so it's Old Man Liu's subordinate. That Liu guy actually dares to go against the government?" The moment the boss heard Mo Qingfeng mentioning Qin Xiaomeng's name, a person suddenly appeared in his heart. He immediately compared this person to Qin Xiaomeng. It really was the same person!

"I'm afraid you don't have any wontons left!" Mo Qingfeng shrugged.

"This is the first day you've been out wandering, right?" Qin Xiaoliu rolled her eyes. She was wondering how he managed to survive until now in the martial arts world. Not a single living soul is allowed to be left alive! "

The Seven Stars Array without a weapon was nothing to be afraid of. It didn't take much effort; there were six more corpses on the street. Mo Qingfeng blew a drop of blood off the tip of his sword. It wasn't that he was an idiot, he just didn't care about these few ingredients at all.

"What do you mean?" Qin Xiao was stunned.

"Here's your money." Mo Qingfeng did not answer Qin Xiaoliu's question, and only passed a stack of money to her.

"My silver!" Qin Xiao Niu took it in a daze, and tapped it, immediately becoming shocked, "Why are there only nine? What about the other one? "

Mo Qingfeng's face turned cold. He exchanged a glance with Qin Xiaoliu and ran back.

There was still steam coming from the wok in the wonton stall. A few dead people had already disappeared.

Even the blood had been wiped clean.

It was as if nothing had happened at all.

Qin Xiaoliu and Mo Qingfeng looked at each other in dismay. After a while, Qin Xiaoliu laughed bitterly: "It seems that I have still caused you trouble!"

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