Activation Of The Overbearing System/C7 One Punch and He's Dead!
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C7 One Punch and He's Dead!
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C7 One Punch and He's Dead!

Humiliation, this was an unrestrained humiliation. This was a slap in the face. This was a slap in the face. It was really too arrogant and infuriating. As long as it was someone with courage and anger, they would not be able to tolerate it. In an instant, the square exploded.

Countless angry outer circle disciples of Green Peak surrounded Ji Chen. Their red eyes were like wild beasts staring at Ji Chen, as if they were going to tear him into pieces in the next moment!

"Wu Cao, where did this brat come from? How dare he be so arrogant? I can't tolerate this!"

"He's just an ant at the Mortal Layer 6, yet he still dares to speak? What a shameless boast!"

"Don't talk so much. I think this brat deserves a beating. After beating him up, he will know what it means to have integrity and what it means to have rules!"

" Ding! The host is very bold. Indeed, he has the potential to be a little overlord. However, you have to be careful not to be beaten to death! The degree of dominance is medium. The Dominant Power increases by 20 points! "

"'Indeed increased. This is the effect that I want.' Haha! Cute sheep, let's get a little more angry!"

Hearing the system notification sound, Ji Chen felt like he had heard the sound of nature. He immediately became even more arrogant and unbridled. "I am standing right here. Trash, who dares to fight me?"

"Shut up! Where did you come from? You sure have a big mouth!" A tall and sturdy man rushed out of the furious crowd. "For the sake of our fellow disciples, I promise I will not kill you!"

Nearly a thousand people in the Green Peak Square were excited. They waved their fists and shouted at Ji Chen to kill him. The tall man's Mortal Layer 8 cultivation base shook. His fist, which was the size of a clay pot, carried a fierce wind with it. It was heading towards Ji Chen's head!

"I'll send you flying with a single punch. I'll let you know the immensity of heaven and earth, Stone-Breaking Fist!"

This fellow's fist was very heavy, and it circulated a type of martial technique. A layer of light bloomed from a fist that was covered in calluses. It was like a cannonball that came out of a barrel, and it produced whistling sounds of wind!

The crowd cheered loudly, as if they could already see how miserable Ji Chen was after being sent flying with one punch. With a bang, the cheering suddenly stopped, like a duck whose neck had been grabbed!

The situation on the battlefield suddenly changed. Ji Chen easily blocked that powerful punch. He had a mocking smile on his face. "Weak and weak. Trash is trash. I will defeat you in one move!"

Before he finished his words, the big guy's pupils constricted violently. He watched helplessly as a fist landed solidly on his chest. However, he could not dodge it at all. He was sent flying more than 30 meters away. He fell to the ground like a rolling gourd!

"Ding! Just like that, defeat your opponent and humiliate you ruthlessly! Lowly overbearing, Dominant Power increases by 10 points!'"

"Can't even withstand a single blow!" Looking at the continuous increase of the Dominant Power, Ji Chen smiled even more happily. He was arrogant and overbearing, and his nose was facing the sky as he humiliated, "Who else?"

"Damn it, why are you being so arrogant! I'll fight you!"

Ji Chen's overbearing and domineering attitude made the people of Green Peak furious. Countless people rubbed their fists and wanted to give him a good beating. A young man with a big stick rushed out. "Tiger Roar Staff Technique!"

This young man was very agile. He waved the copper stick in his hand and it turned into a gust of wind. In the blink of an eye, it had enveloped Ji Chen. Vaguely, a three meter tall fierce tiger appeared. It roared in the forest and lunged at Ji Chen.

"You only managed to get a kitten after such a long time? Do you want to culd this genius? How disappointing! "

Ji Chen spoke languidly. He extended his palm that was as fast as lightning. The flames that were accompanied by star fragments pierced through the layers of staff shadows. His palm struck the center of the ferocious tiger's brows, causing it to explode!

In the next moment, Ji Chen stepped forward and attacked amidst the exclamations. He threw the young man to the ground with a punch. The stick that carried the flames danced along with the wind, and with a bang, it hit the stone slab in the distance.

"I know that for all of you, this heaven's pride is a peak that is difficult to climb, and you can only use it to look up to it for all eternity!"

Ji Chen placed one of his hands behind his back and looked at the sky with a gaze as lonely as snow. "I am indeed a little bullying. Why don't I give you all a hand?"

Arrogance, this was really too arrogant. He was simply blatantly bullying others. Many outer circle disciples of Green Peak hated him to the core!

"You are going too far! Eat my spear!"

A young man in white robes with big eyes rushed out from the crowd. He shook his hands and a cold iron spear was thrust out. This spear came with anger. It was burning with a foot-long flame. It was extremely fierce, like a poisonous snake flicking its tongue!

"Okay, Senior Brother Liu, stab a bloody hole in him with your spear!"

"It's really infuriating. We might as well cripple his dantian. If there's anything, let's shoulder it together!"

Ji Chen smiled confidently. One of his arms surged with dense starlight. His body twisted, and his spine made cracking sounds like an open bow. He suddenly threw out a fist to meet the spear head on!

"Clang! Clang!"

The fist and the iron spear collided. The starlight swept across the flames and the cold iron spear actually exploded from the middle!

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