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"Eccentric dad!"

A young man in a brocade robe ran in with a cheeky smile on his face, pointed at the pot of tea and said coquettishly, "Even I can't bear to give it to him, so give it to that madman!"

He continued to drink his tea. When the teenager saw that he was not taken seriously, he pouted and said, "How could this madman be stronger than your son? Is that what you like about greedy, lecherous and lecherous people? "

"Why are you back so late again? If they can do something for me, then you, you bastard, will cause trouble for Dad outside. "

That young man said coquettishly, "Dad, with your reputation, if I don't cause trouble outside, wouldn't it be a waste?"

"You bastard, it was all in vain that I gave you such a name, a prodigal son."

"You forget, Eccentric Dad, that's my word. My name is Trembling, but who cares about that thing?" I really have forgotten. I see that you are more familiar with that lunatic than I am with your own son. " What he cared most about was when he was a weakling, he seemed to have gone crazy.

He did not expect his son to be jealous. He pulled his hand and coaxed, "He is a servant, and you are the master. How can it be the same?"

Dan Rong Ning carried the spear that Lai Fu had prepared for him on his back. He didn't wish to use it tonight.

"Big brother." How have you been? " The gray figure called out behind him.

"Madman, how have you been!" Dan Rong turned around and smiled, then patted Luo Ju's shoulder, "You're stronger now, and more refined."

"Big brother is so mighty as well."

"Otherwise, how could I lead you to such an absurd place?" He thought about the past and felt his heart warm. "However, it seems that I won't need to take care of you anymore."

Luo Rui thought back to the time when they were street workers, and recited the story of how he rose to prominence after his misfortune, sighing about the passing of time. He knew that time was limited, so he went straight to the point. "Does Eldest Brother know about the murder case at the east side of the city?"

It was also the murder case at the east side of the city. What did this have to do with him? He frowned and shook his head.

"Two censors have died, an old man in a small business, and seven servants from the Imperial Uncle's residence."

So it turned out that he was working for the top scorer!

Dan Rong still didn't understand, "What does this have to do with me?"

"Those who know about this are all dead. We only found ten taels of silver worth of your account at the scene." "He didn't want Dan Rong Ning to have anything to do with this." Brother, what do you think? "

It was not strange for so many of his bank's customers to have his own. Just as he was about to reply, silver notes, ten carts, and a few words ran through his mind. Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong. Could it be that it wasn't Qin Xiao?

"I don't want you to have anything to do with this," he said. Can you understand what I mean? "

Dan Rong looked at the current Luojiao, he still had that refined and quiet temperament, but his brows were already revealing his dignity. He was no longer the little lunatic that followed behind him in order to not be bullied by others when he was young.

"There is no need for the Imperial Uncle to worry about me alone!" Little hoodlum, Qingfeng, don't let anything happen to the both of you! In his heart, he was anxious, but his words weren't kind.

Seeing that he had misunderstood her meaning, Luo Ru pulled on his shoulder and said, "Big bro, you misunderstood me." He sighed and asked, "Does big brother know the current trends of the imperial court?"

"I have never asked about the Guan family." He was only worried that the two of them would be safe. Due to Luo Ju's current identity, it wasn't good for him to reveal everything.

"Then do you know about the matter of the crown prince?" Luo Ru was also worried. It would be impossible for him to not tell the truth now.

"Of course." Not to mention him, even the homeless in the street had heard of such a big thing. The crown prince had been crippled and had mysteriously died in the Eastern Palace. Soon after, the Emperor adopted the son of his concubine as his Crown Prince. In the following month, the crown prince's young protector, the prime minister, was sentenced to be executed by the entire family for conspiring against the emperor. This matter shocked the entire nation. However, what did it have to do with him?

"Big brother, this person is suspicious of his character. Right now, you are suspected of having connections with the king."

"Humph!" Dan Rong coldly snorted. He didn't know if he should rejoice at being looked down by others like this. Yes, this big brother of Huifei, the current uncle of the kingdom, the most core figure of the three provinces had already grown up and had been monopolizing the imperial government for a long time. Rumors had it that the crown prince might be the mastermind behind all this.

"Go back and reassure him. I don't care who becomes emperor!" What Prime Minister, Uncle Guo, none of this has anything to do with me! "

Luo Ru frowned, "Big brother, the situation is not looking good right now. I'm afraid, I'm afraid, it's out of my control. You must be prepared! "

Dan Rong Yun was grateful as he saw the sincerity in the man's words. He patted his shoulder and laughed: "What I have done for you brother is a business that kills the head. It is not a surprise for this day to come. You don't have to worry too much. "

"Big brother, why are you still being so courteous to me?" He held onto Dan Rong Ruo's hand, "Right now, the best thing to do is to take one step at a time." "Big brother, if you don't mind …"

Dan Rong waved his hand and said, "If you want me to be his dog, then I won't be able to harm you." With that, he started to regret. Didn't this mean that he was scolding madmen as well? He continued, "I'm not talking about you. You and I have different positions. You are still in the government and you are not the same as us reckless people." He had kept the whereabouts of this group of friends in his heart ever since the incident with him. Only the lunatic could no longer find them. Who knew that today, seeing him was actually a representative of the Feng Residence.

