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Isabella POV

What! I screamed in shock.

Yeah, it is a job and it pays well," Mia let out, as if it was no big deal.

Again what!" I screamed and Mia chuckled.

Look, like I said before, it is a job, and if you must know, I do it as well," she said, smirking.

But I thought you were a dancer and a musician," I said, confused.

Yeah, music right now doesn't really pay the bills, so I dance," She said with her eyebrows raised and I knew exactly what she meant.

." Really you are a stripper," I asked.

No, I would like to use more of the term dancer or entertainer because we actually do dance and entertain people, you know, but it is just with little or no clothes on," she said, smirking.

But...but," I stuttered, obviously confused.

So what do you say? Would you like to join us? I can talk to Dan, he will love the idea of a new girl around the club," Mia said.

“Uhmm..." I mumbled out as I paced back and forth the room, totally unsure of what to say.

A stripper... that was definitely not on my list of jobs I wanted to do in this city, but I do need the money

If I don't earn something soon, I will have to go back to my little town and that was something I really didn't want to do.

I couldn't go back to my town, to the demons lurking around there.

No, that was something I couldn't bring myself to do. But to be a stripper," I screamed to myself.

So... am I getting an answer now," Mia asked and I shook my head, signaling a no.

Thank you for trying to help me, Mia, but I really can not do it. I think I will just have to stick it out for a while until I find something," I smiled and said.

Okay no problem, just remember that the offer is always on the table, like I said Dan would love to have you at the club," Mia said as she walked out of the room, leaving me there with my own thoughts.


I continued my hunt for a job but, as always, it was to no avail. It felt like the universe was against me, because everywhere I turned there was always some kind of rejection and I was slowly reaching my limit.

It has been two more extra months here, scouring this godforsaken city looking for a job, but still nothing, absolutely nothing.

And that was when I knew I had to face my reality.

No one was going to give me a job, not even as a waitress, so I had to take the one that was already offered to me.

I had to accept Mia's proposal.

Ugh... Judith is going to kill me if she ever finds out about this," I said to myself, as I shook my head and walked into the living room.

“Hey, you..." I heard Aiden call out from the kitchen.

Looking over at him, he was wearing a tank top that put his muscles on display and I just couldn't help but gawk at how perfect they were.

“Come on... sit. I made you breakfast," he said, urging me to take a seat.

You know if you keep feeding me like this, I will never be compelled to leave," I said, taking my seat at the counter.

Yeah that's the plan actually," he smirked and my face turned red in an instant.

“Okay, slow down heart," I screamed to myself.

Soon enough, Aiden dropped a plate of blueberry pancakes and eggs with a glass of juice in front of me.

Dig in..." He said, smiling, and I picked up my fork, cut through the pancakes and trust me when I tell you that his cooking only gets better every day.

It was so delicious that I couldn't stop myself from taking bite after bite.

Hi... slow down, I don't want you choking okay," Aiden urged me to take a beat.

You know it is your fault for making it so delicious," I groaned, and he laughed.

Thank you... I would take that as a compliment," Aiden smirked as he stared at me while sipping on his coffee.

So Isa... Any luck finding a job yet," he asked and I shook my head, signaling a no, as I felt gloomy immediately as his words came out.

“Nothing... I have searched everywhere, not even a waitressing job," I groaned out in frustration.

Don't worry, something will definitely come up," he let out, with a concerned look in his eyes.

Soon enough... Mia's door opened up and she walked out wearing her PJ's shorts and her hair was all over the place.

Good morning roomies," she yelled.

I honestly thought it was already past noon," she groaned as she went to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Looking over at my plate of food, she rolled her eyes, turning towards Aiden.

I know you didn't do anything for me right," she asked with a stern expression on her face.

No, my dear Mia, if you want some, then make some for yourself," Aiden said, smirking.

Yeah right I just knew it ... you wouldn't make any for me because I'm not the one you want to bang," she rolled her eyes, walking over to the fridge.

Scanning through the fridge for a while, she closed it with a loud moan.

Okay it's official, I'm too lazy to make anything right now, so I would just settle for a frozen waffle," she said, rolling her eyes as she threw the waffles into the microwave.

“So my little Bella, tell me have you gotten a job yet," She asked with her eyebrows raised.

No..." I whispered.

“Hmmm, Interesting... you know the offer is still on the table," she smirked.

What offer..." Aiden asked,looking all confused.

I offered her a chance to work at the club with me as a dancer,"Mia said, smiling.

Hell No Mia... why would you do such a thing? She can't do that," Aiden yelled.

Tough luck Aiden, you are not her father, you know, you can't dictate what she can do and what she can't, the decision is all up to our little Bella over here," Mia smirked and Aiden kind of lost it, looking all angry.

He soon turned towards me, whispering.

Look, Isa... you can't work at that club, okay, it is not just for you, dancing for a group of men... No, don't do it.

If you want a job so badly, you can come and work for me, okay," he said softly as he ran his fingers through my hair with his eyes begging me not to do it,

But I knew exactly what my answer was going to be.

I knew it was either to find a job here or go back home, and I knew I definitely couldn't go back home.

“Aiden..." I whispered out his name.

Thank you for your offer, but I have already made up my mind. I have to make it on my own here okay and working for you wouldn't help me do that.

Don't worry, it will only be for a short time until I can earn enough money to start up my own business," I said, smiling, looking at him.

So, Mia, I accept. I would love to work at the club," I murmured, and Mia squealed in excitement.

Oh my goodness, we are going to have so much fun together. I'm going to teach you everything that you have to know .

“Little Bella"

Oh, that should be your stage name, little Bella," Mia chuckled.

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