Activation Of The Overbearing System/C5 The Eldest Disciple of Hundred Flowers Peak
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C5 The Eldest Disciple of Hundred Flowers Peak
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C5 The Eldest Disciple of Hundred Flowers Peak

Back then, Ji Chen had messed around once and ended up in Hua Jieyu's hands. In the end, this she-devil bought a cart of meat buns.

Watching Ji Chen eat up all the beans, that kind of feeling was too pleasurable. Ji Chen ate until he cried, so much so that it left a deep psychological shadow in his heart!

Hua Jieyu looked at Ji Chen with a smile that was not a smile. She only looked away when she saw Ji Chen's hair standing on end. "Alright, it's a waste for someone with your talent to stay here and plant. It's better to go back with me."

Before Ji Chen could say anything, he was grabbed by the beautiful fairy and flew into the sky. Along the way, they arrived at Hua Jieyu's Hundred Flowers Peak.

Hua Jieyu was the Ninth Elder of the Pill Meridian. She held a high position in the Pill Meridian, and she occupied a mountain peak that was rich in spiritual energy and full of blooming flowers.

"Ji Chen, you really have a lot of guts. You even dared to kill an outer sect deacon. This has violated the rules of the sect, and you have to kill your head!" In the glorious and luxurious palace, Hua Jieyu was lying lazily on the white jade cloud bed. Her eyes were as charming as snakes.

Ji Chen curled his lips and put on an expression as if a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water. "Elder, you are wrong. How could I violate the sect rules? It was that black dog who wanted to kill me that I was forced to retaliate."

"I can't let him kill me. I could only extend my neck to kill him. I still have to thank him after I'm done, right? Elder, you're the most reasonable, you shouldn't not understand this, right?"

"Nonsense!" Hua Jieyu's clear rebuke shook the entire palace until it buzzed. "Anyway, you killed someone. This is a serious crime!"

"Furthermore, with your reputation, as long as this matter is publicized, I'm afraid that those ferocious people from the Discipline Hall will be very willing to eliminate you! You still need to be reasonable. Aren't you too naive?"

"Then what should we do?" Ji Chen was not afraid. Instead, he looked at Hua Jieyu with a smile. "Elder sister always has a way to solve this problem, right? After all, you have great vision and great abilities!"

"Little fox!" Hua Jieyu's beautiful eyes widened. "There is only one way. Take me as your master! When the time comes, I will solve this problem for you in Discipline Hall. No one will dare to make things difficult for you!"

"What?" Ji Chen was stunned when he heard that. He instantly felt bad. "Elder sister, don't make fun of me. My status is low and my talent is low. How can I be qualified to be your disciple?"

What a joke. Being the disciple of this she-devil was like a lamb entering a tiger's mouth. His future life would be full of misery. Just thinking about it made his whole body numb!

"No, you are qualified!" Hua Jieyu's eyes lit up, as if she was a female tiger that saw a lamb. "The past outer sect's number one genius, his natural talent is unhindered, and his talent is astonishing. This elder is very satisfied."

Ji Chen braced himself and probed, "Elder, can I not be willing?"

Hua Jieyu casually crushed a pearl. The fragments were like powder. "No, you are very willing!"

In the end, Ji Chen almost cried. He was forced to kowtow and acknowledge her as his master. He also respected the statue of the grandmaster. At this point, he officially became Hua Jieyu's personal disciple and also the eldest disciple of Hundred Flowers Peak!

The Hundred Flowers Peak covered a few hundred miles, but there were only two people from top to bottom. One was the Peak Master of the Sect, Hua Jieyu, and the other was his disciple, Ji Chen. As a result, Ji Chen, a mere disciple, occupied a huge palace!

Hua Jieyu didn't say anything after she acknowledged him as her master, nor did she give him a greeting gift. She even took the golden silk sweet potato that Ji Chen had cultivated, and then kicked him into her own palace.

Ji Chen was also a carefree person. Since he had arrived, he had already accepted this fact. In fact, there were many benefits to becoming the disciple of this she-devil. With her backing, wouldn't the huge Star Sea Sect be able to do whatever they wanted?

"Let's see what good stuff was in that bronze treasure chest!" As soon as Ji Chen settled down, he excitedly went to the system to check. The bronze treasure chest opened with a cracking sound, and a circle of light shot out.

Ji Chen stretched his neck to look. When the light fell, his face, which was full of joy and anticipation, froze. His eyes were crooked, and his face became very ugly.

"System, what are you doing? Do you want me to eat hotpot with this kind of thing?"

Looking at the dozens of bottles of old chili sauce stacked up neatly in the bronze chest, Ji Chen almost cried on the spot. He had no strength to complain. There were dried shredded pork, black bean pepper, braised beef, and all kinds of good food!

"Where is the talisman precious medicine I want? Where is the spiritual pill and magic treasure that I want? What do you mean by all this? " Ji Chen vented his anger." Don't tell me you want me to take them out when I'm about to be eaten by the demon beasts and give them an appetizer? "

Ji Chen almost died of discomfort, but there was nothing he could do. He could only put these things behind his head, find a hassock, and sit down cross-legged. Then, he began cultivating.

This world was very magical and cruel. If one wanted to live happily, enjoy life, and obtain great freedom and freedom, one had to constantly obtain greater strength. This was the eternal truth!

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