Activation Of The Overbearing System/C19 Second Elder's Plot!
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C19 Second Elder's Plot!
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C19 Second Elder's Plot!

"What the hell is this? I didn't expect you to be such a system!" Ji Chen rolled his eyes and his forehead was full of black lines." Hey, did you guys overreact? I'm innocent!"

" Overreacting? You shameless beast, insidious perverted dog! I knew you came to Nether Peak with bad intentions. You have evil intentions, malicious intentions, and dare to flirt with my junior sister. I will crush you to death! "

On the ninth platform, Eldest Senior Brother from the Nether Peak could no longer hold it in. He jumped from above and two silver hammers fell towards Ji Chen's head. They were filled with jealousy and hatred!


Eldest Senior Brother also had a powerful spiritual pet. It was a Fire Ape with red fur. It rushed down together with its master and roared endlessly.

A red fist was burning with clusters of fire seedlings. Before the high temperature of the fist reached this point, it had already roasted the void until it became illusory!

"Aiyo, although I'm a little unwilling, since the girl has decided to follow me, she's mine! How dare you snatch my junior sister away? You must be tired of living!"

Ji Chen stood up and replied in a domineering manner. His tall and straight body instantly ignited with raging flames. The Big Dipper Heavy Blade was turned into a starwheel, and it was violently thrown out, knocking away the silver sledgehammer. After that, it crashed into Eldest Senior Brother's chest!

The next moment, Ji Chen grabbed the Fire Ape's fist. His wrist shook violently, and with a 'kacha' sound, the Fire Ape's wrist was broken. The big monkey didn't even have the chance to cry out in pain before his face caved in.

"Starfire Burning Prairie Blade!"

Ji Chen soared into the sky and crushed a huge rock with his foot. The rocks were melted by the Starfire and flowed down. He grabbed the falling blade and a 30 meter long blade light gushed out!


The silver sledgehammer was almost split open. Eldest Senior Brother spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell straight down from the sky. He was almost smashed to death by his sledgehammer. He was in so much pain that he wished he could die!

On this day, the disciples of Nether Peak were pounding their chests and stamping their feet. They were wailing in pain. Not only did they lose their dignity, but they also lost their dignity. Even their beautiful junior sisters had been kidnapped by someone else. It was a disaster that did not come alone. Thousands of people even had the heart to eat rat medicine!

When Ji Chen came out, he was alone, but when he came back, he had a small tail. Gu Xiaolu was like an exquisite porcelain doll, her big eyes staring blankly. There was still a trace of crystal at the corner of her mouth, and it was impossible to shake it off with Ji Chen.

When he returned to Hundred Flowers Peak, Ji Chen originally wanted Hua Jieyu to deal with this problem, but in the end, he was directly rejected by the door. That day, Gu Xiaolu stayed in Ji Chen's side palace. Fortunately, this side palace was huge. There were hundreds of rooms, so it was not a problem for her to stay in a few rooms.

Something happened in the evening. The Third Elder of Nether Peak came looking for her angrily. His huge Qi poured down like a mountain. "Hua, your disciple has kidnapped my disciple. Quickly hand him over to me!"

"This is too much. Do you two still have me, the Third Elder, in your eyes? If you don't hand him over, I will tear your Hundred Flowers Peak apart!"

"Why are you howling like a pig? It was Ji Chen's ability that allowed him to abduct your female disciple. After all, he was handsome! Isn't it a bit shameless for you to stand out and bark like a dog? "

Hua Jieyu, who was staying in the palace, responded strongly, "You want to bully my disciple? There is no door! Get lost! "

The Third Elder's face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Just as he was about to argue, a palm reached out from the Hundred Flowers Peak and sent him flying. Like a shooting star, he flew across thousands of mountains and rivers and directly flew out of the Star Sea Sect's sect!

"Master, domineering!" Ji Chen stuck out his thumb and praised, "With such a powerful master, it would be difficult for me not to be domineering! Kakaka!"

That night, the Second Elder of Golden Furnace Peak was lying lazily on the throne in the main hall of Golden Furnace Peak. She was a voluptuous and beautiful woman. Both her enchanting features and her exquisite body exuded a kind of alluring beauty.

Unfortunately, the two disciples in front of her didn't even dare to raise their heads. Naturally, they wouldn't be able to enjoy such a beautiful scenery. The aura of these two people was very strong, and judging from their attire, they were obviously inner sect disciples!

The Second Elder was barefooted, and the red cucumber on her thumb was as red as blood. She spoke softly, her hair was as smooth as honey, "Hua Jieyu, that slut's disciple, will come and challenge our Golden Furnace Peak tomorrow!"

"That little bastard has some ability. Those trash from the Golden Furnace Peak are no match for him. So he must die tonight! Both of you are at the Layer 3, so you can kill him without realizing it. It should not be a problem!"

" I promise I will complete the mission! The Ninth Elder is trying to fight the Second Elder. He doesn't know his own limits and is asking for humiliation!"

The red-haired man among the two expressed his loyalty. When he raised his head, he met the eyes of the Second Elder, which were filled with seduction. For a moment, his heart was in turmoil. In the next moment, he quickly lowered his head and could not help but feel a chill run down his spine!

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