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Feng Ji held a piece of money and looked at it again and again. He yawned and said unhappily: "What? Is this what you want to show me? "

The spy kneeling at the foot of the hall did not raise his head. Knowing that he could not escape his guilt, he calmly replied, "Yes."

"Explain." He yawned again and got impatient. Beside him, a man in a gray robe with his hair unbound casually handed him a cup of tea. "Master, have a cup of tea. Rest in peace." This person had a pair of phoenix eyes, and his eyes were long and slanted. His pupils were slightly protruding and he concealed all of his thoughts, making it difficult to see what he was thinking. Only the corners of his mouth were constantly curling up. He was brimming with an indescribable smile that did not seem like a smile.

Feng Ji took a sip and looked at his underlings as he leisurely said, "Speak in detail." The man then let out a sigh of relief and explained, "Reporting to my husband, in the past few days, Lord Zhao had discovered that Old Man Zhang, who sold wontons on the east side of the city, was acting a little strange.

"Just the two of them?" The man with long hair asked, seemingly intentionally or unintentionally.

He waved his hand, understanding the meaning behind it. "Lunatic, let him continue."

Zhao Ci Yi was not as good as her name. No matter how tenacious a prisoner was, he would be able to find out what was wrong. Even the smallest clues could not escape his eyes, resulting in his overconfident character. From the looks of it, this was indeed a fatal flaw.

"Yes — Lord Zhao, we are afraid that they will have accomplices to rescue us. We are ordered to split into groups and set up ambushes at different locations. Before his subordinates could receive the signal, they felt that something was wrong. When they rushed to the east side of the city, they discovered that Lord Zhao, Lord Liu and Old Man had all died due to poison while the north side …

However, Xia Kaiyang of the seven fighting sons has died under Lord Zhao's blade. "

"This is quite interesting?" As if he was in high spirits, Luo Rui gently caressed his fingers and asked. His hands were long and delicate, and his skin was white. Veins could be seen on his veins.

"The wound is one inch deep and one inch long. It is in the center of the throat. Subordinate, I don't know why Lord Zhao is doing this. "

"Oh? Kill each other? " Feng Ji smiled and narrowed his eyes, then turned to Luojiao, "What do you think?" In other words, those who knew the truth were all silenced? Wang Xiang, you are truly an old fox! Even after dying, he still had the ability to prevent him from sleeping soundly.

"No, I only know that the murderer is not good at using knives. The depth of the wound was so precise, but the flesh was not even. The weapon used must not have been a weapon. This lord has already made up his mind, and would not dare to make wild guesses. " Killing each other? Would he do it for a single piece of money? Then today's events would have to be described as a fantasy story.

"Mm, you can continue. Why is Xia Kai Yang there? " he asked unhappily, without much expression to his death.

"Reporting to my lord, Lord Zhao had arranged for the Seven Great Bears to ambush us in the south of the road and for his subordinates to ambush us in the north. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe Xia Kaiyang was left behind just before we left, afraid that something might change. Maybe there's a need to leave a person behind in the dark. " How could he have known that Xia Kaiyang had eaten his fill and had no choice but to respond when poop grandpa called? He missed the time to regroup with the six people and allowed him to witness the entire incident.

"You don't need to explain him. If it's useless, it's useless. Where are the other six? " In terms of martial arts, the Seven Great Bears were not the best. Only the formation could trap a person. With one less person, their power would be greatly reduced. Zhao Ci Yi had truly overdone his plan. It was only natural for him to die.

"All of you!" The subordinate shivered slightly and said softly.

Monumental closed his eyes, his face somewhat exhausted. He muttered, "If that's the case, then what do I need you for?"

Everyone in the audience felt a chill run down their spines.

Luo Ju Meng stopped playing with his fingers and said with a smile like the spring wind, "Can you give me that money to have a look?" This piece of paper seemed to be the only clue to the process.

He suddenly remembered that there was also this item and handed it to him. Luo Ru looked around and frowned, but no one knew what he was thinking.

"Whose is it?"

