Activation Of The Overbearing System/C12 Eldest Brother Was Beaten to Tears!
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C12 Eldest Brother Was Beaten to Tears!
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C12 Eldest Brother Was Beaten to Tears!

This bastard was so arrogant. He was almost as domineering as Ji Chen. How could Ji Chen tolerate this? He immediately retorted, "Did you become Eldest Senior Brother by talking big? Trash, let me beat you up!"

Everyone had a good impression of Ji Chen. This bastard was a piece of trash when he spoke, and when he shut his mouth, he was a piece of trash. His arrogant look was really asking for a beating!

"Arrogant! I think you might not even be able to touch the corner of my clothes. Ji Chen, do you still think that you are the number one on the Stars Ranking? Your era has passed. Trash! "

Eldest Senior Brother took a magical step. With one step, he could cover a distance of several hundred feet. With a flash, he moved within a radius of a thousand feet. His speed tore apart the fierce wind, and he circled around Ji Chen, leaving behind a series of afterimages.

"Eldest Senior Brother is so handsome! That arrogant monster is like a monkey!"

"This is the top movement technique, Tidal Step! Eldest Senior Brother has already cultivated it to the point of perfection. To be able to step on the Tidal Step in the great river, it is as if he is riding on the wind!"

"Look, Eldest Senior Brother is playing with him. He can even suppress him while playing the flute!"

That's right, Eldest Senior Brother was playing the flute with his fluttering white clothes!

He held the bamboo flute horizontally at the corner of his mouth and gently blew it up like pine waves. He enjoyed the glory at this moment very much. To be able to personally humiliate the number one genius in the past, like a cat catching a mouse, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction was unimaginable!

"The magic of love revolves? Too trashy. To actually dare to show off in front of this heaven's pride expert with a perfected movement technique? Ridiculous!"

From the circle of afterimages, a large hand of starlight extended out, as if it was gently twisting a flower petal that was different from the rest in the midst of falling stars. The crowd that was still mocking and cursing was instantly slapped, and Eldest Senior Brother was caught!

Ji Chen chuckled, and with a wicked taste, he pulled down the opponent's belt. "Didn't you say that I can't even touch the corner of your clothes? But now, it seems that you can only fight me with your pants up. Does your face hurt? "

" Ji Chen, how dare you humiliate me! I will kill you!"

Eldest Senior Brother was both angry and angry. He had hated Ji Chen for a long time. Ji Chen was like a huge mountain pressing down on his head, making it hard for him to breathe. That was why he wanted to take advantage of the situation and ravage Ji Chen!

The bamboo flute was thrown out and pointed at Ji Chen's forehead. At the same time, every bamboo joint began to sprout rapidly, turning into huge hands and slapping towards Ji Chen.

In an instant, a bright starlight with flames streaked across the sky. It was the Starfire Burning Blade. Ji Chen used the palm blade to cut off the big hands and struck the bamboo flute!


The bamboo flute exploded. It couldn't even withstand a single blow. Eldest Senior Brother groaned. Blood was flowing out of the corner of his mouth. He wiped his hand and drew out a slender sword. He thrust it at Ji Chen.

The bamboo flute was as fast as lightning. This technique was very insidious. At this moment, Ji Chen had no time to defend himself. He could only place his palm in front of him. A bloody hole appeared with a puff!

"Eldest Senior Brother, you are indeed very insidious, but all of your schemes and tricks will be useless in front of absolute power! Please take a look at my blade!"

Ji Chen was calm and composed. Along with a long roar that could pierce through gold and stone, a dazzling blade light covered a radius of 300 meters. Ji Chen had struck with his blade. This was the Starfire Burning Blade!


The blade light exploded. Eldest Senior Brother was sent flying by the blade. The long blade in his hand trembled and broke his fingers and fingers. His clothes were messy and his expression was sinister. Blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth. He was injured!

"I can't accept this! I can't accept this! I'm not as good as you when your cultivation is not crippled, but when your cultivation is crippled, I am still not as good as you! I come from a noble family, have extraordinary talent, and work so hard. Why should I be inferior to you!?"

Eldest Senior Brother rushed out with his sword as one. His slender long sword was covered with mist and suddenly transformed into a fire fox. It was fierce and ruthless. Whether it was speed, strength, or destructive power, it had all been raised to the peak!

The fire fox came face to face. Ji Chen's blade force had also accumulated, and it was getting stronger and stronger. The starlight around him was surging like a tide. He raised the blade in his hand, and with both hands holding the blade, he swung it down. The astral blade cut open the smoke and smoke!


As the two of them passed by each other, the fierce competition between them had come to an end. Ji Chen sheathed his saber, and the sound of Lingling's voice echoed out.


The firefox exploded, and Eldest Senior Brother's wounded body fell behind Ji Chen. A shocking wound stretched from the left side of his chest to the right side of his abdomen, nearly cutting his waist in half. Blood was flowing out of his wound like a fountain.

"Why?!" Eldest Senior Brother did not want to lose consciousness. He was stunned. "Why should I be inferior to you?"

"Why should I?" Ji Chen said matter-of-factly, "Because you are inferior to me in the first place. Whether it is talent, physique, talent or comprehension, you are far inferior to me! I am a genius, and you are just trash! "

"Hey, Eldest Senior Brother is crying!"

"It can't be, Eldest Senior Brother is crying because of the beating!"

Eldest Senior Brother from Green Peak fainted from crying!

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