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C18 Adorable Girl

"This is just a basic way of eating. Ji Chen casually took out a glass bottle. A spicy fragrance assailed his nose. This was the top national side dish, the old chili sauce. It was a special version of the system!

"Is this delicious?" The silly girl's mouth was bright as she ate. She looked at Ji Chen eating the chili with his mouth wide open. He was enjoying the chili with the chili oil in his mouth. For a moment, she was tempted.

"Try it. It's so spicy!" Ji Chen licked the fat on his finger and tore another big piece. He ate it again. "As expected, the meat needs to be eaten with big bites to be satisfied. It's delicious in the world!"

"Junior sister, don't eat it! That is your spiritual pet, your combat partner. How can you bear to eat it?"

"Mad Dog Ji, you treacherous person with evil intentions! Tell me, what did you do!? How could you trick Junior Sister Gu into eating your own combat partner?"

Facing the angry warnings and admonishment of the disciples, the silly girl revealed a troubled expression. Finally, she spoke helplessly, with a sobbing voice, "But this meat is really delicious!"

A few thousand disciples of Nether Peak fell to the ground. Each and every one of them was filled with grief and indignation. All of their sorrows and sadness were concentrated on Ji Chen's head.

"Mad Dog Ji, stop torturing my innocent junior sister. Come out and have a duel with me if you have the ability! Let's see if I'm going to blow your head off!"

"Ji Changfa, you've already won. Come to my place and have the last match! Bastard, you're still clicking your tongue. Are you ignoring me?"

"Junior sister, this mad dog is poisonous! He has rabies! Hurry up and stay three thousand zhang away from him. You can't eat his food, you can't listen to his words, you'll get sick even if you look at him!"

The silly young woman was extremely beautiful, and she had a kind and gentle personality. She was very obedient, and she was the little sister that almost all the male disciples in Nether Peak cared about.

Now that she saw Ji Chen's behavior, it was obvious that he was a weasel who had stretched out his dirty claws to steal the chicken! How could they tolerate such a thing happening? The veins on their foreheads were about to burst open!

No matter how lively these people were talking about, Ji Chen chose to ignore them. In the end, the silly girl could not resist the temptation of delicious food. She held a crane wing and dipped it in the glass bottle, then took a small bite.

Almost everyone's eyes fell on the silly girl's face. They did not even breathe heavily. They were ready at any time. As long as there was anything wrong with their junior sister, they would rush forward together and fight Ji Chen to the death!

"What is this taste? So novel, so strange!" The silly girl opened her eyes wide and her cute little nose slightly wrinkled. In a moment, she beamed with joy. "The meat is even more delicious!"

The girl who had just tasted the delicious food suddenly became lively and cheerful. She grabbed a large piece of meat and dipped it into the chili sauce before wolfing it down. Her nose, mouth, and hands were all greasy and greasy.

Ji Chen finally saw that the silly girl was a little foodie. Although she was usually quiet and cute, when she saw the delicious food, she immediately changed into a different person. She was like a little Taotie that was having fun!

"Hey, something bad seems to have happened." A male disciple of Nether Peak said weakly, "Why do I feel like I'm missing something in my heart?"

"I agree. I have a bad feeling too!" Another disciple rubbed his fists and looked at Ji Chen fiercely. "It's all because of this mad dog. Everyone, let's go together. Let's eat dog meat hotpot tonight!"

"Brother Ji Chen, is your family in Hundred Flowers Peak?" The silly girl soon ate until her belly became round. "Can I go home with you?"

"What did you say?" Ji Chen choked on the chili sauce in his throat. He felt so good that tears flowed down his face. He almost coughed out his lungs. "Little Missy, you can't joke about this. I'm a serious person!"

The silly girl blushed. She was a little shy. "Ying! What are you talking about?! I'm talking about whether I can live in Hundred Flowers Peak with you. Don't think about it wrongly. "

Ji Chen threw the bone in his hand away. He was confused. "Why? It seems like this is the first time we've met. I don't even know your name, yet you're coming with me? Isn't it a little too hasty? "

" Because you have delicious meat here. It is more delicious than all the meat I have eaten before! "The silly girl lowered her head and said," My name is Gu Xiaolu. You can take me away now, right? "

"What did I hear? Our cute junior sister actually wants to go with this mad dog?"

"Ahh, my heart is broken! My little sheep was kidnapped by this mad dog!"

"Disaster Ji, I want to fight you to the death. Don't be fooled by him, Junior Sister!"

"Ding! You have a cute girl as soon as we meet, you really are! If it continues to develop like this, the Overlord must hug left and right! With a moderate degree of dominance, he will be rewarded with 10,000 Spirit Stone! "

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