Activation Of The Overbearing System/C8 Top 10 She Was also Knocked down
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C8 Top 10 She Was also Knocked down
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C8 Top 10 She Was also Knocked down

The scene was silent. Everyone's eyes were wide open as they were immersed in the unbelievable explosive scene. Ji Chen's fist was like a hot knife cutting through butter. It passed through the broken pieces of the big spear and brutally knocked Senior Brother Liu to the ground!

Brutal, truly brutal! Was this fellow's hand made of steel? How could it be so hard? He was simply a monster!

"Ding! The true overlord must dare to use his flesh and blood to crush a divine weapon. It is recommended that the host use his head to face the Sea God's Hammer next time! The degree of dominance is medium. The Dominant Power increases by 20 points!"

"This system must be retarded, right? I am overbearing, not brainless. I even use my head to smash the hammer. Why don't you let me directly challenge the Nine Heavens Immortal? Wouldn't that be even more overbearing and unruly?"

Ji Chen had just finished complaining in his heart when he welcomed a new opponent. After all, he had blocked the entrance of the Green Peak and said that all the outer circle disciples were trash. He had really offended too many people!

"Flash Sword Technique, kill, kill, kill. Can you see my sword clearly? You brat, I'm afraid you won't even have the chance to fight back. Hahaha, you're finished. Let me cut off your limbs. Enjoy the feeling of the blade cutting through your muscles like the wind! "

This time, the one who attacked was a chatterbox, and a narcissist. The sword in his hand had attacked over a hundred times, but he hadn't even managed to grab a corner of Ji Chen's body!

Ji Chen sneered disdainfully. A palm covered in starlight grabbed the sword and smashed the guy's shoulder with another punch. The guy let out a miserable howl and kneeled in front of Ji Chen. His knee was swollen!

Not only did Ji Chen's iron and blood suppression not scare the outer circle disciples of Green Peak, it also ignited their fury to the extreme. More and more experts rushed out. Each and every one of them was a late Mortal realm expert. They were going to challenge Ji Chen!

The battles continued one after another. Ji Chen was truly too powerful. After cultivating the Starfire Burning Prairie Saber Technique to the Immortal and Buddha Realm, not only was his saber technique at the peak of perfection, he was also proficient in all kinds of techniques. Whether it was his movement technique or his punches and kicks, they were all superb!

These outer sect disciples were not his match at all. Some were sent flying with a kick, some were knocked over with a slap, some were easily suppressed, some were beaten black and blue, but most of them were still knocked down with a single punch!

Over a hundred people had been defeated by Ji Chen. These were the outstanding outer circle disciples, and they were all skilled in all kinds of things. However, no matter how they resisted, they couldn't even force Ji Chen to use his second move!

What was even more terrifying was that Ji Chen's treasured saber, which was surrounded by a bright light, had yet to be unsheathed. No one naively thought that this extraordinary saber was pretty!

After the anger subsided, the disciples of Green Peak thought for a moment, and their hearts turned cold!

"This brat really likes to toss and turn!"

On the Hundred Flowers Peak, the corner of Hua Jieyu's mouth curled into a beautiful smile, "As expected of my disciple. Young people should be energetic and lawless. Otherwise, wouldn't the long journey of cultivation be meaningless?"

"Ding! Congratulations to host for defeating a hundred opponents in one go and obtaining the title of 'Hundred Slashes'! Reward: one bronze treasure chest!"

Just as Ji Chen was about to carefully check the reward, he saw a 15-16 year old black-clothed youth walk out from the opposite side. His steps were steady, refined, and modest.

"You must be the outer circle's number one disciple, Ji Chen, right? I heard that you crippled yourself before, but I didn't expect that you would recover a lot of your cultivation base here so quickly!"

"I didn't want to attack you. After all, I am a Mortal Layer 10. You're only a Layer 6, so it wouldn't be fair for you to win! However, you humiliated the Green Peak first. It seems like I have no choice but to punish you for hurting my senior and junior brothers! "

" Senior disciple Gao has finally made his move. Haha, that brat's doomsday has arrived!"

"Mighty Senior Brother Gao! Beat him until he's incontinent, even his uncle can't recognize him!"

" I was wondering why this brat is so infuriating, so it's that angering Ji Hao! Senior Brother Gao, you can do it! Get rid of this evil for the sect! "

Not only were the disciples excited, even the executives who were watching the battle from afar had their morale stabilized and revealed proud smiles.

"Gao Yang is a genius disciple, and the three thousand outer circle disciples of Green Peak can be ranked in the top ten. This time, we can finally teach this audacious maniac a good lesson!"

Facing this Ji Chen, he gave a domineering smile and said, "You talk too much nonsense. Come, I'll beat you up!"

"Trembling Step!"

Gao Yang snorted coldly. He stomped his foot on the ground, which was like a sparkling lake surface. In an instant, it destroyed Ji Chen's stability. Immediately after that, he leapt forward and struck out with his palm. "Stacking Flow Palm!"

The sound of flowing water could be heard. Waves and waterfalls converged under this palm, forming a huge palm print that could split mountains and split rocks. The water current was rapid and turbulent, covering a radius of 30 meters!

"I'll defeat you with one strike!"

Ji Chen's feet stepped on the sparkling ground, and his body was as straight as a spear. He attacked with all his strength, and the starlight pierced through the water palm print. The fist and palm collided, and it was as if a spear had pierced through a war drum!


Gao Yang's palm was broken. His entire body flew out like a broken bag and smashed heavily onto the ground!

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