Activation Of The Overbearing System/C16 Crazy Dog Ji's Domineering Sweep
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C16 Crazy Dog Ji's Domineering Sweep
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C16 Crazy Dog Ji's Domineering Sweep

Countless of Tongyun Peak disciples who were lying on the ground were so angry that their lungs were about to explode. As long as they had a breath, they would wish that they could drown him with their saliva. Even after beating someone up, they still took advantage of him. They were really too shameless!

Ji Chen did not care how angry and unwilling these fellows were in their hearts. This time, he cut another batch of crops. The accumulation of Dominant Power had already exceeded 100, reaching an astonishing 120 points!

After finishing the work, Ji Chen did not forget to extort another few thousand pieces of Spirit Stone from Tongyun Peak. This time, he learned his lesson and hid it in the System Space. With the great abilities of the System, even Hua Jieyu could not see through it!

This time, Ji Chen did not return to the mountain. He just stayed in the mountains for a night. Looking at the sky full of stars, leaning on the green mountains and rivers, listening to the roars of tigers and apes, it was also a different style. This was a luxury that the soul couldn't enjoy before they transmigrated!

"A new day also needs his damn vitality to be full!"

Many birds who were combing their feathers early in the morning were almost frightened by the wolf howl and became infertile. Ji Chen, who was resting beside the bonfire, jumped up. He dragged the broadsword and stepped on the morning light to arrive at Red Feather Peak. This was Sixth Elder's territory!

Many outer sect disciples on Red Feather Peak were currently cultivating the first strand of Dawn Purple Qi. They saw that this fellow was like a monster, carrying a large saber and coming over. The saber's edge collided with the ground, creating a string of sparks!

Ji Chen looked at the disciples in front of him with satisfaction. He cleared his throat and said, "Red Feather Peak's trash, I, the heaven's pride expert, represent the Hundred Flowers Peak to challenge you! Do you believe that I can defeat all of you in six hours?"

The familiar opening remarks were still as arrogant as before. The disciples of Red Feather Peak surrounded them, while Wu Yang and Wu Yang covered the sky. Dark clouds!

Ji Chen had already picked two mountain peaks in two days, causing a huge commotion. The disciples of the Red Feather Peak had already heard the news and were ready to fight. At this moment, there were a hundred of them, and all of them were Mortal Layer 9 and Layer 10 warriors!

"Disaster Ji, you don't have to fight all of them. You just have to fight a hundred of us!"

A Layer 10 disciple said coldly, "If you win, each of us will lose one Spirit Stone to you! If you lose, kneel in the first ten days of my Red Feather Peak, and say that you are trash a hundred thousand times! "

"What a good deal! Eat my saber first!" Ji Chen held the saber with both hands and slashed down without any warning. The force was heavy, and the mountain was split open. The Big Dipper Heavy Blade buzzed, and the saber light poured down like a waterfall!


The young man from the Red Feather Peak, who was a Mortal Layer 10 warrior, was sent flying. The bronze furnace in his hand was split into two. He spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his head tilted to the side as he lost consciousness.


The great battle unfolded in an instant. In the blink of an eye, the explosive sound spread out like rolling thunder. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, everything returned to normal. The hundred elite outer circle disciples were lying on the ground, moaning in pain!

"These Spirit Stones are something that the heaven's pride experts will accept! Haha, you guys are really good people. I'm very pleased. I shouldn't have hit you guys so ruthlessly just now!"

Ji Chen stretched his muscles and bones, fondly playing with the storage bag. He was so happy that his mouth almost reached his cheeks. He carried the large saber and left while humming a small tune, leaving behind a group of defeated soldiers who wanted to cry but had no tears.

It had only been a few days since Ji Chen returned to the outer sect. His name spread out like a whirlwind and once again resounded throughout the entire Pill Meridian of Star Sea Sect!

"Have you heard? That scourge Ji came back again and defeated Green Peak, Tongyun Peak, and Redplume Peak. He's really too ferocious!"

"This scourge still thinks that we haven't been tormented enough? Sigh, the heavens are blind. Why didn't they accept this jinx? This morning, I saw him rushing towards Fifth Elder's Emerald Bamboo Peak. I wonder how he's doing now!"

" This news of yours is outdated, Emerald Bamboo Peak has already been selected! Even if the ten great outer sect disciples attacked together, they still wouldn't be a match. They simply wouldn't be able to block this fellow's heavy saber slash! "

"Sigh, this fellow is too arrogant, and his actions are despicable and despicable. Many of Emerald Bamboo Peak's senior sisters' clothes have been torn apart. It is said that the scourge even played hooligan at the scene, flirting with senior sisters, a beast with a human face and a beast heart!"

"Dammit! This mad dog, it can't be that he's going to sweep across all the peaks of Pill Meridian and pick the sect master's Star Core Peak!"

Ji Chen, Gao Ge, and Kai swept across all the outer sect disciples of Mingquan Peak, forcing them to retreat and not fight. Fourth Elder threw out a bag of Spirit Stone and threw him out. This made Ji Chen feel helpless, as he had lost the great opportunity to earn the Dominant Power!

Gradually, Ji Chen gained his second nickname, Mad Dog Ji. He would bite whoever he caught, and he became the spokesperson of the word lawless and lawless.

Ji Chen's arrogance had spread all over the streets and alleys. It made people's faces change when they talked about him. When he was mentioned, they wanted to spit on him. He was in the limelight for a while!

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