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C2 A Greek God

Ava felt a sense of bitterness arise in her heart as her eyes become moist with tears. She gazed down at everyone at the table, but they were not even looking at her as though she didn't exist. Her eyes were fixed on Emma, she couldn't understand why her mother detested her so much right from when she was still a kid. Periodically, she had doubted if actually her mother was her real mother. But she was no in place to ask her. Emma had never treated her like her child, she bestowed all her love upon Charlotte.

Ava subconsciously sneaked a glance at Dylan who was, in turn, biting on his beef, licking his fingers now and then. Seeing her father enjoying the meal wholeheartedly, the tears in her eyes finally fell as a touch of disappointment flashed across her face. Even her father doesn't care about her anymore. In the past, Dylan would always stand up for Ava against Emma. Occasionally, both mother and father would ensue in a heated controversy just because of Ava. This saddened Ava, nonetheless, she was a bit glad Dylan was always at her aid. But all of a sudden, Dylan turned cold as stone toward Ava. He would constantly find a way to reproach Ava, just like Emma.

This whole time, Ava stood behind the not too long dining table, she was aggrieved as she tolerated her tears to roll down her cheeks on their own. On the other end, a pleased smirk was touching Charlotte's lips. She felt a warm niggling sensation in her heart while she watches Ava sobbing softly. She just loves to see Ava suffer and nothing more. Ava wiped off the tears streaming down her eyes, held up her shoulder bag, then moved forward to walk away. Charlotte saw this and instantly gulped down the rest of the water in her glass cup.

“I'm done eating, Ava.” She called out to her, “Hurry, come clear the dishes” Ava stopped dead in her tracks, turning her head to look at her sister who had a complacent smile glinting on her lips. Without pronouncing a word, Ava obediently cleared the table and walked into the kitchen. She got out of the kitchen and mumbled, “Bye, mom. Bye, dad” Again, none of them answered her, ignoring her completely. A veil of despair descended over her, she felt out of place. To prevent the tears in her eyes from dropping, she quickly spun around and dash for the door.

Ava was in a pensive mood throughout the short journey to her working place. She was so vulnerable, Emma hadn't given her a meal since the previous night, only because Ava had returned late from work. Taking a deep breath, Ava ascended the small staircase then pushed the transparent slide door. There stood a chubby woman with her back to Ava, she was arranging the chairs in the modest coffee shop. A faint smile appeared on Ava's face as she strode into the shop, “Good morning, Mrs. Perez” She greeted warmly, walking over to the counter to put down her bag then pluck her apron from its hook.

With a soothing smile plastered on Mrs. Perez's face, she halted what she was doing and walked over to the counter, too. “How are you, my dear? Precisely, I had thought you won't be coming here anymore after the immense pressure I made you go through yesterday” The pale smile on Ava's countenance was rapidly replaced with a rosy one. Although Mrs. Perez wasn't a friendly boss, she was not an awful person either. She just loves to do her things rigorously and gives no space for an excuse when a mistake comes up. “Come on now, Mrs. Perez, this is why I'm designated here. I should always give in my best, isn't that what the code of conduct notions?” said Ava in an enthusiastic voice. She had put her dejected mood behind and was ready to immerse herself in the day's activity. By doing this, one would never distinguish how dismal her life subsisted.

Mrs. Perez's heart fluttered, staring intently at Ava's face. She had never had such a well-behaved employee as Ava. Ava was not only beautiful, but she was also intelligent and knew how to relate so well with the customers. Mrs. Perez was still staring at Ava with pure adoration, but Ava didn't notice her gaze, she was fixing the apron lines around her slender waist, readying to set for work. Mrs. Perez hence concluded in her mind that, it was time for an upgrade in Ava's allowance…

