ADOPTED./C1 The Beginning.
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ADOPTED./C1 The Beginning.
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C1 The Beginning.

Growing up in an orphanage that serves as a home for over two hundred kids below eighteen there are a lot of things to learn, lots of things to hope for, and nothing to live for. We learn to fend for ourselves once we are above 10 years old. We learn to survive in the harsh world by ourselves or else we end up like the kids who get tired of fighting and end up committing suicide.

We wish for a place to belong, a place to call home, and a family to call ours especially the horror of attending high school when you are known to be a child from the orphanage. We are either made or broken as kids from the orphanage, some of us who are too desperate to fit in end up moving with the bad set of kids, some who are desperate to be loved and wanted to end up with the wrong set of people who later break them, While there are people like I and my friends, who just want the nightmares to be over and hope for a better day every day.

Being above ten years old, the authorities tend to overlook anything done by us and everything towards us, we are made to go through the hardship of life by ourselves either the challenge overcomes us or we overcome them, I don't think they care. We are expected to leave the system a week after our eighteenth birthday, where we go from there, who we go with, and what we do after we leave is no concern of theirs because they also have a life to live and more important things to do. The little ones below ten are their top priority, and they are taken very seriously.

Bright Orphanage is a big name in society, it's a private organization where the wealthy and famous tend to make donations, we get lots of things from clothes to funds and food. I would say materially, we are doing good and we have no lacks just the moral and physical upbringing that they lack here.

We have social workers come in once a week to check on our upbringing and we have to look good and be in our best behavior, even if the way we are being treated isn't that good no one wants to leave here to a government organization or a foster/girl/boy home, we all grow up knowing this place as a house and not a home, so we have to look happy for the social workers or you will be moved.

The Orphanage is one of the most visited organizations for wealthy and famous couples, who are looking into adoption but they only adopt kids below 10 years old, No one wants to adopt a teenager who might be faulty just like I and my friends, that's why the authorities take care of kids below ten years old properly.

We give up hope and dreams of being adopted once we clock ten, it's then the real struggle for survival begins, and the dream of being adopted and ever having a name and a family to call yours is been crushed. The best thing that can ever happen to any of us will be getting adopted because it means a better life than what is been imagined and drawn for us here especially by a good family, the organization is being visited by the rich and famous in the society for adoption, hence the good family.

It is very rare for an adoption to take place, in my sixteen years in this place have only experienced adoption once and that was 10years ago, the couple adopted a baby boy, and ever since then the organization has not been visited for adoption but charities and all.

We attend one of the best public schools in Texas, It's far from the orphanage but we have a bus that drops us in the morning and picks us up after school, if by chance you miss the bus you just have to walk back home.

The typical high school is what Weston High is, we have the jocks and their cheerleaders, the preps, the nerds, the gamers, the student governor and their overbearing deputies, the wallflowers, the artists, and the nobodies (who are at the very bottom of the food chain), the nerds are preferred to the nobodies which are where I and my friends fit in, we are the unwanted plants in the society the orphans who nobody wants to take care of and they do well to remind us about just how unwanted we are.

Although some of the kids from the orphanage fits into a group or another, I and my friends are the most unfits ones, the unwanted and the unfortunate ones and we all have our shares of scars to serve as a reminder that we have no one to stand up for us and nothing can be done about it.

New chapter is coming soon
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