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Jiang Liusu's words made Shen Xinran feel more and more that she was right. For such a small amount of overtime money, she had to be greedy. How could she say she didn't like Brother Zhang?

The corner of Jiang Liusu's mouth twitched as she looked at Shen Xinran's expression, which changed in an unfathomable manner before finally stopping at Shen Xinran's disdainful expression.

Was there even a need!

Didn't she just mention the overtime?

Was the look in her eyes serious?

"Director Shen?"

Jiang Liusu couldn't help but open her mouth to speak. Only then did Shen Xinran react, but her gaze towards Jiang Liusu became even more disdainful. "Isn't, isn't it just the overtime fee?" Do you think I'll owe you that little overtime? Go out and I'll call you. "

With that, she waved her hands as if shooing away flies. Jiang Liusu frowned, but soon calmed down. "Alright, I'll be going now."

With that, he took the document and left.

Seeing this, Shen Xinran curled her lips, "I don't believe that I can't compare to a shallow woman like you. Today, I will let Big Brother Zhang clearly see that I am the woman that is worthy of him!"

Seven in the evening.

Jiang Liusu was still in the company and everyone else had left. Similarly, Xu Heng was one of the few interns that became overtime.

Jiang Liusu lost her job after the others left work, so she slept on Fangfang's desk.

However, he was woken up by the ringing of his mobile phone. Seeing the caller ID, he rubbed his eyes and answered the call with a twitch of his lips.

Then, he hung up and went to the bathroom to wash his face, then came back to greet Xu Heng.

"Ah Heng, I'm leaving first."

Xu Heng nodded: "Ok."

When Jiang Liusu went downstairs, she saw a flashy red Ferrari parked outside the company's entrance.

Jiang Liusu couldn't help but curse silently. Was he preparing to spread the word about how rich the upper class were?

She had seen this car before. In a car magazine, there was a global limit. Even if you had money, you might not be able to get it.

At least in the rich third generation, the daughter of a nouveau riche didn't have this sort of cultivation.

"What are you standing there for? Get in the car. "

After Shen Xinran finished speaking and looked at her, Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes and sat on the car. Shen Xinran turned the steering wheel, looking straight ahead as the car started.

"Do you know how much this car costs?"

Jiang Liusu curled her lips. Was it about to start?

Jiang Liusu didn't want to haggle with her over the price of the car. She couldn't afford it, and she wasn't interested.

Therefore, he said honestly, "I don't know."

Shen Xinran was surprised by her reply. Unexpectedly, she didn't get angry from embarrassment. "Since that's the case, I'll tell you out of good intentions. This car …"

"Hey, wait, you don't have to tell me that. If you want to show off your wealth, you can just give me this car. That'll make you rich and generous, giving me a Ferrari without batting an eye, don't you?"

Jiang Liusu looked at Shen Xinran with a smile as she spoke.

In Shen Xinran's eyes, this made her feel even more that Jiang Liusu was a vain woman, yet she was pretending to be noble and noble.

She didn't even bother to say anything to her now. She actually treated this kind of woman as her opponent, this was simply insulting herself.

Seeing the undisguised look of disdain in Shen Xinran's eyes, Jiang Liusu didn't mind and only smiled. It was best if Shen Xinran didn't think too much of her. That way, she could have a good life.

He didn't want her to be like Zhang Hanlun, that dead guy, and intentionally cause trouble for a small fry like her.

She even specifically released words to disturb her search for a job. As long as Shen Xinran didn't take her seriously, it would be good for her to peacefully earn some money and save it before leaving.

Jiang Liusu suddenly started to laugh at herself.

He really was living a life of debauchery.

Along the way, Shen Xinran didn't speak to Jiang Liusu again. She felt that talking too much would cause their prices to drop.

The car quickly stopped in front of a high-end restaurant.

Shen Xinran got off the car. She was wearing a custom-made small dress and her hairstyle was custom-made. Adding on her temperament, the clean face of Jiang Liusu next to her turned out to be an ugly duckling in reality.

"Let's go in."

Shen Xinran cast a sidelong glance at Jiang Liusu before she went in first. Jiang Liusu raised her eyebrows and followed behind her. This group was a little strange.

Because this was a couple's restaurant.

Jiang Liusu noticed him as soon as she entered. She turned around to look at Shen Xinran, who was obviously dressed very carefully.

She dressed up so grandly today and even came here to eat.

Invite a client?

Ghost letter!

Jiang Liusu was almost certain that Shen Xinran wasn't speaking the truth to her. She definitely wasn't here to just invite customers.

Couples Restaurant... Couple...

The two of them followed the waiter's directions and arrived at their designated seats. Jiang Liusu tactfully sat by the side of Shen Xinran.

Just as she sat down, a name suddenly popped into Jiang Liusu's mind.

Zhang Hanlun!

That's right! 90% of what Shen Xinran asked for was Zhang Hanlun.

Other people didn't know that she had been by Zhang Hanlun's side for so long. Even though she had never seen Shen Xinran before, she knew how sticky Shen Xinran was to Zhang Hanlun.

It was impossible for him to dress up so extravagantly to date another man, so the person he had a date with could only be Zhang Hanlun!

Having thought through this point, Jiang Liusu subconsciously stood up. The waiter and Shen Xinran who were about to leave both looked at her.

Shen Xinran frowned, "What are you doing? Sit down. "

Jiang Liusu smiled, "I'm sorry, but I'll be offending you later. Director Shen, I'll go to the washroom first."

Shen Xinran raised her eyebrows and said, "Go on."

Jiang Liusu nodded and called out to the waiter, "Take me there."

As Shen Xinran watched Jiang Liusu and the waiter leave, a trace of contempt was revealed in her eyes.

The waiter led Jiang Liusu to the door of the washroom. Jiang Liusu let her go. She took out her phone and looked at the time. It was a minute before 8 o'clock.

Jiang Liusu pursed her lips: "I'd better not see that stinking man. Who knows if he's full or not, when the time comes, it'll be difficult for his Dingsheng to stabilize and he'll even cause me trouble. After all, his salary by Shen Xinran's side isn't low."

"Jiang Liusu?"

A man's voice suddenly sounded from behind her. Jiang Liusu was shocked and reacted at the same time. This voice sounded very familiar.

This was really a narrow path for enemies to tread!

Jiang Liusu didn't even turn her head back as she prepared to rush towards the female restroom. However, her arm was grabbed by someone. Without any resistance, she was dragged into the men's restroom …

Jiang Liusu immediately struggled to get up as her illustrious reputation was about to be destroyed.

"Zhang Hanlun!" Let me go! "

Zhang Hanlun heard her call his name and sneered. His handsome face was full of pride: "I want to see when you're going to put on an act. What, you're not putting on an act anymore?"

Jiang Liusu struggled as hard as she could, "What does that have to do with you!? Let me go! "

Jiang Liusu struggled with a lot of strength. Seeing how she resisted him, Zhang Hanlun squinted his eyes dangerously.

"Stop right there! Didn't I say that if you don't have anywhere to go, I would allow you to return to Zhang's? "

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