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C20 He Killed Ji Chen!

Ji Chen couldn't do anything about it in Hundred Flowers Peak. Gu Xiaolu was too powerful. He squatted in the corner and looked at you pitifully. He looked like he was wronged, but he didn't say anything. He held back his tears.

Those who didn't know really thought that Ji Chen had done something that was worse than a beast to a young girl in the prime of her youth. He didn't even admit it after he was done with it. In the end, Ji Chen had no choice but to surrender. He took Gu Xiaolu to eat a meal of cooked meat. Only then did he barely manage to escape!

In the middle of the night, Ji Chen left his side chamber. He let go of his feet and rushed at full speed. He was like a spirit ape that climbed mountains and rivers, and with a single step, he could reach a distance of more than 30 meters. He quickly travelled through the lush forest, and soon left the Star Sea Sect.

This wasn't because Ji Chen couldn't sleep after eating his fill, but because he accepted the system's mission and came out to find a type of precious medicine. "Midnight orchid, the highest grade of first grade precious medicine. It only blooms in the middle of the night and absorbs the moonlight and starlight!"

Ji Chen filled his eyes with spirit energy. His eyesight had greatly improved, and his night vision was as bright as day. He was carefully searching and following the clues he had obtained, searching all the way.

Two hours passed, and Ji Chen's eyes lit up on the south side of a lone peak. Not far away, under the large limestone, there was a swaying blue flower. It was one foot and seven inches tall. The flower had nine petals, and it was emitting starlight and moonlight!

"I found it, it's you!" Ji Chen rushed over and roughly picked up the precious medicine. He directly received it into the System Space. "Where's the reward? Hurry up and hand it over!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host for completing the quest to find the Midnight Youlan. Reward: 50 Dominant Power, 1,000 Spirit Stone, one Ice Phoenix Talisman! Ding! Congratulations to host for completing the quest to find the Midnight Youlan. Reward: 50 Dominant Power, 1,000 Spirit Stone, one Ice Phoenix Talisman!"

"Finally reached 500 Dominant Power. This heaven's pride expert has finally become a rich man of the earth! Ding! Congratulations to host for completing the quest to find the midnight orchids. Reward: 50 Dominant Power, 1,000 ___, one Ice Phoenix Talisman!" Ji Chen was overjoyed. He put his hands on his waist and almost howled. This was the harvest he had painstakingly harvested these past few days!

"Ji Chen, I have to say, you are really bold. You actually dared to wander in this desolate mountain forest in the middle of the night, which saved us a lot of effort!"

Two young men with killing intent walked out of the deserted forest. One of them was a blue-robed young man who was quiet and ruthless. He blocked Ji Chen's escape route as soon as he appeared.

The other red-haired young man looked relaxed. He looked down at Ji Chen and said, "You have chosen a beautiful burial ground for yourself. Unfortunately, a peerless genius of your generation is going to die here!"

"Look at your clothes. You are also disciples of Star Sea Sect. The fragrance of herbs on your body is very strong. You must have come from the Pill Meridian."

Ji Chen remained calm and composed. Instead, he spoke with confidence and assurance, "Which elder are you from? You want to kill me? Is it because I have recently swept across all the peaks and slapped his face? "

"Ji Chen, you are crazy and smart. Unfortunately, your luck is not good enough. You have offended someone you cannot afford to offend! We are the Second Elder of Golden Furnace Peak!"

The red-haired young man was proud of himself and full of confidence. He simply said the truth, "Ji Chen, I will let you die with an understanding! In the sect, your master, the Ninth Elder, is our sworn enemy. We've been fighting for a few years! "

"The Ninth Elder is proud and arrogant. He doesn't care about accepting a disciple. However, he suddenly recruited you under the wall. It can be seen that he values you very much! If we kill you, do you think Ninth Elder will feel pain in his heart?! "

Ji Chen nodded. "It turns out that Second Elder ordered you to kill me just to hurt my master and make her suffer! I thought she was afraid of this genius' challenge tomorrow! "

"Haha, don't think that you are so outstanding. You are merely an ant at the Layer 7. Even if you can sweep across the outer circle of Golden Furnace Peak, it's nothing. You are not worthy of Second Elder's attention!" The red-haired young man said disdainfully.

"You've said too much." The blue-robed young man's spiritual energy erupted like a blue star. "Quickly kill him and report to the Second Elder!"

"He's just an ant at the Layer 7, I can kill him with a single strike!"

The red-haired youth stomped on the mountain rock, and with a flash of lightning, he arrived in front of Ji Chen. Immediately after that, he threw out a fist, "Die!"

The power of this punch was overwhelming, and it carried a scorching heat. Wherever it passed, trees would wither and flowers would burn. Faintly, the roar of a lion could be heard, and waves of heat were surging!

"Good, I also wanted to kill two warriors of the Spiritual Martial Force to sacrifice my blade. You guys are the best sacrifices!"

In the blink of an eye, Ji Chen moved. He used his full strength as soon as he attacked. It was the Northern Burning Blade! Wherever the Seven Star Dou Saber Move passed, there would be huge waves. Layers of blade shadows fell down and cracked open the vegetation and soil!

"Clack! Clack! Clack!"

The fist and the heavy blade collided with a loud ringing sound. The star fire and the lion fire intertwined and burned. Ji Chen was sent flying backwards and directly crashed into a large tree!

The red-haired young man's strength was really too powerful. Ji Chen was completely suppressed, and even the blade flew out of his hand, nailing itself onto the rock and producing a buzzing sound.

"Your blade is not bad. After you die, I will properly use it!" The red-haired youth walked over with a savage smile on his face, and slapped down with his palm!

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