Activation Of The Overbearing System/C4 The Female Devil Hua Jieyu
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C4 The Female Devil Hua Jieyu
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C4 The Female Devil Hua Jieyu

He leapt into the air, and like a dragon preying on its prey, the Roc arrived in front of the Black Butcher. The saber left a bloody gash half a foot long on his chest!

"Ding! Domineering and fearless, beheading an opponent who surpasses a sixth level in a challenge! Domineering level average, increasing Dominant Power by 20 points!"

The Black Butcher looked at his wound that was bleeding non-stop in disbelief, and immediately roared, "Damn it! Ding! Domineering and fearless, beheading an opponent who has transcended six realms in a challenge! Domineering to a moderate degree, increasing ___ by 20 points! Look at my Green Snake Palm!"

With a surge of spiritual energy, the Black Butcher made a killing move. His hands suddenly turned into two huge green snakes. With a circle, they rushed towards Ji Chen's head and bit down.

"Is this all you've got? Trash, I'll kill you!"

As his disdainful voice faded, Ji Chen's blade became one with his body. He was wild, accurate, and fast. With just a single slash, he struck the snake's seven inches away from its body. A domineering force flowed down along the edge of the blade, causing blood to splash out!

The sound of a pig being slaughtered was incomparably shrill. The face of the Black Butcher was distorted because of the pain. One of his arms flew high into the air, and the other was also covered in blood and flesh. One could see the bones!

"Amazing! No matter how much a genius tries to seek death, he is still a genius! I didn't expect this little scourge to cultivate the Starfire Burning Saber Technique to the fifth level after only a few days of his martial arts being destroyed. He is like an immortal or a Buddha!"

A graceful young woman stood within the clouds in the void. Her long yellow dress drew out the superb beauty that was about to be revealed. Her jade feet and embroidered shoes tapped, her fine black hair cascading down like a waterfall, all the way to her slender and tight legs.

Hua Jieyu's charming and charming eyes were filled with praise and surprise. All the martial arts and divine abilities in the world were at the Layer 5.

She had just entered the door, and she had reached the highest level of mastery. She had reached the acme of perfection, and had reached the acme of perfection. She was like a celestial being, like a Buddha!

However, under normal circumstances, it was already very impressive for a cultivator to have mastered the divine ability to the acme of perfection. Those who had reached the acme of perfection were top geniuses. As for those who were like an immortal or a Buddha, only the dragon and phoenix among men could master them!

Although the Starfire Burning Prairie was only a basic divine ability, there were hundreds of thousands of outer circle disciples in the Star Sea Sect. In the past, only Ji Chen had reached the stage of immortality and Buddha, which showed how difficult it was.

This was also the reason why Hua Jieyu admired Ji Chen. "If you don't break it, you won't be able to make it. This time, it might be an opportunity for this little scourge to cultivate again!"

"Ding! Defeating an opponent who has a higher cultivation level than you, and crazily cutting off one of your arms! The degree of dominance is medium. Increase by 20 Dominant Power!"

"Who cares if you are crazy or crazy. This is the rhythm. If you do it, it will be over!" Ji Chen laughed loudly, a wave of invincible dominance spontaneously arose, "Come again, kill!"

"Ji Chen, you forced me to do this!" One of the Black Butcher's arms had been cut off, and he had gone mad. He took out a blue talisman with one hand and said, "Frost Python Talisman, speed!"

The second grade talisman was activated, and a wave of cold energy exploded out. A layer of hard ice crystals instantly formed in a radius of 30 meters. A 30 meter long python slithered out, carrying a blizzard as it attacked Ji Chen!

"Not good! Hurry up! Hold it right there!"

Hua Jieyu's expression changed drastically, wanting to save him, but it was already too late. Such a long distance, even if she was a Dan Wu Realm cultivator, it was also too late!

"You want to defeat this heaven's pride expert with this kind of operation? Dream on!" On the ground, Ji Chen did not falter in the slightest. He even revealed a smile that was a hundred times more confident. "Use the Dominant Power. Realm, upgrade for me!"

"Ding! 10 Dominant Power consumed. Realm broke through to Mortal Layer 4!"

"Ding! 10 Dominant Power consumed. Realm broke through to Mortal Layer 5!"

"Warning! Host's Dao foundation is unstable, I don't recommend continuing to increase realm!"

"Forget it, Layer 5 is already enough to deal with a long bug!"

Ji Chen's entire body surged with crazy strength. He held the saber with both hands, and his gaze was like a falcon as he attacked in a split second!

The burning star fire sliced open the snake's head, splitting it in half from the middle. Then, he chopped off the Black Butcher, and it was a complete and domineering strike!

"What a domineering knife!" A fairy-like figure descended from the sky, and Hua Jieyu praised.

"Fairy, you praise me too much!" Ji Chen was originally very proud of himself, but when he saw the charming face of this girl, he immediately felt uncomfortable. "Ninth Elder, Hua Jieyu!"

Hua Jieyu's sleeves fluttered, and she smiled sweetly like a blooming flower. "What's wrong? Great genius Ji doesn't seem to be happy to see me!"

"No, it's nothing! I am just too surprised, too surprised, too happy! "

The domineering aura that Ji Chen had just cultivated was thrown out of the Nine Heavens Cloud. This wasn't because Ji Chen was a coward, but because this man was too scary. He had once left a serious injury on Ji Chen's soul!

The Ninth Elder of Pill Meridian, Hua Jieyu, was known as the female devil. She was a domineering and lawless person. She had three hobbies in her life: robbing, beating people up, and concocting pills!

She would take back whatever she liked, and beat up those who she didn't like. Many elders, disciples, and deacons of Pill Meridian were bullied and tortured by her.

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