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"What are you doing?"

Just when everyone was guessing, a voice sounded from outside the crowd. The crowd quickly moved aside, revealing Jiang Liusu and Zhang Hanlun who were in the middle of the crowd.

Shen Xinran was originally smiling, but her smile gradually froze on her face. What she saw in the reflection in her eyes made her unhappy.

She saw her Big Brother Zhang hugging Jiang Liusu.

"Jiang Liusu!"

Almost subconsciously, Shen Xinran shouted directly. Jiang Liusu was shocked, and only then did she realize how captivating her and Zhang Hanlun's posture was.

He pushed Zhang Hanlun away and successfully found the success in Zhang Hanlun's eyes.

She fell into his trap! Zhang Hanlun did it on purpose!

Jiang Liusu immediately reacted, her mind racing.

She could not be expelled by Dingsheng because of this! Her salary! White silver! The most important thing was that he didn't want to lose to Zhang Hanlun!

Zhang Hanlun was very happy as he looked at Jiang Liusu's changing expression. The corner of his mouth was curled up. She should go back now.

Jiang Liusu looked at Zhang Hanlun's smiling face and rolled her eyes. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Shen Xinran walking towards them.

"Jiang Liusu, what's going on?!"

Shen Xinran's face was filled with undisguised anger. Jiang Liusu quickly hid behind Shen Xinran when she saw her approach.

There was a hint of a sobbing tone in her voice, "Director Shen! You have to discipline your boyfriend! He actually touched me behind your back! "I am an innocent girl. I still need to find a boyfriend in the future, and I still need to get married!"

Jiang Liusu's sudden accusation shocked everyone on the scene. Nana, on the other hand, felt that Jiang Liusu was purposely trying to shirk her accusation.

It was obvious that Shen Xinran was getting jealous. How could she let this matter end like this?

Nana stood up at this moment and said with a righteous expression, "Director Shen, this is not what Jiang Liusu said, she was the one who seduced Boss Zhang. I saw it clearly."

Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes inwardly. This Nana wanted to take revenge on her. What about her IQ? So many people saw it, okay?

Shen Xinran was confused by their words. "What's going on?"

Jiang Liusu glared at Nana, then pulled Shen Xinran along and said, "Director Shen, you are my benefactor! How could I seduce your boyfriend? There are so many people here! I saw it just now, Boss Zhang came to pull me! He was even making a move on me! Even when I was struggling, he still didn't let me go! I even scolded him! Ask if that's true. "

Hearing that, Shen Xinran looked around at the crowd, each of them wanting to say something but hesitating. However, looking at the expression on her face, it was clear that Jiang Liusu was not lying. Fangfang looked at the crowd, then stood out and said, "Director Shen, it was indeed Boss Zhang who pulled Jiang Liusu. We all saw her."

"Yes, yes, yes."

"Just now, Boss Zhang suddenly came over and grabbed Jiang Liusu. It wasn't to seduce her as Nana said."


As long as one person took the lead in this matter, the others would stand out to uphold justice.

The anger in Shen Xinran's eyes subsided a little as she glared at Nana. Nana retreated back into the crowd with an unnatural expression.

Zhang Hanlun obviously didn't expect Jiang Liusu to say this. He felt awkward for a moment, but he quickly adjusted himself.

Shen Xinran glanced at Jiang Liusu. Jiang Liusu whispered, "Director Shen, uphold justice for me."

Shen Xinran gritted her teeth as she looked at Zhang Hanlun with a wronged expression, "Boss Zhang, why did you come to our company? Could it be that you have really taken a fancy to Jiang? "

After Shen Xinran asked this question, Jiang Liusu's heart was moved. If Zhang Hanlun were to admit to it in revenge, would Shen Xinran let her continue to stay in Dingsheng?

"Of course not, why did I pick a servant? He was the one who misjudged me just now."

Zhang Hanlun blurted out with a hint of impatience. Hearing this, Shen Xinran's expression improved a lot, while Jiang Liusu gritted her teeth.

Zhang Hanlun continued, "Director Shen, I came here today to look for you."

When Shen Xinran heard this, she was a little shy. She then went forward and hugged Zhang Hanlun's arm, "Since that's the case, Boss Zhang, let's talk inside the office."

When the two of them walked into the company, they could tell that they were a couple from the back. Jiang Liusu was surrounded by sympathetic gazes, while Nana did not hide her ridicule.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk, what do you think? You really think you can fly up the branch and become a phoenix, do you hear me? "Servants, I was talking about you!"

Jiang Liusu smiled brightly at Nana, "If you're free to talk about me, you might as well think of a way to make up for your earlier defeat." Jiang Liusu smiled brilliantly at Nana, "If you're free to talk about me, you might as well think of a way to make up for your recent defeat.


Nana was angered by Jiang Liusu's words and her expression changed. However, when Jiang Liusu finished her sentence, she raised her head and left. The words that she had spoken earlier weren't soft at all.

At this moment, Nana's surroundings were looking at her chest with a mocking expression.

Nana gritted her teeth and stamped her feet, "What are you looking at!?" This is true! "Humph!"

After this little episode, although Shen Xinran indulged Nana in dealing with Jiang Liusu, she did not do it herself.

Since Zhang Hanlun had already said that Jiang Liusu was a servant, she wasn't that worried.

From her point of view, even if the two of them had been together before, it would only be playing around. How could Zhang Hanlun be serious towards a woman like Jiang Liusu? What a joke.

That day, Shen Xinran called Jiang Liusu over. Jiang Liusu stood in front of Shen Xinran's desk, waiting for her orders.

"Tomorrow, a customer from the United Kingdom will come over to negotiate. You have to arrange the hotel and the trip to tomorrow, we can't delay any longer."

Jiang Liusu took the documents from Shen Xinran. Shen Xinran looked through them and found that they were basic information about the British customer.

"Alright, I understand. I'll go arrange it immediately."

Just as Jiang Liusu was about to leave, she heard Shen Xinran's voice.

"You know your own limits."

Jiang Liusu stopped in her tracks. She turned around and looked at Shen Xinran. "Director, are you praising me?"

"You can understand it this way, you should be clear about the gap between you and Boss Zhang. No matter why you came to find me before, now that it's like this, your job is not bad. As long as you don't let your mind wander, I will certainly treat you well."

Jiang Liusu pursed her lips as a complicated look flashed across her eyes. She then smiled and said, "Thank you for the reminder, Director Shen!"

Shen Xinran nodded with a haughty expression. "Alright, it's alright. You can leave now."

Jiang Liusu walked out with her high heels. She stood outside the door and looked at the bustling crowd with a deep sense of humiliation in her eyes.

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