Activation Of The Overbearing System/C13 Master Is Even More Unreasonable than His Disciple
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C13 Master Is Even More Unreasonable than His Disciple
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C13 Master Is Even More Unreasonable than His Disciple

"Ding! That's right, the overlord wants to conquer his opponent from the bottom of his heart and become the opponent's inner demon! Lowly overbearing, increase Dominant Power by 10 points!"

"Ding! A single person has defeated 3000 disciples of the Green Peak, awe-inspiring, and proud of himself! Medium overbearing, + 20 Dominant Power!"

The current Ji Chen was really full of pride and complacency. After this battle, the Dominant Power had increased to 100 points, and he could now do a lot of things again.

Moreover, he was surprised to find that he had almost trained his superficial realm in this series of battles. It seemed that it would not take long for him to use the Dominant Power to increase his strength.

The few families were happy and the few families were worried. Ji Chen was happy, but the huge Green Peak was gloomy and gloomy.

Many of the disciples were dejected and dejected. They looked at Ji Chen with hatred and anger, as well as the fear that they couldn't hide!

Eldest Senior Brother had long been taken away by the deacon of the sect to be treated. The deacon looked at the disciples who were filled with grievances and had nothing left to live for. His heart ached like a knife being twisted, and his eyes turned red!

"Ji Chen, the geniuses of Green Peak have been humiliated by you once. Are you satisfied now? The Green Peak does not welcome you. Why don't you go down the mountain?"

Ji Chen was calm in the face of the angry deacon. He had a strong backer anyway, so why should he be afraid? There was no need for that. Even if the other party was as furious as a ferocious lion!

"I'm not in a hurry for that." Ji Chen chuckled and said, "Before I came here, my master told me that when she swept across the Pill Meridian, she had fought all the way from Green Peak to Golden Furnace Peak. Every time she won, she would gain something from it."

"Speaking of which, I am actually very kind and compassionate. I can't bear to see others suffer. However, I can't disobey my master's orders. Please forgive me, senior deacons and senior brothers and sisters!"

Ji Chen showed a look of consideration for all of you. "How about this, I don't want too much. There are three thousand outer circle disciples in Green Peak, so I want three thousand Spirit Stone. That's not much, right?"

"Not much, your sister!" The deacon felt that he could not hold it in anymore. He had never seen such a shameless junior before. Looking at Ji Chen's bright face again, he felt that his face was filled with disgust. "No!"

This was ridiculous. He had beaten up our people and crippled our geniuses, and even humiliated the entire Green Peak. Now, he still dared to ask for money. This was simply slapping his own face!

"Senior, my request isn't too much. It's just three thousand Low Grade Spirit Stones!" Ji Chen went forward and said with a simple and honest face, "It's nothing compared to the sixth grade precious medicine that my master took away back then!"

"Ji Chen, don't take advantage of me!" The Great Deacon finally couldn't bear it anymore.

"Three thousand Spirit Stone, you are asking for an exorbitant price! That's the crystallization of heaven and earth spiritual energy, outer sect disciples can only get ten pieces a year, and you're asking for three thousand? Isn't that a bit too much!?"

"Then what does the Great Deacon mean by not giving it to me?"

"No money!" The deacon's face darkened. "Little bastard, get out of here. Otherwise, I will beat you up!"

"Then there is no other way." Ji Chen turned around and roared at the Hundred Flowers Peak. "Master, there is someone who doesn't give you face! If you lose, you still won't give me money, and you even threatened your cute disciple. What do you think we should do?"

"What a shameless brat! When did I ask you to come and exchange pointers with me? When did I ask you to be a bandit and steal benefits?"

Hua Jieyu's face turned dark, but she was born to protect her own people. She immediately showed up in Green Peak.

"Who dares to break the rules of my Hundred Flowers Peak? Who dares to threaten my genius disciple? Do you want to die?! "

Hua Jieyu was really too unreasonable. Every word she said was like a tall mountain. All the deacons of Green Peak, including the chief deacons, were pinned to the ground, unable to raise their heads. They almost cried. This was too unreasonable!

" If there is a master, there must be a disciple. If the disciple is unreasonable, then the master is even more unreasonable. They are like a flock of marten and snake rat! "

An angry voice came from the main hall at the peak of Green Peak. Then a storage bag containing Xu Mi's mustard-seed floated down and landed in Ji Chen's hand. "I gave you the Spirit Stone. Little brat, why aren't you getting lost?"

"Alright, Eighth Elder, you are so lucky. This junior will give you an early bow!"

Although Ji Chen was now slapping his face with his domineering attitude, he knew that he should take it easy. The person who spoke just now was the master of Green Peak, the Eighth Elder of the Pill Meridian's Nine Great Elders. Since he had spoken, it meant that it was time for him to leave!

"Ding! When the overlord is weak, he must know how to borrow strength. He leisurely watched the experts being punished. This kind of overbearing attitude is just as refreshing! The degree of overbearing behavior is moderate, and he will be rewarded with a Fire Dragon Talisman!"

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