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The assistant came in and showed the document to Zhang Hanlun. After that, he stood there motionlessly with hesitation and struggle.

"What are you standing there for?"

Zhang Hanlun finally noticed his presence. He frowned and asked in annoyance. Only then did the assistant clench his teeth and ask.

"CEO, let me give you the solution …" Is it useful? Will Jiang Liusu be back? "

After the assistant asked, he suddenly felt a chill on his neck. When he looked up, he found the CEO looking at him with a scary gaze. He subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

"CEO, I won't disturb you any longer. I'll be going out first."

The assistant slipped away, while Zhang Hanlun's expression turned even worse.

"Weng weng …"

Ye Zichen's phone rang. Zhang Hanlun answered with a dark expression, "Hello!"

His tone was extremely vile, and the other party seemed somewhat surprised. Following that, a magnetic male voice rang out, rippling with hearty laughter.

"Hehehe, who dares to provoke our Young Master Zhang again? Why is your tone so cold? "

Zhang Hanlun snorted coldly, but the expression on his face had clearly been restrained, "Why are you thinking of calling me?"

The male voice across from him also became serious, but the words he spoke to Zhang Hanlun sounded very intimate and friendly.

"We haven't seen each other in a long time. Let's go out and get together."

Zhang Hanlun stood up, holding his cellphone with his right hand and casually putting his left hand into his pocket. Then he stood by the window and looked at the scenery outside, and casually agreed, "Fine, find a time and place."

After Zhang Hanlun said this, his gaze was involuntarily attracted by a small potted plant at the bottom of the window.

It was a pot of tender yellow sunflower. He remembered that it was bought by that damn girl, Jiang Liusu. When he bought the flower pot, Zhang Hanlun's face was still smelly.

However, Jiang Liusu said, "Boss Zhang, look at your stiff face all day, it's not good for your physical and mental health. But Jiang Liusu said," Boss Zhang, look at your stiff face all day, it's not good for your physical and mental health.


Zhang Hanlun suddenly froze when he touched the petals, then he pulled his hand back from the petals of the small sunflower as if he was shocked.

"Hanlun? "Hanlun?"

The male voice on the phone started to urge him, causing Zhang Hanlun to wake up. Then, he glanced at the sunflower, then turned around decisively with his back facing the light.


"What happened to you just now? Why aren't you saying anything?"

Zhang Hanlun twitched his mouth, "Nothing, I still have a meeting, let's not talk for now."

Zhang Hanlun didn't wait for a reply and directly hung up.

"Remember to bask in the sun!"


A cheerful female voice suddenly came into his ears. Zhang Hanlun subconsciously said a word. When he came back to his senses, he found that he was the only one in the huge office. It seemed a bit empty.

This was the first time Zhang Hanlun felt this way.

"It's all because of that damned girl!"

Zhang Hanlun thought for a while and attributed everything to Jiang Liusu, the woman who betrayed him and dared to scold him.

Yes, it was all her fault!


"How is it? Are you all right? "

Shen Xinran waited impatiently outside the bathroom, but Jiang Liusu's voice came from inside.

"Alright, alright, now!"

Shen Xinran was wearing a fashionable yet capable professional suit. At this moment, she was waiting outside the bathroom with an impatient look on her face.

"If you want to go with me to pose, you won't go. The Jone that we are going to meet today is an English gentleman with good taste. If he messes up because of you, you just have to wait for your salary to be deducted."

Jiang Liusu pursed her lips when she heard his words. It was because she knew that the other party had good taste. Otherwise, she wouldn't have specifically asked Domi to borrow a set of equipment.

As for what Shen Xinran said about going to pose with her, sorry, she wasn't that shameless. She wouldn't easily accept someone else's charity unless it was the last moment, not to mention Shen Xinran's charity.

"Alright, alright!"

Jiang Liusu tidied up her collar a bit before coming out. Shen Xinran looked at Jiang Liusu's dressing with some surprise.

Jiang Liusu had chosen a beige suit. It was made of wool, and it looked very qualitative. Her hair was tied up in a simple bun, and she was even wearing light makeup.

Normally, when the clear soup hung in front of his face, it gave him the feeling of a clear water lotus. Now that he had put on a light makeup, it made him look even more exquisite.

After Shen Xinran had finished sizing him up, she walked forward with her head held high and her chest puffed up. Jiang Liusu followed behind her and got into the car as Shen Xinran instructed.

"I didn't lose my face after all. Remember to be more smart when chatting with Jone later. This list is very important."

Jiang Liusu nodded. "I understand."

According to the information Shen Xinran gave her and the hobbies she collected about Jone, she already knew most of Jone's personality.

This time, regardless of the contract, Jiang Liusu still had confidence in treating the customer well.

They arrived at a Chinese restaurant and waited outside for a while. Then, a black Bentley slowly drove over. A tall and handsome British man got off the Bentley. He appeared to be no older than forty years old.

"Hello, Mr. Jone. I am the Dingsheng's planning director, Shen Xinran."

Shen Xinran went up to greet him, while Jiang Liusu followed behind with a smile.

Jone opened his eyes wide, "Hello, Miss Shen. I'm really sorry for making such beautiful ladies wait for me."

Following the English gentleman and humor, Jone's speech was still very pleasant to listen to.

Shen Xinran covered her mouth and smiled, "Mr. Jone is too courteous, this is the way to treat our guests in China. Mr. Jone is the guest, we are the host, so of course we have to entertain Mr. Jone well."

With that, she turned to look at Jiang Liusu. "Jiang, lead the way."

Jiang Liusu smiled and looked at Jone, "Mr. Jone, please come in. We have prepared delicious food."

Jone was very calm and smiled, "Ok, thank you."

The few of them entered the restaurant, and then the waiter came up to guide them. The few of them entered the room, and Jiang Liusu first handed the menu to Jone politely.

Jone waved his hand and said while looking at Jiang Liusu, "I'll ask the two ladies to recommend some dishes to me today."

Shen Xinran nodded and then glanced at Jiang Liusu. Jiang Liusu immediately made the decision.

As the dishes were served one by one, Jiang Liusu started to introduce the dishes to Jone.

"Mr. Jone, this dish is called Mab Tofu. It has a smooth and tender taste and is also quite tasty. This dish is called Spicy Chicken Ding … "

After Jiang Liusu finished her introduction, Shen Xinran frowned. She looked at Jiang Liusu with a bit of anger and whispered, "Why are you ordering spicy dishes? Mr. Jone is British!"

Jiang Liusu shook her head. "Director, Mr. Jone's favorite dish is Chinese spicy food. Furthermore, he knows Chinese culture very well."

When Shen Xinran heard this, she was a little doubtful.

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