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"That's right, Miss Jiang. You seem to know me, but I'm a little bold. I don't think I've seen you before. May I ask where you know me from?"

The atmosphere in the car froze. Zheng Linke was the first to break the silence. Jiang Liusu glanced at him and said, "Actually, we don't know each other. I know you, but you don't know me."

Jiang Liusu said with a bit of shyness, but Zheng Linke caught onto the key point: "You know me? I don't know you? "

Jiang Liusu looked straight ahead and said in one breath, "Senior Zheng was studying at No. 1 Middle School in S City, right? I am younger than you by two worlds."

Zheng Linke suddenly realized: "So that's how it is! "So you're my junior?"

Jiang Liusu nodded with a blush and continued, "I don't know if Senior Zheng knows or not, but when you were in high school, you were an influential figure, the idol of many girls."

Since they had already spoken, Jiang Liusu decided to go all out and speak her mind directly. Zheng Linke was a bit shocked when he heard this.

Male god? It was a word he had not heard in a long time.

Then he laughed: "Really? Do you give me a nickname behind my back? "

Jiang Liusu didn't expect Zheng Linke to misunderstand. She quickly explained, "No, no, Senior Zheng …" "No, Mr. Zheng, it's not what you think. The male god's meaning is that you're really handsome and outstanding, so the White Horse King in the girls' hearts …"

Jiang Liusu turned her head to explain anxiously. When she saw Zheng Linke, who was covering his mouth to hold back a smile, her words came to an abrupt stop.

I've been tricked...

This was Jiang Liusu's first instinct. Then, her face slowly turned red to her ears. She turned her head and continued to drive, cursing herself in her heart.

[I am not a man of the highest status, how could I not know what the god of men is trying to say?

How embarrassing!

Jiang Liusu had the urge to jump out of the car.

Perhaps it was because of his conscience, Zheng Linke decided not to tease Jiang Liusu anymore. He just smiled and said, "Sorry, Senior Jiang. I couldn't help but tease you when I see how cute you are."

Don't pick me up!

Jiang Liusu's heart was filled with emotions. The male god that she had previously thought was out of her reach was sitting next to her, yet he was still so pure and kind as to tease her. What was going on?!

Zheng Linke stopped laughing: "Oh right, you don't have to call me Mr. Zheng, aren't you my junior sister? You can just call me senior, and you know my cousin, so you can also call me elder brother. "

Jiang Liusu thought that she must have gone crazy to call him Senior Zheng based on Zheng Linke's words. Thinking about it later, she felt regret.

"Senior Zheng."


Jiang Liusu obediently called him Senior Brother Zheng. Zheng Linke also responded to her, but very quickly, Zheng Linke held his forehead as if he was dizzy.

Jiang Liusu was a little worried. "Senior Zheng, what's wrong?"

Zheng Linke shook his head and comforted her, "It's nothing. Although I'm not drunk, my head is still a little dizzy. Zhang Hanlun is really crazy …"

Jiang Liusu also scolded him, "This man must have a brain. Even if he's crazy, he's still dragging you along. This is too much!"

Looking at the angry expression on Jiang Liusu's face, Zheng Linke was a little confused. "Do you know Hanlun?"

"I don't know him!"

Jiang Liusu denied it subconsciously. She did not know Zhang Hanlun!

Zheng Linke looked at Jiang Liusu's face. Jiang Liusu's face was stiff as she let him look. Zheng Linke didn't stay any longer on this topic. He looked out of the window and raised his eyebrows. "My house is right in front."

Jiang Liusu saw an apartment door. Zheng Linke opened the window for the guard to take a look, and the guard immediately let him through.

The car stopped at an apartment building. Jiang Liusu didn't get out of the car and instead said to Zheng Linke, "Senior, be careful and go upstairs."

Zheng Linke's hand that unbuckled his seatbelt paused, then he turned to Jiang Liusu and said, "Speaking of which, I've never seen many classmates who graduated from high school. We met today, it's still early, can I sincerely invite you to come up and have a seat?"

Jiang Liusu was stunned.

The senior invited her upstairs!

When Jiang Liusu came back to her senses, she was already standing in Zheng Linke's kitchen!

Looking at the soup in the wok, Jiang Liusu felt like slapping herself to death. "What's wrong with me!"

He remembered that when he was downstairs just now, Zheng Linke said that he had a headache, it would be great if someone could make him some soup.

After that, she followed along foolishly.

"Does Senior Zheng think that I'm a very casual girl!?"

Jiang Liusu was on the verge of tears. Regret was written all over her face as she looked at the pot of soup in front of her.

Forget it, I'll just wait until the soup is ready before leaving. I can't stay for too long!

"Liusu, I'm done. Come out and have a chat."

Zheng Linke's voice suddenly came from behind. Jiang Liusu turned around in surprise and found that Zheng Linke had changed into a casual outfit. He was wearing a family uniform and looked quite gentle.

Jiang Liusu nodded. "It will be soon. Senior, please wait outside for a moment."

Zheng Linke noticed Jiang Liusu's stiffness, smiled and left.

When Jiang Liusu carried the soup out, Zheng Linke was watching TV. Jiang Liusu heaved a sigh of relief.

That's good. It won't be too awkward.

"Senior, the soup is ready. Hurry up and drink it then go rest. I won't disturb you any longer. I'll be leaving first."

Jiang Liusu put down the soup and was about to leave, but she was grabbed by Zheng Linke the moment she took a step forward.

An electric current seemed to have been transmitted from her wrist, causing Jiang Liusu's heart to stop beating.

Jiang Liusu withdrew her hand. "Senior …"

Zheng Linke also replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, I just want to talk to you."

Jiang Liusu wanted to leave, but Zheng Linke pushed her back onto the sofa, while Zheng Linke sat across from her.

"Liusu, don't go yet. Come and chat with me. I've graduated from high school a long time ago. I've forgotten a lot of things."

When Zheng Linke said this, his expression was a little lonely. Seeing him like this, Jiang Liusu felt as if her legs had been filled with lead and she couldn't move at all.

"Senior, is there something on your mind?"

Jiang Liusu asked, and Zheng Linke smiled, "Actually, it's nothing. I was just reminiscing about that time. Do you remember, we had a basketball league match with No. 2 High School, we lost it at that time, but then we won it back!"

Jiang Liusu's eyes lit up, "Of course. I remember back then, senior, you were the one who won the match in the second half. You were the one who turned the tide and won the match back then. All the girls in our viewing platform went crazy."

"And …"

The two of them chatted for a long time as soon as they started talking. Jiang Liusu thought back to that time and said something funny. The two of them could not help but hold each other's stomach, not caring about their image at all.

However, Jiang Liusu was very happy, because she hadn't smiled this happily in a long time.

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