"Your subordinate doesn't know, but it's under Lord Liu's body." The underlings trembled as they replied. This was far too strange. Everyone was either poisoned to death or killed by their own people. Zhao Yiyi and Xia Kaiyang fought over ten taels of silver? How could there be such an absurd thing!

"Do you know which bank?"

"From what this subordinate knows, it's the Juxian."

"Whose head storekeeper?"

"Dragon Sword Villa South of the city — Single Rongyue."

As he was still mulling over the rewards, Luo Ju said with a wave of his hand, "Bring your men to search for suspicious people along the way!"

When that person saw that his uncle had no objections, he hurriedly retreated as if he had received an amnesty.

"Sage Gathering, Dragon Sword Villa, and Dan Rong Ruoyun, what are those things?" As he was about to speak, he suddenly opened his eyes, and a bright light shot out, "How dare you get your hands on a little rascal in the forest?"

"Master, no need to be nervous." As expected, he did not go out to find out about the affairs of the world. Other than those in the martial arts world, not many people knew of his true identity. Yet, he was one of those that didn't! The situation might be difficult for him to control.

"What do you think?" The achievements once again returned to his neither fast nor slow attitude as he shot him a sidelong glance.

"It is not known whether this is related to the matter or not. "According to the knowledge of crazy people, Dan Rong Rui is just a blade of grass, he shouldn't be involved in this matter."

"It would be better to waste Wu Zong. "Since Prime Minister Wang has been patient for twenty years, why not work with the martial artists?"

"The problem is that this person is not an ordinary grass bandit. Even if he is the head of Green Forest, he must have deep roots. Not to mention his friends and powers in the martial arts world, even their subordinates who occupy the mountains are not few. There was no need to go head to head with him. Moreover, each of us has our own path, so we do not have any conflicts with this person. Furthermore, this person is within our line of sight, so it would be much easier to deal with matters on the underworld. "

"Then doesn't that mean we can't make him grow up?"

"In the end, martial artists are still martial artists, so they are not worthy of being used as much as they are now." "If a lunatic doesn't know his place, no matter how high his martial arts are, in this grandpa's eyes, he would only be like the person who just withdrew." "After Luo Ru finished his speech, it was unknown whether he was praising himself or belittling others." Naturally, if this grandpa wanted to destroy ten Dragon Sword Villa, it would be no problem at all. But right now, I should have something even more important to do, so I shouldn't waste any time on this person. "

"Wouldn't it be nice to recruit people for my use?" The achievement could not help but be suspicious, Luo Ru was speaking too much today.

"Hur hur." Luo Ru gave two hollow laughs, "This kind of person most disdains to be in the company of the imperial court. Moreover, although they were all brave and fierce, they were nothing more than a motley crowd on the battlefield. They were also undisciplined, making it difficult for them to achieve great things. This grandpa should not find trouble with himself. "

The achievement looked at him for a long time, but on the face of the maniac Luo Ru was still calm and composed.

Battlefield, battlefield —

"I've always thought back to his words. Is it a good thing that this person is so smart?" Good, very good. "You really did consider everything." He smiled and nodded.

"I'm flattered." Seeing the indecision on his face, Luo Ju was naturally calm and collected. He nodded his head, stood up and yawned. Clapping his hands, the scouts waiting outside the hall entered to listen to his orders.

"Inform them to secretly monitor the Dragon Sword Villa. Report any signs of trouble immediately. If they resist — interrogate anyone." Seeing that everyone was still waiting, MiMi smiled and said, "It's getting late. Lunatic, you should also go take a rest." She patted him.

"Madman sent me out."

After hearing that he had not issued a killing order, Luo Zuo-chuan relaxed a little and bowed to send off his achievement. He clenched his fists and stuffed them into his sleeves. Only now did he realize that his back was already drenched.

Mo Qingfeng and Qin Liuyun had already dodged a round of attacks. They didn't know how the news came out so quickly. Qin Shixiong took the opportunity to spray out a cloud of powder from his bosom, and Mo Qingfeng attacked without a single survivor from his flexible sword.

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