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After Zhang Hanlun finished, he thought that Jiang Liusu would be moved to tears, but in the end, Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes at him and wanted to bite him, so he subconsciously let go.

"You who belong to the dog! "He actually bit someone!"

Jiang Liusu rubbed her wrist, seeing that Zhang Hanlun's eyes were not friendly, she ridiculed, "Boss Zhang, since I have already left Zhang's, I will not return. Do you think that what I said at that time was a joke?"

As she said that, Jiang Liusu was about to leave. However, she was stopped by Zhang Hanlun. Jiang Liusu looked at her arms and raised her head.

"Boss Zhang, you tried your best not to let me find a job, but I'm sorry, I have a pretty decent job right now. Do you want to meet my boss with me?"

Jiang Liusu saw the provocative look in Zhang Hanlun's eyes, Zhang Hanlun snorted and said, "Really? I also want to see which company dares to take you."

Jiang Liusu glanced at the arm in front of her. "Come with me if you have the ability. Don't worry, I can't beat you, so I won't be able to escape from under your nose."

There was even a hint of ridicule in Jiang Liusu's tone. Zhang Hanlun squinted his eyes dangerously, "That's true. At least you know your own limits!"

Jiang Liusu walked out from in front of Zhang Hanlun. Zhang Hanlun straightened his clothes and followed her out. The two of them walked along the aisle. Zhang Hanlun was tall and straight, had a handsome face and obviously had an extraordinary bearing.

The commotion over here had also attracted Shen Xinran's attention. However, she did not expect to see her Big Brother Zhang the moment she raised her head.

Originally, it was something to be happy about, but as Jiang Liusu walked in front of Zhang Hanlun, Shen Xinran's expression changed.

Jiang Liusu quickly walked to Shen Xinran's side. Shen Xinran smiled, but kept her eyes on Zhang Hanlun. She whispered to Jiang Liusu.

"Why are you with Boss Zhang?"

Jiang Liusu whispered, "I don't know, I met him in the toilet."

Shen Xinran did not say much and greeted Zhang Hanlun to take a seat, "Brother Zhang, come and sit! See what you want to eat? "

Jiang Liusu, on the other hand, stood beside Shen Xinran, watching her attentively. She waited for Shen Xinran to take her seat before sitting down as well.

Zhang Hanlun's eyes had been on Jiang Liusu all this time, so much so that Jiang Liusu felt as if Shen Xinran's eyes were about to turn into real knives.

"Who is she?"

Zhang Hanlun didn't look away from Jiang Liusu, but his question was directed at Shen Xinran.

Shen Xinran introduced him with a smile, "Brother Zhang, this is my recently recruited assistant, her name is Jiang."

Shen Xinran purposely didn't say Jiang Liusu's name, but rather called her 'Jiang'. It was a very common form of address.

Jiang Liusu also looked up at Zhang Hanlun, "Hello, Boss Zhang. I'm Miss Shen Xinran's assistant."

Zhang Hanlun's hand, which was holding the red wine cup, suddenly shook. The red liquid in the glass began to flow around the cup wall.

"Director Shen, your Dingsheng's selection system seems to have always been strict, right? "I wonder where did this lady read that book? Can she actually be your assistant?"

Shen Xinran wasn't sure about Zhang Hanlun's intentions, but since there was such a good opportunity, she naturally wouldn't give up on harming Zhang Hanlun.

"Boss Zhang, Jiang graduated from high school and suddenly found me at that time, begging me to enter Dingsheng. I saw how pitiful she was when she recruited her into Dingsheng."

When Zhang Hanlun heard that, he raised his eyebrows and said with a smile that was not a smile, "Oh?"

Zhang Hanlun's expression made Jiang Liusu want to hit him. Jiang Liusu narrowed her eyes and suddenly stood up.

"Director, Boss Zhang, I'll be leaving first. I won't disturb the two of you if I don't use the electric light cannon."


Jiang Liusu had just pulled out her chair and was about to leave. She was afraid that she would not be able to hold on any longer and attack Zhang Hanlun.

However, she didn't expect Zhang Hanlun to stop her. Shen Xinran didn't say a word, and the smile on her face faded a lot. Then, she raised her glass and took a sip. She wanted to see what the relationship was between the two of them.

Zhang Hanlun raised his head and looked at Jiang Liusu. Then, his gaze landed on Shen Xinran, "Director Shen, can you give this assistant to me?"

Shen Xinran smiled and said, "I'm really sorry, Boss Zhang. Jiang works very hard and does very well. I don't think we have anyone with Zhang's, so I can't give Jiang to you."

After saying that, she suddenly raised her head and glanced at Jiang Liusu. Then, she reached out her hand to pinch Jiang Liusu's palm. Jiang Liusu glanced at Shen Xinran's pinching hand and frowned slightly.

Shen Xinran smiled and said, "Jiang, thank you for your hard work today. Why don't you go back first and get to work as soon as possible tomorrow?"

Jiang Liusu couldn't wait to leave this place. Zhang Hanlun's gaze was so eye-catching that it was hard for people to ignore him.

Thus, Zhang Hanlun could only watch as Jiang Liusu left with a slightly gloomy expression. It was as if nothing had happened to Shen Xinran. She raised her red wine cup and smiled as if it pointed to something.

"Boss Zhang, look at this red wine. It has to be placed in a red wine cup to show its value. This person is the same. It is fated that whoever stands with whom."


Zhang Hanlun sent off the two important customers with a smile. Then, he went back to his office and sank into his office chair. He got up, leaned his elbow on the table and rubbed his temple.

"Snap, snap!"

"Come in!"

Zhang Hanlun said with a cold face. The assistant came in from outside and was a bit worried when he saw Zhang Hanlun's stiff face, but he still carefully handed the documents over.

"CEO, please take a look at the draft plan prepared by the Ministry of Enterprise and Cheng Shi's cooperation."

Zhang Hanlun picked it up and flipped through it, but his thoughts accidentally ran far away. Unknowingly, his line of sight moved to the coffee cup on the table.


"Who made this coffee?"

The assistant wasn't able to keep up with Zhang Hanlun's train of thought for a while. Only when Zhang Hanlun was rewarded with the Eye Knife did he react, "Oh, this is the secretary's lady who ran away."

Hearing that, Zhang Hanlun frowned, "Next time, without my permission! "Don't touch my cup!"

Hearing that, the assistant hesitated for a moment before saying, "Alright, I'll go and talk to him later."

"Jiang Liusu went to the Dingsheng."

Zhang Hanlun suddenly said. This time, the assistant quickly responded, "What!"

Zhang Hanlun looked at the assistant's shocked expression and frowned, "Why are you reacting so badly?"

The assistant explained in a restrained manner, "No, that's not it. He's just thinking how our people from Zhang's left just like that, and even went to the Dingsheng.

Observing the CEO's expression, the assistant said softly. Zhang Hanlun stopped flipping and looked at the assistant.

"Do you think we should get him back?"

Of course! Who else could stand a tyrant like you!

The assistant roared inwardly, but on the surface, he still had to restrain the ecstasy in his heart.

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