"I knew it." Luo Ju Meng did not mind and laughed, "If you agree, then you're not my big brother anymore."

Dan Rong Yun was about to ask if he could go in to reminisce when he saw a cold light flash in his eyes as he looked behind him. He quickly turned around and shouted, "What kind of person is sneaking around!"

The figures at the corner of the wall moved about, obviously not expecting to be noticed. They came out rather awkwardly and said, "Mr. Luo."

Not good! It turned out that he was not trustworthy at all! She definitely couldn't let him know that she had known him for a long time.

"Why, just you yourself, where are the other brothers? "Since we are all on the same side, the Manor Lord wouldn't mind going in to have a drink." As he spoke, he blinked his eyes at Dan Rong.

That person did not know what he was thinking and casually said, "I will serve you alone. If there's nothing else, then I'll be taking my leave. "

Just as the man was about to turn around, Luo Ru shouted loudly: "Big brother! I can't let him go back alive! "

Just as he was about to run away, his heart was pierced through. Just as he was about to pull out his gun and return, he felt a gust of wind rush through his heart. He subconsciously shifted his body, but it was already too late.

He turned and struggled to lift his spear and point it at Luoran, but his heart was already cold to the extreme when he saw that he was about to withdraw his hand. He had changed! In the end, he had changed!

"You, good, you really are a good brother!"

With a cold look on his face, Luo Ru suddenly moved like a bolt of lightning, grabbing the spearhead and dashing forward. Even though he wanted to pull back, he was not as fast as him despite being heavily injured. It turned out that crazy people's martial arts skills were no longer inferior to his!

Luo Rui held the spear tip and stabbed it into his chest. Immediately, his chest was dyed red.

"Madman, you …"

Luo Ru laughed maniacally, "Big brother did not expect that one day, my martial arts would be this powerful."

"You …"

He pointed at the dead spy, "If he doesn't die, then you and I will die. If he dies, you won't be able to escape responsibility. "If so, very well, I will round it up." He pulled out his gun, and a gush of blood splattered on the snow. Who said that it was just pure bullshit! As he watched Luo Ju, who was on the verge of collapsing, he quickly stepped forward. Only then did he realize how serious his injuries were and immediately tried to grab the ground for support. Lunatic, why do you have to suffer? You really are a madman! "

Luo Ju stretched out his hand to stop the bleeding, "Big bro, it's time to return. Don't blame me for being vicious, I'm afraid that I can't hide it."

Regardless of whether it was the Prime Minister or the Imperial Uncle, they just hoped that he would be safe and sound.

"Don't go back!"

Luo Ru pushed him away, "If we don't go back, then we're both finished." He smiled and comforted her, "You all say that I am a military dog that cannot be compared with an old man?"

Dan Rong was also getting anxious. He grabbed him again and said: "How can you still be alive when you're like this!"

Luo Ju laughed bitterly, "Do you think he can trust me to come alone? Don't worry, every mile, there will be reinforcements — "After saying that, he no longer had any strength left. He desperately tried to use his inner force to speak," Don't waste our time! Remember, if there's no movement in three days, it should be safe. The old fox does not trust anyone. As my abilities are limited, I will definitely act according to the circumstances! " He was always swift and decisive, never delaying him for more than three days if he had something to do.

Mo Qingfeng looked at the wreckage on the ground. Some of the limbs were broken, and some of them were even cut off by her, revealing their white bones. Even though he had been travelling for many years, he was still covered in perspiration.

The one on the ground who was still alive had already peed his pants in fright. This scene was like hell for him; it was too horrible to look at.

Qin Xiao kept his blade and wiped off the blood on his face. He picked up a straw from the top of his head and put it in his mouth, saying faintly: "The name of this technique is: Little demon, look at my blade. It's not that I don't know how to use a weapon, it's just that the killing intent of this blade is too strong. Sigh, why would you all need to force me? "

After speaking, he lifted up the Wind Breaking Blade. Mo Qingfeng could tell that she was feeling uncomfortable, so he stepped forward to help her finish off that person.

"Amitabha, I killed again."

"If you don't kill them, even more will die." Mo Qingfeng comforted her.

