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C3 Bad for Bad

A Bugatti Veyron rolled to a stop outside the coffee shop. From the rearview mirror, Blake Wright glance over at the man sitting in the back seat. He was looking like a Greek God, full of dignity and a powerful aura. Blake was feeling inexplicably nervous, the more he looked at him, the more his heart raced. He rubbed his sweaty palms together and opened his mouth but failed to say a single word. He looked at him from the mirror again, his head was lowered as it seemed he was hypnotized by the cellphone in his hand. Blake gulped down nothing, he has been working for this man for several years now, but this was how his boss has always been. His handsome face was always firm and cold, he had no emotion and would fire employers even when the subtlest mistake arose. “Mr. Gonzalez, should I go order your favorite coffee flavor?” Blake asked the man word by word after being quiet for a long moment. He could by no means comprehend what Zachary Gonzalez was up to this time. When Zachary had instructed him to drive down to the Coffee Club, he was dumbstruck, but he was no in place to question him, he was just an assistant. “No, I'll go in myself,” He said his few words frigidly, then gradually raised his head to look at Blake Wright, who seemed to have fallen in a trace of trance after listening to him. Immediately he regained the presence of mind, “Right away, sir” he pushed open the door then got off. With immediate reaction, he veered around and opened the door for Zachary.

Blake stood at one side, holding the car handle as he waited patiently for him to get down. Gloriously, Zachary Gonzalez took a foot out of the car and the other followed suit. He got out of the car gracefully, his sturdy towered above Blake Wright. His strong frame was dressed in an immaculate business suit, his body exuded a strong manly presence. He looked around his environment while he unhurriedly did his button, in the process, his rosy gold Patek Philippe watch shone to Blake's face. After standing rigid at that spot for a few seconds, Zachary took a step away from the car, giving Blake the chance to shut the door. Pronto, Blake scurried to the entrance and pushed the transparent door for Zachary to enter, bowing his head as Zachary bypassed him. Blake shut the door after his boss, then stood close behind him. He opened his mouth to ask if he should go set a table when the sound of a smack echoed in the space. His eyes dimmed as he followed the source of the sound, “She had deliberately poured the water on Zac's face” By the time Layla finished her statement, Blake's lips had turned to an 'O' shape. Seemingly, he was knowledgeable of the situation.” Tell me, you're jealous, aren't you? Because you know that someone like you can never and will never meet Zac!” Blake stood silently at Zac's back, watching the scene as everyone in the coffee shop. However, he couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Ava. Those crazy rich folks!

During this whole ordeal, Zac stood frozen in place as if his feet were stuck with his hands tugged in his trouser pocket. A horrifying coldness was written all over his grave face as his eyes were fixed on Ava. Ava, on the other hand, turning her head, realized everyone in there had their eyes on them. Glimpsing at the tall and divine man at the door, Ava quickly went back to the counter, picked some tissues, and began to clean herself before she would go take the man's order. All this while, Layla's eyes were glued to Zac after Cora had told her to look at the door. However, she still couldn't believe her eyes, she had fallen into a deep trance with no chance of return. Cora noticed her friend haze, “Layla” She murmured then nudged her arm. It was then Layla realized she had been in a daze for some moment. Suddenly, she reacted and shouted, “Zac!” scurrying to where Zac was standing. Spotting this, Blake had taken a step forward, preventing anyone to reach his boss. Layla didn't realize this, she was too overjoyed to note what Blake was trying to do. “Zac, is that you?” She beamed, making an effort to reach out to touch Zac, but Blake was anyhow barricading her means. “Zac, I'm Layla. The only daughter of Brook Group, you might have heard of it, right? I'm your die-hard fan and I love you so much, Zac. Look, I just slapped that useless Coffee girl only because she had spilled water on your image” Layla said her words in a breath, expressing her thought. She didn't mind the impassiveness on Zac's face, she had heard a lot about him being a rigid CEO. So, she didn't care as she persists to reach out to hold his arm. “Move away Mr. I want to talk to Zac,” Layla explained to Blake immediately she noticed his motion. Blake shook his head in disapproval, “Move back Miss, you can't talk to Mr. Gonzalez without his authorization” Hearing this, Layla looked up at Zac's face, but Zac was not paying attention to the woman in front of him, his eyes were fixated on Ava who was already tidying the customer's table, hoping the drama at the door would end soon. Ava didn't know this man, but judging from how Layla had reacted, she had reckoned he's a substantial and famous man.

Water welled up in Layla's eyes, she had imagined that Zac would surely steal glances at her whenever they eventually met, but here he was, he wasn't even sneaking a glance at her. Was she not beautiful enough to his taste? She shook her head and called out his name again, she was not going to give up. “Zac, please ask this man to move away, I really need to talk to you” Layla began again as her voice throbbed with emotions, allowing her tears to roll down her cheeks. But then again, Zac wasn't peeking at her, his face was devoid of emotion as he stared ahead. Abruptly, Layla grabbed Zac's arm, clasping it tightly. Blake was caught off guard, he didn't expect Layla would be so obstinate to this extent. He cast a glance at Zac's face, and he felt his heart quiver, the silent warning through his domineering stare was enough for him. Without a moment's hesitation, Blake clasped his hands around Layla's arm, striving to push her away, but Layla wouldn't budge, and then exerted some forces on her hand. “Please move back, Miss, Mr. Gonzalez is a businessman and not a celebrity. Please let go of his arm” Blake pleaded, still attempting to haul Layla. “I'm never letting him go, Zac is my celebrity” Layla insisted, still clenching to Zac's arm as though he was going to run away.

During this time, some of the customers were done in there but loved to watch the scene until the end. Ava at the same time had ceased her duties, she was now watching the whole drama with keen interest. Hating the fact that Mrs. Perez was not around at the moment. Ava wished she still had her cellphone with her, she would have browsed the web to figure how essential that man was. Gradually, Zac looked down at the woman clinging to him so bad, a trace of disgust could be seen flitting behind his handsome eyes. In his opinion, this woman wasn't even pretty, and she dared lay her fingers on Ava. Thinking of this, his eyes became redder and seemed to fill with chilling anger. Suddenly, he flung away Layla's hand like he had touched something filthy. Layla lost her balance and stumbled backward then fell to the floor, causing everyone to gasp, including Ava. Cora, who had been resisting the urge to go pull Layla away from Zac quickly rushed to her friend upon seeing her collapsed to the floor. Without sparing her a glance on the floor, Zac turned away, Blake quickly rushed to open the door. He didn't seem to be amazed by Zac's action, there was a subtle sneer on his face as he thought in his mind that, 'Good for you' Blake obviously didn't like how Layla had treated Ava earlier too and for the first time, he felt Zac had done something worth to be praise for.

“Zac!” Layla cried out hysterically as she watched Zac receding figure from the transparent door. Cora held her friend, feeling so sorry for her. “It's okay Layla, please stand up” She comforted her, but all she could was to cry out. The customers were now leaving the shop one after the other, most of them had a satisfied smile on their lips, they thought in their mind that Layla wasn't a nice person either, therefore she deserves such ill-treatment from Zac. Ava watched Zac until his car zoomed away. Who's that man? She kept asking herself this question but couldn't provide an answer. She then took her gaze back to Layla on the floor, she didn't know if she should be glad or not because it seemed Zac had help her retaliated but in whichever way, she concluded in her mind that Zac wasn't a nice person.

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