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"Hey, stop it, stop it!" In the private room of an international hotel, a woman was hiding under a table, not daring to come out. Her clothes were messy, and her long hair had turned into a bird's nest.

"Speak, who sent you? How dare you disturb my meal!"

A man with an average stature, wearing a flowery suit and holding a wine bottle in his hand, angrily pointed at Jiang Liusu, who was in an extremely sorry state, under the table, and yelled.

Jiang Liusu stared at the guy in the man's hand in fear. She was truly worried that he would place the bottle of wine on her head.

She drew back her body and forced a smile, "It might be a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!"

Jiang Liusu was extremely depressed. What was going on today? Didn't they say that once she threw her cup, there would be someone to receive her? She had already been beaten to such a state! Where was she!?

"Misunderstanding? "You are bragging about laozi's girlfriend. laozi has chased her for half a year and finally agreed to eat with me, yet you shamed me in front of her. Today, laozi will kill you but you won't be able to vent the hatred in my heart!"

Jiang Liusu was a bit confused when she heard that. That woman was his girlfriend. Wasn't she a customer that was talking about working together? What was going on?

While Jiang Liusu was lost in her thoughts, the man suddenly reached under the table and grabbed Jiang Liusu's hair, forcefully pulling her out from under the table.

Jiang Liusu felt as if her scalp was torn off. She grimaced in pain and crawled out from under the table due to the strength of the man's hands. "Big brother, big brother, let's talk properly. Don't fight. I'm still a girl."

The man carried Jiang Liusu out and tossed her onto the sofa. He looked at Jiang Liusu's freckled face and frowned. "So what if she's a woman? Look at you. You're so disgusting!"

Jiang Liusu was ugly. Her face was so thick that it could easily be shaved. Her red lips were like a big mouth that had eaten human flesh. How could anyone feel any heartache when they saw her like this?

Jiang Liusu looked pitifully at the man. "Big brother, I'm only eighteen. Please, let me go."

She was just a weak girl. She couldn't beat this man, so she could only beg for mercy.

However, what happened today was too strange. It felt as if something had gone wrong.

Jiang Liusu's pitiful appearance, in the eyes of the man, turned into a despicable thing. He slapped her with his palm. "Speak! Why are you spoiling my good fortune!"

Jiang Liusu covered her burning face, feeling troubled. She didn't know how the situation had developed to this point. Who was she going to tell about the bitterness in her heart?

Seeing that Jiang Liusu was not admitting his mistake, a trace of ruthlessness flashed across the man's eyes. "You're not talking about it, right? Fine, aren't you talking about me being a pervert? Today, I'll show you how perverted I am!"

As he said that, the man extended his hand towards Jiang Liusu's chest. Jiang Liusu was extremely scared. She took out a wolf repellent from her bag and ruthlessly sprayed it on the man's eyes.

"Ah …" It hurts, what the fuck did you do to me! " Suddenly, his eyes felt like they were on fire. The man couldn't help but fall down and roll around on the ground.

Jiang Liusu took a step back in fear. Worried that the man would take revenge on her again, she ran without a second thought.

Zhang's Corporation. Jiang Liusu got out of the taxi and rushed to the top floor of the company in a hurry.

She could not accept the injustice she had suffered today. She wanted to ask that man what his intentions were. She had to find an explanation for herself!

Very quickly, she kicked open the door of the CEO's office. What entered her eyes was the scene of the man sitting peacefully on his boss's chair while he worked.

"Why are you here?"

The man wore a high-class black suit. His facial features were extremely handsome, his lips were pursed tightly, and his pair of deep eyes were like a thousand year old deep pool. It was calm and tranquil.

"Why are you here?" Zhang Hanlun asked with a hint of doubt in his voice.

Looking at Zhang Hanlun's confused expression, Jiang Liusu harrumphed in her heart. You sure know how to pretend!

She bit her lips and quickly walked in. She angrily threw the bag in her hand in front of the man's notebook: "Why do you think I'm here? You're picking up my people, where are they!"

Jiang Liusu was so angry that her heart ached. In this year, she had done so many things for this man.

He was the CEO of Zhang's, so it would be inconvenient for him to show his face. For the sake of the company, those despicable things were dealt with by her alone.

Her methods were indeed a bit underhanded, but Jiang Liusu had her principles too. The people she schemed against were all vicious beasts with many sins. Although Zhang Hanlun would give her a lot of commission every time Jiang Liusu completed a mission, she was always struggling with her life on the line for such a long time.

But now, the company was back on track. This fellow wanted to use someone else's hand to kill a donkey. What a beautiful dream!

Looking at the flustered and furious Jiang Liusu, the man frowned slightly as he spoke in a low and deep voice, "Gentle mode."

He didn't like this woman's manic style at all. She was truly shameless, and she was really lacking in education.

Ignoring the gloomy look on the man's face, Jiang Liusu slapped the table. "Speak, how have I offended you? If you don't need me, just say it. I'm leaving. Do you have to be so ruthless?"

The more he spoke, the angrier he got. Indeed, this man didn't have any good intentions, so don't just look at him acting all pretentious.

The man suppressed the rage in his heart when he heard Jiang Liusu's loud voice. With a cold snort, he loosened his tie and coldly said, "Say that again. Gentle."

What pattern, my ass!

Jiang Liusu closed the man's laptop and looked at his extremely handsome face as she spoke word by word, "I'm telling you, I'm a human, not a robot. I'm bleeding and sad!"

Jiang Liusu's heart became more and more bitter. Before she met Zhang Hanlun, she was just an actor. She couldn't stand the unwritten rules of the entertainment circle and ran out of the hotel naked.

It was Zhang Hanlun who gave her respect and put a suit on her to protect her from criticism. She was grateful, so she willingly played the role of a robot and let him use her as he pleased.

But in Zhang Hanlun's eyes, her hard work and sacrifice was only natural. He was that aloof Prince, and she was his servant.

In the past three years, she had suffered many grievances. In order to fulfill her mission, she had forced herself to smile during the day and had spent the night alone in a dark corner, licking her scars.

He, Zhang Hanlun, was not her father, so how could he make her give up everything?


Seeing Jiang Liusu baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, Zhang Hanlun's face darkened. This woman was getting more and more arrogant. He must have been indulging her too much.

Jiang Liusu had been holding in her anger for some time now, and she finally exploded out, "So, you shouldn't play with me! You told me to disturb Director Chen's meal, and I went, and my cooperation was blown, why didn't your people pick me up! "

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