Activation Of The Overbearing System/C9 Insane Even a Beauty Can Beat Me!
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C9 Insane Even a Beauty Can Beat Me!
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C9 Insane Even a Beauty Can Beat Me!

Silence. The scene was dead silent. A second ago, the seemingly victorious and graceful Senior Brother Gao was beaten into a dead dog. Everyone present, including the deacons, had ugly expressions on their faces.

"Is there anyone else who wants to fight?" Seeing that there were no Dominant Powers in his account, Ji Chen became a little angry. A majestic aura was being emitted. "If I say that you are trash, then you are really trash. Why don't you even have the courage to fight? A bunch of wimps!"

"How about this, don't you all have one of the top ten outer circle disciples in Green Peak? Besides that trash just now, let's attack together with the remaining nine people. After all, with just your tricks, you're really too weak! "

This was already the most direct ridicule, not giving the other party any face at all. However, the battle just now was really too frightening.

Over a hundred people were easily knocked down. This handsome and domineering young man in front of him was like a monster who did not know exhaustion. How could they fight him?

It had been more than two hours since Ji Chen challenged the outer circle of Green Peak by himself. All the outer circle experts of Green Peak, as long as they were in the sect, had gathered here.

The anger spread in the silence. The humiliation and humiliation had become stronger in the suppression. After that, it exploded violently. The three of them looked at each other and then appeared together. If they really wanted to fight Ji Chen together, they would have to fight him together. These three were Mortal Layer 10 warriors!

"Green grass on the slope, vines!"

A tall young man was the first to attack. Dozens of flexible and thick vines appeared and tied Ji Chen up in a split second. There were poisonous thorns on the vines that were about to pierce into Ji Chen's body!


The other tall and sturdy young man was like an iron tower. His clothes were torn open, revealing pieces of bronze-colored flesh. It was obvious that he had a body refining technique!

He possessed extraordinary strength. He bent over and picked up a ten thousand jin granite boulder. He leapt up, and his Qi and blood surged like waves. He descended from the sky and fiercely smashed Ji Chen's head. His ferocity was unparalleled!

These three people cooperated very well. Clearly, this was not the first time they had joined hands to attack. The last person used an iron whip to fiercely point from afar. The whip tore through the air, and at the same time, it enveloped all 180 major acupoints on Ji Chen's body from top to bottom!

"The overall situation has been decided!" A deacon let out a long sigh of relief. "Even if he is the scourge of the Star Sea Sect, he will not be able to turn the tables!"

The deacon under the ancient pine tree had a praising look in his eyes. "Your cooperation is not bad, but your attack is a little fierce. It seems that we have to make a move at the critical moment to spare this brat's life! "

"Do you think you will win for sure? You think too much!"

Ji Chen's voice was loud and clear, suppressing all the cheering and shouting. Dense starlight flowed out from the gaps between the Layer 10 vines. In the next moment, a terrifying force erupted, and all the vines exploded into pieces!

The tall youth let out a miserable cry. A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth, and he was sent flying away. In the midst of the violent winds, Ji Chen stepped forward. His body was covered in starlight, and he soared into the sky. With a domineering attack, he shattered the ten thousand jin boulder!

He was truly too violent and overbearing. His attack was so powerful that it caused his blood energy to burst out like a burning furnace. A deep palm print appeared on the chest of the burly youth, and several of his bones were broken. Blood was flowing out from his mouth and nose!

The iron whip that was pointed at him was blocked by a layer of starlight. Ji Chen casually threw the tall and sturdy youth away. He rushed down with the momentum of a meteor crashing into the ground and blocked the iron whip with one move. With a casual slap, he turned this guy into a spinning top full of teeth!

Without a doubt, the three Mortal Layer 10 geniuses were defeated. Just as Ji Chen was in high spirits, he suddenly felt an extreme coldness. The feeling of extreme danger made his hair stand on end, and his heart skipped a beat!


The sound of something tearing through the air rang out. It was a three foot long arrow, a steel arrow shaft, the tail of the golden eagle, and the arrowhead of the canine teeth. It carried a sharp piercing force, and its speed was extremely fast. It went straight for Ji Chen's back!

The one who attacked was a valiant and heroic young girl. She had snow-white skin and a sweet face, but her attack was extremely vicious. She grabbed the opportunity when Ji Chen used all of his strength to crush the three great geniuses, and killed him with a single strike!

"What a shameless little hoof! How dare you sneak attack my disciple! I won't kill you!"

A huge Qi rose from the Hundred Flowers Peak and fell down. Ji Chen wasn't hit by the attack. He drew a circle with the starlight, almost forming a Taijitu of starlight, which turned into the power of the arrow!

"Little girl, your heart is really poisonous! Are you ready to accept my punishment?"

A starlight flashed under Ji Chen's feet, and his speed was so fast that he left behind a few afterimages in the air. He kicked away the yellow bow, grabbed the young girl's fair and delicate neck, and lifted her up before violently crashing into the stone monument beside him.


This time, he used a lot of force. The young girl's beautiful back collided with the stone monument, causing cracks to appear on the foot-thick bluestone.

"Ding! Even a beautiful girl was beaten up! Scum! Lowly overbearing, Dominant Power increased by 10 points!"

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