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Jiang Liusu opened her mouth and said, "Zheng …" "Mr. Zheng, you shouldn't drink so much. It's not good for your health."

Even Shen Xinran hadn't expected Jiang Liusu to say something like that. She looked closely at the way Jiang Liusu looked at her cousin, and the look in her eyes became more complicated.

"Linke, do you want to drink?"

Zhang Hanlun was quite angered by Jiang Liusu's actions. She actually tried to persuade him to drink, and he was so concerned about Zheng Linke? What was their relationship?

Zheng Linke couldn't not give Zhang Hanlun face. He knew Zhang Hanlun's temper was bad, so he accepted it. However, in the face of Jiang Liusu's good intentions, he still had to thank him.

"Miss Jiang, Hanlun is looking for me to drink. I still want to have a drink with him."

Zhang Hanlun felt even more annoyed when he saw the two of them glancing at each other. He clinked his cup with Zheng Linke and finished it in one gulp.

Zhang Hanlun was obviously provoking Zheng Linke, and the anger in Zheng Linke's heart was aroused a little bit, so he also finished it in one gulp.

The atmosphere at the table became weird. Seeing that, Zhang Hanlun was full again, "Who's going to lie down first today?"

Jiang Liusu continued to raise her glass, and the men and women around her started to jeer. However, she didn't dare to interrupt.

It seemed like she was the one who talked too much just now, that crazy Zhang Hanlun suddenly went crazy and attacked Zheng Linke.

Jiang Liusu could only carefully carry the dishes for Zheng Linke, advising him to drink while eating, instead of drinking on an empty stomach.

Zheng Linke wouldn't reject Jiang Liusu's sincere concern, even though he really couldn't remember where he had met her before.

Zhang Hanlun became angrier when he saw Jiang Liusu's actions. The two of them started drinking one cup after another, which made everyone in the room feel that something was amiss.

Shen Xinran was also worried that Zhang Hanlun and too many other people's bodies wouldn't be able to take it, but very soon, Zheng Linke directly laid his body on the table. He was really drunk.

Seeing this, Shen Xinran also snatched the wine cup from Zhang Hanlun's hand. Zhang Hanlun was also a little confused. Shen Xinran's eyes flashed as she looked at Jiang Liusu, who was taking care of Zheng Linke.

Then, he looked at the man beside him, "Take Boss Zhang to wash his face. He's drunk, I'll come over later."

That person picked Zhang Hanlun up and walked out of the room.

Jiang Liusu picked Zheng Linke up from the table worriedly. At this moment, Zheng Linke reeked of alcohol and had a worried expression on his face.

"Mr. Zheng? "Mr. Zheng, wake up."

Jiang Liusu wanted to wake Zheng Linke up, but Zheng Linke seemed to be drunk to the point of losing consciousness. At this moment, he had his eyes closed and a relaxed expression was plastered on his handsome face.

"Jiang Liusu, send my brother back."

Shen Xinran's voice sounded above her head. Jiang Liusu was a little surprised. "Me?"

Shen Xinran frowned when she heard that. "What?" You don't want to? "You're the only one who didn't drink today. If you didn't send me off, would I? I'll call a taxi to send Zhang Hanlun off later."

Upon hearing that, Jiang Liusu hurriedly said, "Sure, I'll send you off."

Then, Jiang Liusu supported Zheng Linke and stumbled over to Shen Xinran's car.

Shen Xinran helped Zheng Linke to the front passenger seat, then handed the key to Jiang Liusu and gave her Zheng Linke's home address.

"Take my car back to my cousin, then drive the car to the company tomorrow."


Jiang Liusu didn't have any reason to refuse since she had been dreaming all day.

Watching her car gradually disappear into the distance, Shen Xinran had a smile plastered on her face as she turned around and entered the room.

In the private room, Zhang Hanlun also came back. He woke up after washing his face, but he couldn't find Jiang Liusu. At the same time, Zheng Linke also disappeared.

Seeing Shen Xinran return, he frowned and asked, "Where's Jiang Liusu and your brother?"

The smile on Shen Xinran's face stiffened for a moment. Unhappiness flashed in her eyes, but she quickly reacted, "Big brother, I've already asked someone to send you home. Jiang Liusu just took a taxi herself. She still needs to work tomorrow."

At this moment, Zhang Hanlun's mind was still not completely clear. Hearing Shen Xinran say that one and two left separately, he was relieved. However, when he thought of Jiang Liusu's attitude towards Zheng Linke, he was displeased.

"Your brother is very familiar with Jiang Liusu?"

Zhang Hanlun asked Shen Xinran. Shen Xinran finally couldn't help but roll her eyes. At the same time, she gave the surrounding people a signal with her eyes and left.

There were only two people left in the room. Shen Xinran sat in her seat and shook her glass as she said, "How would I know? I only got to know Jiang Liusu recently."

With that, Shen Xinran stood up and was about to go up to help Zhang Hanlun up, "Brother Zhang, I'll send you back, you drank too much."

Zhang Hanlun shook it off impatiently, "I'll go back by myself."

With that, she left with a sullen face. Of course, Shen Xinran was unresigned and followed him out, but when she got out, Zhang Hanlun had already called a taxi and left.

Shen Xinran couldn't help but burst out laughing as she watched Shen Xinran drive away.

"Damn it!"

Shen Xinran threw her bag on the ground, her expression ugly, "Jiang Liusu, Jiang Liusu, Jiang Liusu! What was so good about her? She was just a woman who had graduated from high school and couldn't show her face! Is it worth it for you to be so obsessed over? "

Shen Xinran frowned as she looked at the back of the car, but she quickly calmed down. She suddenly remembered the look Jiang Liusu gave Zheng Linke.

"She looks like she knows her cousin. Moreover, if her cousin is right …" "Haha …"

Shen Xinran suddenly thought of something and smiled. Then she drove Zheng Linke's car and left in a happy mood.

A red sports car was driving on the road. Jiang Liusu looked at Zheng Linke, who was leaning against the window beside her, and blushed slightly.

She really wasn't dreaming. She had met the male god!

"Miss Jiang, have you seen enough?"

Jiang Liusu was startled when she heard a teasing voice. She then saw the drunk man sitting up straight and looking at her with a smile.

"Zheng …" Sir, are you drunk? "

Zheng Linke looked at Jiang Liusu's stunned expression and really wanted to laugh, "I'm not drunk, he lied to Zhang Hanlun. I don't know what he's doing today, but he dragged me to drink."

Jiang Liusu felt guilty for a moment. If her intuition was right, Zhang Hanlun should be targeting her.

However, what made Jiang Liusu surprised was that Zheng Linke actually ridiculed Zhang Hanlun in front of her. From the looks of it, they were on good terms with each other.

"Miss Jiang?"

Suddenly, Zheng Linke called Jiang Liusu with a probing tone. Jiang Liusu came back to her senses and said, "Yes!"

Zheng Linke laughed when he saw this, "Miss Jiang, you are so cute."

With that, Jiang Liusu's face turned red. "I …" Mr. Zheng chuckled … "

Jiang Liusu only managed to utter a few harsh words after a long time. Zheng Linke looked at her with a curious expression, but he didn't know what it meant.

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