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Isabella POV

Flight attendants prepare for landing. Please, passengers and cabin crew. Please take your seat for landing. We are slowly descending to our destination

The announcement rattled me up from my sleep as I blinked out the dizziness slowly from my eyes, fully aware of my environment.

Soon, a lady with red hair who looked like a flight attendant came to me, saying

Miss... Please fasten your seat belt. We are about to land, " she said, smiling.

Nodding my head as the realization soon dawned on me, I quickly did what I was told to do with shaky hands.

I didn't know how long I was out, but my nerves were soon getting to me as the dream of a new life and a new city would soon be a reality.

My heart was thumping so loudly in my chest and goosebumps filled my hand as I held onto the edge of my seat.

I didn't know what to feel or what to think as I shivered from the feeling of uncertainty that was slowly taking over me.

I wanted this..... No, I needed this, a fresh start, ” I said to myself as I tried to convince myself I was doing the right thing.

So consumed with my invading thoughts, I didn't know when the plane would have landed until the guy by my side got up trying to leave.

Looking around, I saw everyone doing the same, so I got up from my seat and tried to leave as well.

Getting off of the plane, I looked around and took in a deep breath, breathing in the unfiltered air of this new city.

A smile unconsciously appeared on my face as I saw new people and new faces compared to the familiar faces I normally see back at home.

I quickly walked out of the airport and took a taxi into the city.

Looking out of the window, I was so mesmerized by the huge buildings and crowded streets.

Everyone here is always on the move," I wondered to myself.

This place is so different from my small town, " I smiled, saying to myself.

Soon, the taxi dropped me off at my destination as I came down and walked into the building.

Apartment 387 was the apartment I rented a room in, " I said to myself as I walked up the stairs looking for the apartment.

Finally, this is it, " I breathed out a sigh of relief as I spotted the number on the door.

Knocking at the door, I hopped back and forth on one foot waiting for the door to open.

A few minutes later, a guy with dark brown hair with hazel eyes opened the door.

Hi, how may I help you, " he asked, seizing me up from head to toe.

Hello, I'm Isabella, I rented a room here, " I said in a lower voice as I played with my fingers nervously.

Oh great... You are the one who rented out the empty room, " he asked, smiling, and I nodded, still extremely nervous.

Come on in then, " he said, gesturing for me to come in as he helped me with my bags.

Slowly entering the apartment, I looked around the semi-small space. It wasn't anything fancy,

but who likes fancy anyway," I smiled to myself.

So, Isabella, this is our living room or common area, the rooms are over there, " he said, standing beside me, showing me around.

So are you the only one living here in this apartment, " I asked, looking around, mainly because I didn't know how to feel about living with a guy all alone here.

"Judith would kill me if she heard about it.

No..." He chuckled lightly, clearly amused by my questions.

I don't live here alone, we have another flatmate…

Mia, " he screamed out the name, and suddenly a girl staggered out of the room with a shirtless man trailing behind her.

Aiden... What did I tell you about disturbing my happy time with this sexy gentleman, " she said, kissing the man by her side before sending him on his way.

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Aiden and this is my annoying roommate, Mia, " Aiden turned towards me, smiling wildly as his eyes twinkled every few seconds.

Yeah, yeah... Aiden just stop, let me see her for myself, " Mia said, walking around me, inspecting me from head to toe.

Nice..." She soon let out

You are indeed fitting for our gracious apartment, " she said, chuckling, giving me a bone-crushing hug.

I'm Mia, okay, and I'm going to help you with whatever you need, " she reintroduced herself.

Why don't we just show her to her room, before you make her more nervous than she already is, " Aiden soon let out, as Mia let go of me immediately.

Come with me, your room is over there, " Aiden said, pulling my bag along with him.

I followed him into an empty room with just a bed in it.

I know it is not much, but this is, ” he said, gesturing to the room.

Thanks, " I finally managed to get out a word as I sat on the bed still looking around.

Alright, I will leave you to it. The bathroom is out there if you want to have a shower, " he smiled, slowly walking away.

I stared at my new room for so long, trying to get used to the fact that I was finally here away from all the demons that were trying to control my life.

Judith... Oh, I have to call her, " I said, jumping up from my bed and searching for my phone in my bag.

Seeing it, I quickly dialed her number immediately.

Judith... ” my voice came out as just a whisper as I waited for her to speak

My child... Sweetie, are you okay, " she said on the phone, and I could sense the excitement in her voice


I'm good Judith, I'm in New York, " I said on the phone.

Oh, my dear child, when did you arrive, " she asked, and I could feel her hugging the phone tightly.

A few hours ago, I had just arrived at the apartment I rented, " I said, smiling.

That's nice, hope you were treated just fine, " she asked.

Yeah... my two other flatmates were nice, " I said to her, remembering Aiden's warm smile and Mia's tight hug.

That is wonderful, sweetie...” she replied.

Isabella... " she called out to me, sounding more serious.

I hope you find exactly what you are looking for, because you deserve the best, you deserve to be happy, " she said, as I could feel her crying.

Thank you, Judith, you know I love you right... I love you so very much and I miss you like crazy, " I said, as I did not know when the tears started to fall from my eyes as well.

I love you too, my child... So very much, don't you ever forget that, and please remember to call me every day, " she replied softly.

I will... take care of yourself, " I said, ending the call.

I didn't know what kind of emotions took over me but I felt my heart threaten to burst out of my chest, struggling to breathe as I fell onto my bed, shivering, allowing the tears to run freely down my face.

She is my only family member and I left her all alone. What kind of monster am I, ” I taunted myself continually but a calm voices in my head kept telling me only one thing.

"She adores you"


I didn't know when I fell asleep, hugging my pillow tightly, but when I woke up it was already morning.

I could hear the sounds of car horns and the bustling of people, the weather was quite fair and the sky was quite clear.

So I opened the window, allowing the smooth breeze to come in.

Walking over to the bathroom, I took a quick shower and also fixed my hair, wearing a jogger and a crop top that was fixed perfectly.

I wanted to get a glass of water, so I walked over to the living room, overseeing the kitchen. Walking into the living room and looking over at the kitchen, I saw Aiden there shirtless.

His huge muscles and his well-toned abs were all on display, and freaking goodness they were fine. I looked at him doing whatever he was doing for minutes, as I just couldn't look away, drowning in the abyss of tension it brought to me.

Don't you fall in love there, Isa, ” I soon heard Mia's voice say, knocking me out of my daydream.

Blinking, I turned my head to her acting oblivious to her words.

Mia just laughed, grinning wildly as she made her way to join Aiden in the kitchen.

Breathing out softly, shaking myself off this feeling I felt between my legs, I walked up to them.

Morning..." I greeted Aiden, whose back was towards me.

Hearing my voice, he turned with a smile on his face.

Oh Isabella...” my name came out so smoothly from his lips.

Good morning, do you want some breakfast? I'm making my world-famous French toast and bacon, " he smiled and said, as I nodded yes in response.

But first, coffee..." He let out, pouring a cup before me

Thanks... " I smiled, picking up the cup.

So, Isa, tell us what brought you to the big city, ” Mia asked, looking at me all so curiously.

I swallowed the coffee I had in my mouth so nervously because I didn't know what to tell her, the question cut me off guard.

I couldn't tell her the truth, I couldn't tell her that I was on the run.

Running away from my demons of my past. Trying to escape them all.

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