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Jiang Liusu pointed to the few dishes that were not spicy at all, "Director, those dishes were all specially ordered for you. They were not spicy at all, and were placed in front of you just now."

However, Shen Xinran didn't appreciate his gesture. She turned around and looked at Jone, "Mr. Jone, I don't know if these dishes are to your liking …"

Before Shen Xinran could finish her sentence, she noticed that the other party was already staring at the dishes on the table with glowing eyes. She only came back to her senses after she heard Shen Xinran's words.

"Of course I'm satisfied. These are the things I like. Young miss …"

Jone asked for Jiang Liusu's name very sincerely. Jiang Liusu replied with a smile, "Mr. Jone, I'm called Jiang Liusu. You can call me Jiang. Please try these dishes."

Thus, Jone couldn't wait to start eating. The whole process went smoothly and harmonious.

Just as Jiang Liusu said, although Jone is English, but he is very interested in Chinese culture, especially Chinese cuisine, so he has some research.

Jiang Liusu only ordered these dishes after she found out about all of this. Jiang Liusu dutifully chatted with Jone at the dinner table. The majority of the content was Chinese cuisine.

On the other hand, Shen Xinran could not get a word in, so she could only say a few words from time to time.

After signing the contract, the two of them sent Jone, who was enjoying his meal, out. Then, they watched his driver drive him away.

Only then did Shen Xinran retract her gaze and look at Jiang Liusu. She had a faint smile on her face as she said, "I couldn't tell at all, but you seem to know quite a lot."

Facing the abnormal Shen Xinran, Jiang Liusu smiled, "Director Shen, we just went in to accompany our guest. Should we go in and rest for a bit before leaving?"

Shen Xinran had no objections. Jiang Liusu went to the washroom on her way back. On her way back, she turned a corner and was about to walk past a private room.

Jiang Liusu didn't expect the door to suddenly open. She didn't stop the car for a moment and directly crashed into that person.

The brush tip was filled with a light, elegant, and fresh scent. Jiang Liusu hastily stood up from the man's body and said, "I'm sorry, sir."

"Are you okay?"

Jiang Liusu felt her heart skip a beat. She raised her head and saw that it was the person she was thinking about.

"Zheng Linke?"

Zheng Linke was a little surprised. His handsome face frowned as he stared at Jiang Liusu's eyes in confusion. "You know me?"

Jiang Liusu quickly reacted and waved her hand, but her words were a bit incoherent. "I …" "It's not …"

Jiang Liusu explained hurriedly with a blush on her face. Zheng Linke looked at her blushing face and smiled. The smile was as bright as the summer sun.

Jiang Liusu was dumbfounded.


Shen Xinran's voice suddenly sounded. Zheng Linke turned around and saw Shen Xinran. He was slightly surprised for a moment.

"Xinran, why are you here?"

Shen Xinran smiled and took Zheng Linke's arm, "Let me talk about business. I just made a deal with a British customer."

"Yeah, Xinran is awesome!"

Zheng Linke complimented her generously, while Shen Xinran noticed Jiang Liusu. She lowered her head with a suspicious blush on her face. She frowned, "Jiang Liusu, you've been going to the washroom for too long, right? I still need to find you."

Jiang Liusu didn't care if Shen Xinran was deliberately making things difficult for her. She quickly apologized, "Sorry Director Shen, I have to go back now. But since you know someone, I'll go back first."

As she spoke, Jiang Liusu was about to run away. Being stared at by that person caused her to feel a little dizzy.

However, Shen Xinran pulled Jiang Liusu, who was out of the ordinary, and looked at Zheng Linke, saying, "Brother, you were talking to Jiang Liusu just now, right?"

Zheng Linke glanced at Jiang Liusu. This little girl's shy appearance really made people want to take pity on her.

Therefore, he said, "Yeah, I think we met once before."

Then, he continued, "Are you done talking about your business? If you're done talking about it, Zhang Hanlun is also inside."

After saying that, she pulled down Jiang Liusu's hand without any change in expression. Jiang Liusu's face became even redder, and she felt a little more grateful towards Zheng Linke.

Sure enough, he hadn't changed, and his demeanor was still elegant and graceful.

Shen Xinran's attention was completely attracted by Zhang Hanlun. She was a little excited, "Bro, Zhang Hanlun is really inside?"

Zheng Linke nodded, "Yes, I called him out to gather with his friends here today."

Shen Xinran smiled and was about to go in, but she didn't expect the door to suddenly open. The one who came out was Zhang Hanlun.

Zhang Hanlunying's straight nose looked pretty charming under the warm lights in the corridor. He looked at Zheng Linke and asked, "What's wrong with you? Why aren't you going in?"

Shen Xinran quickly greeted him, "Boss Zhang, long time no see."

Zhang Hanlun was surprised to see Shen Xinran, but he quickly shifted his gaze and subconsciously looked for someone.

When Shen Xinran saw Zhang Hanlun's gaze on Jiang Liusu, a hint of jealousy flashed across her eyes. However, when she looked at Jiang Liusu, she noticed that Jiang Liusu's gaze was on her cousin Zheng Linke.

She looked at Zheng Linke and said, "Cousin, we haven't met for a long time. I'll bring my assistant to have a drink with you, do you mind?"

"No way!"

Before Zheng Linke could say anything, Zhang Hanlun denied it first. He already felt uncomfortable when he saw the undisguised expression in Jiang Liusu's eyes as she looked at Zheng Linke.

Jiang Liusu had never even looked at him with such a shy look, mixed with admiration and adoration!

Seeing Zhang Hanlun's opposition, Shen Xinran felt more assured in her heart. Zheng Linke pushed Zhang Hanlun in.

"Alright, Hanlun, don't be like this, go in."

Then he turned around to greet Shen Xinran and Jiang Liusu. Jiang Liusu originally wanted to leave, but seeing Zheng Linke's affectionate eyes staring at her, she couldn't help but follow him in.

The people inside took the initiative to give up their seats. At today's table, only Zhang Hanlun and Zheng Linke were at the main seats. The others were all here to fawn on the atmosphere.

Shen Xinran intentionally let Jiang Liusu sit next to Zheng Linke. She sat next to Zhang Hanlun, and Zhang Hanlun and Zheng Linke were next to each other again.

Jiang Liusu didn't say a word throughout the whole process, but after she sat down next to Zheng Linke, she took a sip of the juice and looked at Zheng Linke carefully.

It felt like he was in a dream …

Liusu would never have thought that she would meet Zheng Linke again one day.

Zhang Hanlun's eyes never left Jiang Liusu's body. Seeing Jiang Liusu's eyes were about to latch onto Zheng Linke, he made a special wager in his heart.

He poured two cups of white wine on the table, gave one to Zheng Linke and said in a deep voice, "Have a drink with me!"

When Jiang Liusu saw that the glass wasn't small, she recalled that Zheng Linke didn't seem to be able to drink that much.

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