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When Jiang Liusu woke up again, a huge face had appeared in front of her.



The two voices sounded at the same time, and Duo Mi slapped Jiang Liusu. "You're calling me a ghost!"

Jiang Liusu felt pain in her arm and rubbed it before looking at Domi. "Why are you so close?"

Domi quickly sat down beside Jiang Liusu with a look of reproach. "I've always wanted to ask you, when did you come back yesterday? Didn't you say that you went out to eat with Shen Xinran? "Why are you still not back yet? I even suspect that you're having some trouble."

Jiang Liusu pushed her over. "I went to eat with Shen Xinran yesterday, but we met later on …"

As she was speaking, Jiang Liusu suddenly stopped. Domi looked at her doubtfully, but Jiang Liusu suddenly stood up and rushed to the restroom, slamming the door shut.

Because of Domi's reminder, Jiang Liusu remembered what happened to her yesterday, what happened to her meeting Zheng Linke yesterday, and what happened to her and Zheng Linke last night.

Luckily, she went home on her own last night. Otherwise, she wouldn't have jumped onto the male god. Thinking of this, Jiang Liusu blushed.

"Clap clap ~ ~"

Knocking on the door sounded. Jiang Liusu frowned and looked over, "What are you doing?"

"No matter what you want to do, do you see what time it is? You don't have to work anymore? Don't tell me he was fired after a meal? "


Jiang Liusu then ran out of the room nervously and rushed into the bedroom to change her clothes. When she came out, she stuffed the clothes into Domi's hands.

"This, please take it to the dry cleaning shop to wash up, I'll pay for it."

After saying that, she looked at the time and hurried out of the room. Duo Mi looked at the clothes in her hands and frowned. "How did you end up as your babysitter!"

But Jiang Liusu didn't have time to listen to her complaints. In order not to be late, Jiang Liusu forced herself into a crowded subway.

At the last second, he punched in the company card and went upstairs. If he was a few seconds later, it would be Shen Xinran's office hours.

Jiang Liusu carefully returned to her seat. Luckily, she arrived before Shen Xinran, but what she didn't expect was that everyone was looking at her strangely … Behind him.

Jiang Liusu turned around and saw Zhang Hanlun and knew that something bad was going to happen. She stood up and wanted to leave, but Zhang Hanlun dragged her into the tea room.

Naturally, there were people eavesdropping outside. However, when Zhang Hanlun's gaze swept over them, they all withdrew their heads.

Jiang Liusu frowned and withdrew her hand. "What are you trying to do?!"

Jiang Liusu was upset. She thought, "This Zhang Hanlun is really crazy. He dragged Zheng Linke to drink yesterday and now he's come looking for trouble with her. Does his company really not need to care about him?"

Zhang Hanlun blocked Jiang Liusu between his body and the azure stone platform. When he realized that she couldn't escape, he stopped trying to drag her away.

He lowered his head to look at Jiang Liusu and asked directly, "You know Zheng Linke?"

Jiang Liusu frowned at the convict's tone. "No, I don't know him."

Jiang Liusu was worried that Zhang Hanlun would go crazy and cause trouble for Zheng Linke, so she denied it directly.

Zhang Hanlun raised his hand to lift Jiang Liusu's chin and said, "When you say you don't know her, what are you hiding from her?"

Jiang Liusu stared at Zhang Hanlun, but her expression quickly changed. She changed to a smiling face and said, "Boss Zhang, please let go of me. Don't you think your actions are too excessive? If you don't let me go, I'll shout indecent assault! "

Zhang Hanlun smiled when he heard this: "Then why don't you try shouting and see if Shen Xinran wants you to leave or me."

Zhang Hanlun could roughly guess the reason behind Shen Xinran leaving Jiang Liusu as an assistant. It was because she didn't want him to let her return to her Zhang's.

Most likely, Jiang Liusu had stayed behind because she did not want to return to the Zhang's.

Thinking to this point, Zhang Hanlun lowered his head and looked at Jiang Liusu, his eyes flashing with a dangerous light: "You think I can't do anything to you just because you're hiding in Dingsheng?"

Since Zhang Hanlun guessed correctly, Jiang Liusu didn't try to hide her thoughts anymore. She waved Zhang Hanlun's hand away and pushed Zhang Hanlun away.

"Get out of the way! Stay away from me, Zhang Hanlun, let me tell you, I am no longer your nanny, and I am no longer a employee of Zhang's. Even if you have the ability to take me away from Dingsheng, I will not go to your Zhang's! "

After Jiang Liusu said that, she was about to leave, but she was stopped by Zhang Hanlun. This time, the strength was obviously even stronger. She could still feel his anger because Jiang Liusu felt that her arm was about to break.

"Let me go!"

Pain flashed across Jiang Liusu's face. Zhang Hanlun relaxed a little and said, "Do you hate me that much?"

Jiang Liusu looked at him. "I didn't hate you before. After all, you did save me at that time. I'm grateful, so we were even. But if you continue to cause trouble for me, I'll hate you very much!"

After saying that, Jiang Liusu swung her arms and struggled out of Zhang Hanlun's imprisonment. However, she no longer thought about running away. Today, she planned to explain everything clearly.

Zhang Hanlun heard her words and frowned: "Since you said we're even, then can't you go back to the Zhang's?"

Jiang Liusu curled her lips, "Since I've already left, why should I return it? A good horse doesn't eat the grass. Boss Zhang, if you give up, I can still see you smiling, but if you continue to pester me, there won't be a good word between us."

Zhang Hanlun suddenly paused and looked at Jiang Liusu, saying, "It can't be that you reject me so much because of Zheng Linke, right?"

Jiang Liusu was a bit confused. She really didn't know why Zhang Hanlun's line of thought would jump onto Zheng Linke's body.

"What are you talking about?"

Zhang Hanlun said sarcastically: "Isn't it? Isn't it because you want to interact more with Zheng Linke that you stay in Dingsheng? Didn't you know yesterday that Shen Xinran is his sister?

Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes this time, but she did not intend to explain, "Boss Zhang, you are right. Why should I stay? Boss Zhang is so generous! "

Jiang Liusu didn't want to argue with Zhang Hanlun anymore. She turned around and was about to leave, but Zhang Hanlun stopped her: "You like him?"

Jiang Liusu retreated a few steps to put some distance between them and said, "So what if I like him? He's a handsome man with a long background, and he's an outstanding person. Can't I like him?"

Zhang Hanlun's face was livid: "So you looked at him like that yesterday? Do you like him that much? Do you know what kind of person he is? Do you know him? "

Jiang Liusu's chest heaved as she replied, "Of course I know him. He's gentler, more considerate, more outstanding and better than you … "Ugh …"

Before Jiang Liusu could finish her words, her lips were sealed by Zhang Hanlun.

Jiang Liusu was stupefied.

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