Activation Of The Overbearing System/C17 Let's Eat Your Pet Together Aroma!
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C17 Let's Eat Your Pet Together Aroma!
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C17 Let's Eat Your Pet Together Aroma!

The Third Elder's Nether Peak was very famous in the Pill Meridian. Because all the disciples, deacons, and elders here were good at raising demon beasts and spiritual pets, their combat strength was very high. They had been waiting for Ji Chen for a long time.

Thousands of outer circle disciples were standing on both sides of the mountain road. Each of them was looking at Ji Chen with a cold expression. Their eyes were filled with coldness, and all kinds of beast roars could be heard continuously, shaking people's eardrums!

This scene was enough to scare ordinary people. It was nothing to Ji Chen. He leisurely walked between lions, tigers, poisonous snakes, and finally arrived at the first platform on the mountain road.

There were nine platforms on the mountain road of Nether Peak. At this moment, there was a tall and mighty outer circle disciple standing on each platform. This was the person who welcomed Ji Chen's challenge!

"Ji Chen, you have some ability, but it's your misfortune to meet me. Our Deer Mourn Peak is 9,000 meters tall. I'm afraid you won't even be able to climb up the foot of the mountain! Kneel down here. Ferocious Tiger Visualization! "

The armored youth on the first tall platform attacked ferociously, transforming into the divine form of a Ferocious Tiger. At the same time, a fierce wind blew, and the spiritual pet raised by the youth rushed out.

It was a gorgeous Feral Tiger. Its body was nine meters long, and its eyes were like copper bells. It was fierce and powerful, and its four claws also carried a foot long claw light as it pounced on Ji Chen!

"You said I can't climb up? Your eyesight is too poor. I think you should just lie down first!"

Ji Chen pushed out a Starlight Shield with one hand to block the armored young man's attack. He swung the blade with his right hand heavily, and accurately hit the claw of the tiger!


Blood splashed. One of the claws of the tiger fell down. The tiger screamed and fell off the cliff. The armored young man cried out in alarm. He abandoned Ji Chen and jumped down to save his spiritual pet.

"Ding! Forcing the opponent to jump off the cliff, the host is getting more and more overbearing! Ding! Forcing the opponent to jump off the cliff, the host is getting more and more overbearing! Low level of dominance, + 10 Dominant Power! Ding! Forcing the opponent to jump off the cliff, host is getting more and more overbearing! "

"You are talking so much, yet you are giving me such a small reward. What a stingy system." Ji Chen shrugged his shoulders and easily walked to the second platform. "Hurry up and make your move, I'm in a hurry!"

"You are too arrogant!"

The one guarding the second tall platform was a man in a brocade robe. A five-colored python was coiled around his body. When he saw Ji Chen, he immediately attacked, opening his mouth and wanting to swallow him whole!

After a moment, the battle ended. The two snake corpses on the platform were still jumping around. The youth in brocade robe rolled his eyes and fainted on the ground. His body was twitching and a large bump appeared on his head. Clearly, he had been slapped heavily!

Ji Chen was too brutal. He didn't even try to hide his strength. He attacked with all his strength, and went all the way to the eighth platform. This time, his opponent was a cute young girl in a white dress.

Her spiritual pet was a snow white crane. The young girl was very cute, but the white crane was very ferocious. It spread its wings and killed Ji Chen like a divine blade. Moreover, its beak was like a divine spear, fiercely pecking Ji Chen's eyeballs!

"You are a feathered beast, how dare you attack me so ruthlessly! Seeing that your nature is cruel, sooner or later you will bite back on your master. Today, let me break your root of trouble!"

Ji Chen didn't bother to dodge. He swung his heavy blade horizontally to block the attack of the wings and the piercing of his beak. Then, he punched the huge white crane with his shining fist, smashing it to the ground. Its bones were broken!

"Alright, I admit defeat. Stop it now!" The silly girl saw that her spiritual pet was injured and was about to cry, so she quickly admitted defeat.

Ji Chen didn't stop attacking. He turned the saber in his hand, and with a flash of the saber light, the head of the white crane fell down. After that, he asked blankly, "What did you say just now? I didn't hear it clearly!"

The girl's small mouth was flat. Her eyes turned red, and her tears fell down like golden beans. "My little white goose, return my little white goose, you bad guy!"

"Uh, little white goose?" It was also Ji Chen's first time seeing such a confused girl. He couldn't help but laugh. "Don't cry. The way you use the little white goose is not right. Let me teach you!"

As he spoke, Ji Chen's ten fingers flew like butterflies through flowers. He plucked the feathers, cut open his belly, washed and peeled them clean, and barbecued them. It was done in one go, and soon the fragrance spread out.

This big white crane had a trace of the bloodline of an ancient species. The texture of the meat was tender and contained rich spirit energy. A large drop of golden fat was roasted out, and then sprinkled salt and cumin. The taste was even more amazing!

No one knew when the silly girl stopped crying. Her big eyes were looking at the roasted crane, and a trace of crystal appeared at the corner of her mouth. The sadness she felt towards the death of her spiritual pet had long been forgotten!

Ji Chen tore off one of his thighs and chewed it. He also tore off another one and gave it to the girl. The meat was very fat and beautiful. It melted as soon as it entered his mouth. The taste was overflowing and lingered between his teeth. "How is it? Is it fragrant?"

"It smells so good!" The silly girl took a bite. Her big eyes immediately curved into a beautiful crescent moon, sparkling.

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