"Don't you think I'm being hypocritical?" Qin Xiao sneered, and changed the topic: "Their actions are so fast, do you think something will happen to the Dragon Sword Villa?"

Mo Qingfeng nodded, he did not dare to think too much about it, "Let's hurry up and go back!"

"But —" People were looking for themselves, if they went back now, wouldn't it bring more trouble to the Dragon Sword Villa, so wouldn't they be even more unclear about it?

It was not like …

But with so many people in the family, wouldn't their deaths have been in vain? He was lost in thoughts and did not know what to do!

"No matter what it is, we have to go back to find out." Mo Qingfeng coldly replied. His snow-white robes had long been stained by blood, and drops of blood dripped down from the flexible sword.

With a tremble, Laifu released his hand and said hesitantly, "Manor Lord, there is a thorn on the arrow, we cannot pull it out." This sleeve arrow was very vicious. It was full of barbs, and if he pulled it out, it would bring down flesh as well. When that happened, his injuries would worsen. Not to mention that the usually calm him could not remain calm at this moment.

"If I don't pull it out, would I still have to keep it?" After he finished speaking, he wrapped his arm around his back and was about to pull out the arrow. Laifu wanted to stop it, but the shocking, wailing scream rang out once again, "Stop!"

A fiery Hundred Miles of Lan An ran over and put down the chest. He then took out a small, five-inch long, willow leaf blade. When Laifu saw that she was about to reach out to his master, he grabbed her and asked, "What are you doing?"

Baili Lan An struggled out in anger, and said unhappily: What can I do? I want to save him! "

"Then, you have to be confident!" Laifu was still worried. Although she was a disciple of the Medicine Sect, he had no confidence in this girl who only knew how to cause trouble. The last time she came, she brought a lot of trouble to the family. If not for Mo Qingfeng's face, he would have long sent her flying.

Baili Lan An looked at him, "Alright then, you come."

"Come on, Lan An won't have any ill intentions. Don't worry." Dan Rong gave a bitter smile in his heart. If he wanted to harm her now, he wouldn't have to worry about that. Didn't he clearly understand the current situation? This arrow almost pierced through him. No matter how tough he was normally, if he wasn't thinking about Mo Qingfeng, he would have already fallen.

Baili Lan An pouted, trying his best to dig out his eyes. What's so special about a lousy butler? If it wasn't for her master, she wouldn't be bullied by them here. The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt.

Looking at the unsightly expression on Luo Ru who was lying on the bed and not saying a word, he said with a sigh, "You should rest."

Just as he was about to turn around, Luo Ju said, "I don't want to. I still can't trust you."

"What did you say?" He felt a little guilty about the results.

He tried his best to pull her closer to him. Looking at his face which had spread wide open, he changed the topic of conversation and said: "For such an unruly person like him, what would happen if he were to negotiate with someone and have someone monitor him? Fortunately, I wasn't the first one he took care of. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the one returning is my corpse. If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble the country's uncles to create a thin coffin for me. It would be best if it was the Golden Silk Sauna Wood, it would not have been in vain for Madman to follow me. "

"He, he actually has such a high level of martial arts?" He intentionally changed the topic.

"That might not be the case. To be able to beat me up like this, how could I not die?"

"Then he …"

"It all depends on luck if he'll survive after being hit by my Soul-Reaping Hook."

With a smile filled with achievement, Luo Ru's crazy soul hook was enough to make a person drink from that peculiar appearance, not to mention that he had even fed poison to it.

After exiting, he would take Hou Hou's doctor who was at the door with him.

"How is it?"

"Centrifuge is just an inch away. Suspended, very suspended."

After sending him down, he muttered, "Looks like it's not an act." This lunatic's acting skills were too deep, he couldn't be blamed for being petty. However, it seemed like he really was unworthy of being a villain this time. He always felt that no one in this world could hide from his eyes, except for this lunatic. He never knew what this person was thinking.

"Aiya, biased old man, I was just saying that you are too suspicious." Feng Ding Zhu was looking down on his expression, as he held on to Feng Shen's neck, "Him, that lunatic, to be able to open his eyes wider than a lantern at the sight of silver, he would betray you? If you were to say that he was bribed by the Emperor's uncle, I would definitely believe it! "

As he looked at his son, he felt that his son had grown up and was quite insightful. He laughed out loud and said, "Greed, that's good. I'm just afraid that he won't be greedy."

"That's right. Be happy. Don't keep suspecting this and that. This greedy and lustful person, together with that head of the underworld, can actually deceive my biased father! "

After hearing him say so, Feng Jianxue relaxed. She was indeed thinking too much. She praised, "My son is reasonable. My son is reasonable."

It was a life and death deal!

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