Work was moving smoothly, there were only a few customers in the shop and Ava had provided them their orders. She was standing behind the counter staring into space, she was so famished that she had become so powerless but was still forcing herself to restrain. Soon, she fetched her bag and shoveled her fingers inside it, hoping she would find some cash, but it was pointless. All her savings were saved in a hidden area in her room but had it been she had known Emma would decline her of breakfast this morning, then she would have gone back to her room to take some cash from her savings. Ava was still in deep thought when some voices at the entrance suddenly floated over to where she was standing, “He's just so charming, isn't he?” Layla Brooks cried joyfully while hugging a magazine to her chest. Cora briefly looked at her friend's face as she led her to a table at the corner of the coffee shop. “You're becoming crazier over this man, Layla,” said Cora after they seated themselves. Layla sat with her back to the door, Cora was in the opposite seat, meaning that she could see the doorway. “Yeah, sure. I know I'm crazy over him, Cora. Zac is just too gorgeous, can't you see it?” Layla said with a beam, putting down the magazine and pushed it toward Cora on the table. Cora only stole a glance at the handsome man in the magazine, then looked away promptly. “I just wish he would eventually agree to partner with my dad's company” Layla finished her words with a sour expression. Layla had only one wish, her wish was just to meet Zac and hold him tight in her grip and never let him go. She had been obsessed with Zac since the first time she saw him on the TV. But it was quite unfortunate, even at how affluent her family was, it wasn't easy to meet a great man like Zac.

By this time, Ava had managed to saunter to their table and with a friendly smile on her lips, “Welcome Miss. What would you like to have?” Ava asked proficiently, glancing from Layla's face to Cora's. Layla didn't pay any heed to Ava as she grabbed the magazine and began again to stare at the man in it, trailing her finger around his eyes, nose, and lips. Cora saw this and shook her head, she knew Zac was every lady's dream guy but in her eyes, Layla's love for Zac was irrational. Loving someone you haven't met before, isn't that bizarre? She shook her head again, then raised her head to meet Ava's beautiful face. She smiled, “Let's have water first” Ava bounced her head in acknowledgment then spun around to bring their orders. Layla and Cora continued to converse merrily, but their sole discussion was about Zac.

Shortly, Ava arrived back at their table with their orders. Ava bent her body to drop off the tray on the table, but unfortunately, a little water spilled on the magazine on the table. “Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry miss” She quickly apologized, attempting to reach out for the magazine, so she could wipe off the water.

But before Ava could even lay her hands on it, Layla had grabbed the cup of water and splashed it on Ava's face. Ava was caught off guard, she shut her eyes as the cold water dribbled down her face. “How dare you?!” Layla growled menacingly, gradually getting on her feet. Ava instantly opened her eyes, intending to apologize again. It was a mistake, she would never do that consciously. “Miss, I'm so…” Her sentence was cut off by a smack across her cheek. Ava's eyes widened in disbelief, she was stunned by Layla's action, she never expected a slap in the face. “Who are you? Do you know the consequences of what you've just done? Do you even know who I am? Why can't you do things properly, you bitch!” Layla had lost her temper and was exploding with rage. Cora was now on her feet too, trying to hold out her friend, but she wouldn't dare. But at the same time, she was feeling so sorry for Ava. Layla's five fingers were printed on Ava's ruby white cheek, and it was beginning to swell a bit. “It's okay Layla, she would never have done that intentionally,” said Cora to Layla, looking so sorry. “You better keep quiet, Cora. Can't you see the mess she had caused?” Layla snapped, pointing a finger at the mess. “She had deliberately poured the water on Zac's face” She turned to Ava now, who was still holding her cheek in her hand.

The pain was making a sharp contrast with the other cheek. “Tell me, you're jealous, aren't you? Because you know that someone like you can never and will never meet Zac!” Layla affirmed firmly, her eyes became redder and seemed to fill with chilling anger. Cora was now standing in a daze with her eyes fixed to the door. She didn't know if it was illusion or reality, but the person standing at the door at that moment looks so much like Zac. “Layla, look at the door” She mumbled, without looking away from the Greek God at the entrance.

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