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Zhang Hanlun's expression changed slightly as he looked at the assistant, "So, what do you think?"

The assistant suppressed the joy in her heart and tried to test the waters with some discretion. "How about we recruit Assistant Jiang Liusu back?"

Zhang Hanlun slightly raised his head, "What do we do?"

The assistant rolled her eyes, "CEO, don't you think Director Shen from Dingsheng likes you? Otherwise, you can just directly ask her for it."

After the assistant said that, Zhang Hanlun's eyes clearly went blank. Seeing this, the assistant's heart skipped a beat. Did he say something wrong?

Zhang Hanlun glanced at the assistant, "Shen Xinran doesn't agree. I've already asked her for it."

Hearing that, the assistant frowned, "How is that possible? Isn't she just …"

The assistant was puzzled for a moment. Then, she looked at Zhang Hanlun and asked, "CEO, can you tell me the details of the meeting between you and Director Shen? Let me help you analyze it? "

Zhang Hanlun stopped drinking and looked at the assistant thoughtfully, "Sure."

After a long while, Zhang Hanlun was the only one left in the office. He sat on the office chair and played with his phone with a smile on his face.

"Is that so?"

After work, Jiang Liusu sat down on the sofa after returning to Domi's house.

Domi came back in the morning and was awakened by the noises coming from the living room. When she came out of her bedroom, she saw Jiang Liusu's dejected look.

"What happened to you?"

Pulling up the chicken nest, Domi sits beside Jiang Liusu and pours her a glass of water from a kettle on the table.

Jiang Liusu let out a long sigh and said, "Shen Xinran got mad at me. Didn't she want to take me to see Zhang Hanlun herself last time? "When you come back, tell me to do this and that to avenge my personal matters!"

"Then quit your job and don't do it."

Jiang Liusu glanced at her. "I don't want to deal with this anymore, keep me alive!"

He reached out and pinched Jiang Liusu's cheek. "I can't afford to support you, I can't even wait for a long term meal ticket to take care of me. Ignoring the truth, with your little face, it's not impossible to find someone willing to support you."

Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes as she opened Domi's hand. "I have hands and feet. I don't like to look at people's faces."

Duo Mi curled her lips. "You don't look like you're watching too much. You talk as if you didn't see enough of it when you were working at the Zhang's."

Jiang Liusu's heart ached when she heard this. It was just her blindness. She was saved by Zhang Hanlun and treated him as his benefactor. Otherwise, how could she have gone to be his babysitter and be bullied?

But luckily, she saw his true face. Now, she could be counted as a serf who took control of the situation. If he didn't let her off, then she, Jiang Liusu, would definitely show her true face!

"Weng weng …"

His phone suddenly rang. Jiang Liusu took it out and looked at it, the caller ID was Zhang Hanlun. Domi looked at him and joked, "You said you didn't want it, but now you're saving his number. You've exposed yourself."

Jiang Liusu ignored her and went to the window to answer the phone.

"Hello, is something the matter, Boss Zhang?"

Jiang Liusu said in a polite and distant tone with a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"I am. Jiang, come out and meet me."

Zhang Hanlun's voice came from the other side, giving Jiang Liusu a hard time as usual. Jiang Liusu squinted her eyes and said, "Sorry, Boss Zhang, we are not familiar with each other."

With that, Jiang Liusu hung up the phone and blacklisted Zhang Hanlun.

"You really are full. Every day, you don't care about Zhang's, you just come and bother me, right?"

Zhang Hanlun was not annoyed even after being hung up. At this moment, he was standing beside the French window with one hand in his pocket. He looked at the disconnected communication and smiled, "You won't drink, just you wait."


Jiang Liusu was in a good mood early in the morning as she reached the Dingsheng. Although it was hard work every day, Jiang Liusu was still very satisfied with the considerable salary that had been paid.

However, the atmosphere today was a bit strange. Jiang Liusu noticed that the moment she entered her office, the atmosphere was very strange.

At this moment, Xu Heng came over to greet a bunch of people who were blocking their way. It was unknown what they were looking at.

"Liusu, you're here. Good morning."

Jiang Liusu pulled him back and asked, "What's wrong with them? What are they watching together?"

Xu Heng laughed, "I'm looking at handsome guys."

Jiang Liusu raised her eyebrows. So it was like that. Only then did she notice that the onlookers were all women from the office. The male employees were on the other side, indignant.

Everyone loved beauty, so Jiang Liusu also stood at the back of the crowd, wanting to see what kind of exceptional handsome guy they were.

However, when they looked over, they just happened to meet the eyes of the lake. The most important thing was that the eyes were currently filled with ridicule! The key point was that the owner of these eyes was Zhang! Han! Lun!

Jiang Liusu widened her eyes as she tried to retreat. However, just as she turned around, she heard a voice from behind her.

"Jiang Liusu!" "Why are you running?"

All the females instantly followed Zhang Hanlun's gaze and looked at Jiang Liusu. Their eyes were filled with jealousy and hate.

Nana didn't expect Jiang Liusu to know such a character. Unwillingness appeared in her eyes, as she wanted to humiliate Jiang Liusu.

"Boss Zhang, how do you know our Director Shen's assistant? Hur Hur, didn't you greet her because she was pitiful?" Jiang graduated from high school, and to enter our Dingsheng, Director Shen spent a lot of energy to bring them in to do odd jobs, you guys are really kind. "

Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes in anger as she smiled with a curtsy mixed in with a slander towards Jiang Liusu.

If this damned cow doesn't eat her, her skin will itch.

When Zhang Hanlun heard this, he unconsciously frowned. Since when did it have to be Zhang Hanlun that taught this little wild cat a lesson?!

Seeing that Jiang Liusu wanted to run, Zhang Hanlun strode forward and grabbed her.

"Su, why are you running? What was he angry about? Look at you, being bullied by a bunch of people, not even coming back to look for me. Are you angry? "Hmm?"

Jiang Liusu felt goosebumps all over her body as Zhang Hanlun's magnetic voice echoed in her ears. She looked at Zhang Hanlun in surprise, only to discover that all sorts of gazes of envy and jealousy were glued onto her.

"Are you crazy!?"

Jiang Liusu scolded Zhang Hanlun in a low voice with her eyes wide open like a cat whose tail has been stepped on. Zhang Hanlun was instantly amused.

The two of them were very close to each other, and they seemed to be flirting and flirting.

Everyone's eyes were filled with envy and jealousy. At the same time, they were also guessing the identities of these two people.

Nana was both embarrassed and angry. Just who was this Jiang Liusu? The CEO of Zhang's actually spoke of her like this for her?

Wasn't Zhang Hanlun the CEO of Director Shen? Was the reason why she came to Dingsheng today not for Director Shen?

"What are you doing?"

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