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C14 Big Dipper Sword

Ji Chen had made a lot of money. He left Green Peak eagerly, but before he could return to his palace, he was grabbed by Hua Jieyu. Then, without any explanation, he snatched the three thousand Spirit Stones away.

"Master, you are a Late Period of Pill Martial cultivator. With just a wave of your hand, you have shattered the heaven and earth and shattered the mountains and rivers. You have status, status, and self-restraint. How can you snatch the things of your disciple?"

Ji Chen was so sad that he pounded his chest and stamped his feet. This woman was really too vengeful. He had only passed down a fake Imperial Decree once, but she had already punished him. He regretted not putting the Spirit Stone in the storage space of the system.

"Cut the crap! A day as a master is a father for life. What's yours is mine. Don't even think about getting mine!" Hua Jieyu looked down at Ji Chen from above. "Not bad, kid. How dare you pretend to be my name and swindle me!"

" Very good. Didn't you say that you were ordered by your master to spar and exchange pointers? Then you have to start from the beginning and end well. The ten peaks of Pill Meridian, start from the Eighth Elder's Green Peak and challenge them one by one. Anyway, you are very capable! "

"If you can't finish the challenge within a month, I will teach you a lesson!"

Hua Jieyu stood in the shadows like a demon. She pointed her foot forward, and Ji Chen was kicked back into her palace in the midst of her fragrant scent. He fell to the ground.

"This tigress is too cruel! One day, I will turn over and be your master. I will press you to the ground and give you a good spanking. After that, I will ask you if you are happy!"

After Ji Chen vented his anger, his mind was immersed in the system. "Treasure chest, treasure chest, can you give me a better treasure? Stop being a wimp! Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, Amitabha, please bless me! "


The treasure chest opened, and a huge heavy blade appeared in front of Ji Chen. The blade was made of black gold. The heavy blade had no edge and was integrated into one body. It gave off a heavy and overbearing feeling!

"Big Dipper Saber!" Ji Chen picked up the black gold heavy saber the size of a door and waved it. A bronze incense burner was instantly split into pieces. "Amazing! It's simple and steady, but it's not a great technique. What a good saber!"

"Ding! Detected that the host has the Big Dipper Blade and the Seven Star Blade at the same time. Would you like to consume 50 Dominant Power to fuse them into a spirit artifact, the Big Dipper Blade?"

"There's such a skill? How considerate, quickly fuse them!"

"Ding! Double blade fusion completed, Big Dipper Sword formed!"

A moment later, a heavy blade appeared in front of Ji Chen once again. After the two blades merged, they had the characteristics of their previous self.

The nine feet long blade was made of black gold that looked like it had been washed in water. The atmosphere was majestic, and the door-like surface of the blade was branded with the Big Dipper Sword. The starlight was dense, and the atmosphere was overbearing, adding another three parts of the mysterious dream. Illusion!

"The Big Dipper is tall, and Ji Chen brings his blade at night! Good name, good saber, worthy of this prodigy's identity!"

Ji Chen excitedly went outside to verify the power of the treasured saber. He cast out the Starfire Burning Prairie Saber. The heavy saber was blazing with starfire, and the star chart was rising. The saber slashed down, and the entire mountain rumbled!


A huge vermillion door, which was seventy feet tall and thirty feet wide, was slashed apart by the domineering saber. The starfire burned it into ashes in the blink of an eye!

Ji Chen felt that his thoughts were clear and his mind was at ease when he slashed out with his blade. It was as if his entire being had been sublimated, and he couldn't help but let out a long roar.

"Who cut open my palace door?"

Hua Jieyu's angry voice exploded. Ji Chen felt a chill at the back of his head. In the next moment, he was slapped into the stream at the foot of the mountain. "If you can't fix it before dark, I will raise you like a dog!"

Poor Ji Chen was so excited that he was splashed by a ladle of cold water on his heels. He bitterly cultivated for the whole afternoon and his heart was filled with anger.

At night, he threw out dozens of Dominant Powers, and with just a short pause, he had raised the mastery of the Eternal Star Sea Art to the level of immortals and buddhas.

His cultivation speed had increased by dozens of times, and in just one night, he had broken through to the Layer 7!

The next morning, when the sun had just risen, Ji Chen carried the heavy blade that had a strong visual impact and rushed out of the Hundred Flowers Peak. With the fastest speed, he arrived at the Seventh Elder's Tong Yunfeng, and found a place where there were many people standing.

The Big Dipper Sword fiercely struck the ground, and Ji Chen's voice spread across the entire mountain like a huge bell, "Trash dogs from the outer circle of Tong Yunfeng, don't think that I am humiliating you, because you are really trash!"

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