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C6 You Bunch of Trash!

As a lucky person who had the system, Ji Chen had two ways to increase his strength. One was to use the Dominant Power to directly increase his realm, and the other was to rely on the cultivation method to cultivate honestly.

Now, the system had issued a warning to him that his foundation was unstable and that he could not directly increase his cultivation, so he could only cultivate step by step. The Star Flow Mantra, which was specially used by the Star Sea Sect's outer sect disciples, was circulated. The wandering spiritual energy between the heaven and earth rushed towards him.

A quarter of an hour passed in the blink of an eye. Ji Chen opened his eyes in dissatisfaction. His face was filled with disappointment. "This Star Flow Technique is really trash. Its cultivation speed is too slow! At this speed, he said. Does that mean it will take one or two months to break through to the Layer 6?"

This kind of speed was actually very fast. It was enough to make most of the cultivators blush with shame. After all, Ji Chen was the number one genius in the outer circle. If it were an ordinary person, they would have to spend one or two years of hard work to break through to the next level!

"System, can this Star Flow Mantra be upgraded?" Ji Chen continued to develop the system. "I want a higher level cultivation method!"

"Ding! Host's needs detected. Would you like to consume 30 Dominant Power to upgrade the Star Flow Mantra to the Eternal Galaxy Mantra?"

"Yes, of course!" Ji Chen was very excited when he heard this. He decisively increased his cultivation level. In the blink of an eye, a circle of colorful starlight rippled in his mind. This was a completely new cultivation method!

Immediately after that, Ji Chen also consumed the last Dominant Power. He raised the mastery of the Eternal Star Sea Art from the beginner level to the level of mastery. When he cultivated it, he could do as he pleased, and his Qi would penetrate his entire body!

A strong wind blew in the spacious hall. The surging spiritual energy almost turned into a vortex. It swarmed from all directions and poured into Ji Chen's body, shuttling between his limbs and bones, and stirring up his bones and skin membrane!

Four hours passed, and Ji Chen's body trembled. Along with a crisp sound like a chick breaking through its shell, a powerful aura was emitted. He had made a breakthrough!

Host: Ji Chen

Dominant Power: 0

Realm: Mortal Layer 6 )

Martial Art: Eternal Star Ocean Art (Become proficient, can be improved), Starfire Burning Prairie Blade (Like an immortal or Buddha, can be upgraded) )

Item: [Seven Star Blade]

"The feeling of becoming stronger is very good!" Ji Chen felt the surging energy in his body, but the worry in his eyes also came. "It's just that the Dominant Power is not enough. Looks like I need to find some fun to have some fun and earn some more Dominant Power!"

After familiarizing himself with his future residence, Ji Chen left this side hall. As he walked around the Hundred Flowers Peak, he thought of a way. Suddenly his eyes lit up, and he ran away. In a flash, he arrived at another peak!

"This brat is really restless!" Hua Jieyu was just about to open the furnace and start concocting pills when she noticed Ji Chen's little movements. "That is the Green Peak of Eighth Elder. What is he going there for?"

Of course, she did not know that Ji Chen had found a way to earn Dominant Power. At this moment, she was very happy.

"The reason why my beautiful master was able to obtain the position of Ninth Elder and occupy the Hundred Flowers Peak was because she beat up all the elders of Pill Meridian who opposed her. She beat them up so badly that none of them dared to speak. How domineering!"

The heroic deeds of Hua Jieyu reverberated in Ji Chen's heart. This person was really fierce. At that time, all the elders who were beaten up couldn't hold their anger any longer. They gathered a large group of people to block the door and take revenge.

In the end, all of them were knocked down by Hua Jieyu. They were carried away by her and thrown into the clouds. Their faces were swollen and they were in a sorry state. It was unbearable!

When these victims could not find a way to complain to the Sect Leader, they were stopped by Hua Jieyu. After a round of beating, these proud and arrogant elders were forced to submit!

The current Ji Chen wanted to imitate his master. He wanted to wreak havoc in the ten peaks of Pill Meridian. His domineering aura swept across the area. He grabbed a handful of sheep's feathers and earned a wave of Dominant Power. Of course, he didn't want to fight the elders, but the outer circle disciples!

Eighth Elder's Green Peak had beautiful scenery and was surrounded by clouds of smoke. It was different from the Hundred Flowers Peak, where there were only two big cats and kittens. There were many disciples here, and the outer circle disciples who were walking and cultivating could be seen everywhere.

Ji Chen walked to the white jade square on the mountainside with his head held high. There were the most disciples here, and he smiled evilly. With a wave of his hand, he nailed the Seven Star Blade onto the square, causing jade chips to fly everywhere!

His action immediately attracted the attention of many outer circle disciples in the Green Peak. Ji Chen licked his lips and circulated his spiritual energy. He exhaled and let out a rumbling sound. It was like thunder!

"You bunch of trash from Green Peak, come and fight me if you have the ability!"

His words immediately set off a huge storm. The entire square was silent at first, then it exploded!

Who was this guy? How dare he be so arrogant? He openly provoked all the disciples of the Green Peak. He was truly audacious!

Ji Chen turned a blind eye to the fury of the disciples. He continued to provoke them, "You all heard it right. All of you are trash in front of me. All of you are trash!"

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