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Outside the tea room, Shen Xinran stood with her arms crossed, listening to the sounds of struggling and Jiang Liusu's curses that stopped abruptly.

Those who understood the atmosphere immediately knew what was going on inside.

Damn it!

Shen Xinran's expression was unsightly to the extreme. Her red nails dug into her tender white arm, but she was completely oblivious to it. Not long later, a red mark appeared on her face.

He didn't want to continue listening, so he turned around and walked away on his high heels.

When he returned home in the evening, he was puzzled to see that the light in the bathroom was still on. He turned on the light in the living room and looked at the clock on the wall.

It was already 12 o'clock!

"This damned girl wouldn't be back after working overtime at such a time, right? "I usually sleep like a dead pig by this time of day."

Perplexed, Domi put on her shoes and went straight to the bathroom door. She knocked on it and asked, "Liusu, what are you doing?"

Not long after, the bathroom door opened. Jiang Liusu still had a toothbrush in her mouth and a mouthful of foam.

"You didn't just come back, did you? That evil woman is so outrageous. Why are you working overtime?"

Jiang Liusu shook her head and replied vaguely, "No, I came back early in the morning. I've been brushing my teeth."

Dom followed her into the bathroom. "You don't have tooth decay. Why did you brush for so long?"

As he said that, he washed his hands and turned around. Jiang Liusu had an angry look on her face. "I was bitten by a dog!"

Domirov waved his hand and said, "It seems there's something going on."

On the sofa in the living room.

Jiang Liusu said indignantly, "That's right, he stuck me in the tea room and kissed me."

Domi raised his eyebrows. "So it's like this. Did you take the opportunity to find him for compensation or something like compensation? Kiss it, don't talk about it too much. You can ask him for it. He's so rich anyway."

Jiang Liusu looked at Domi in surprise. "What nonsense are you talking about!?" Why would I ask him for money? "

"Didn't you say he took advantage of you?" It's too much to ask for money from him. You can't be separated from your parents, can you? "However …"

Jiang Liusu felt that she had found the wrong person, so she shouldn't have mentioned this to Domi. She was about to leave, but was stopped by Domi.

Liusu, you said that Zhang Hanlun has been doing nothing but staring at you, and now he even ran to your company to forcefully kiss you. Liusu, you said that Zhang Hanlun has been doing nothing, and you said that Zhang Hanlun has been staring at you, and now you even ran to your company to forcefully kiss you.

Domi helped Jiang Liusu think it over, and Jiang Liusu frowned. "What are you daydreaming about? "Zhang Hanlun isn't someone I like, what else does he have other than his face?"

Duo Mi suddenly stood up. "Who said it, he is the successor of Zhang's Group or the current CEO. He has real power, isn't it good to be with him? As for his personality, he listens to it well too. With a bad temper, he can hide some women who have ill intentions towards him from his eyes. As long as you can endure his little temper for a bit, Zhang's will be yours! "

Jiang Liusu curled her lips and got up, "I really don't like that face of his. There are too many people more handsome than him, and besides, don't mention that I already have someone I like, even if there wasn't, I wouldn't live with him. Also, can you really believe that someone like him loves you?" I have stayed in the Zhang's for so long, I have long seen clearly who he is. "

With that, Jiang Liusu went straight into her bedroom. Domi curled her lips and said, "I don't know if I am lucky to be in a lucky place, but if I have such a good long term meal ticket, who cares how long it'll last, making a new path for myself is the way it should be. Sigh, this little girl, she really loves to eat?"

In the next day, Dingsheng.

Jiang Liusu had just entered the office when she heard a mocking voice.

"Yo, you're here. You're really thick-skinned. You even openly started snatching Director Shen's boyfriend. How dare you treat your benefactor like this? Right, was he here to resign? Boss Zhang has his entire Zhang's. Jiang Liusu, there's no need for you to work so hard anymore, right? "

Nana's voice came from the side. Jiang Liusu rolled her eyes. She knew that Zhang Hanlun's arrival would definitely bring her trouble.

Now, everyone in the office knew about it. Who knows, Shen Xinran might be waiting in the office to deal with her.

However, she couldn't lose in terms of momentum. Jiang Liusu cast a sidelong glance at Nana, "Did some people drink an entire bottle of vinegar this morning?" His words were so sour? I already told you guys out loud, I have nothing to do with the Zhang's CEO, because he is Director Shen's boyfriend, I won't say much, if you guys have any questions, just ask the Director! "

Jiang Liusu didn't hesitate to give the ball to Shen Xinran. Of course, Shen Xinran should be happy to accept the ball.

Shen Xinran and Zhang Hanlun weren't lovers in the first place, but since Shen Xinran was always working hard in this regard, she took the opportunity to do so. Shen Xinran shouldn't be unhappy about this either.

With that, Jiang Liusu walked into Shen Xinran's office under everyone's astonished gazes. Everyone's eyes lit up and they all had the same question in their hearts.

Could it be that Zhang Hanlun and Jiang Liusu really had a different relationship?

Nana didn't expect Jiang Liusu to have such a move. However, she had already said that Zhang Hanlun was Shen Xinran's boyfriend. Naturally, she couldn't just keep dragging Jiang Liusu onto Zhang Hanlun. Otherwise, Shen Xinran definitely wouldn't be happy.

He could only angrily sit back down at his desk.

Shen Xinran's office.

Shen Xinran looked at Jiang Liusu. Without hiding anything, she asked directly, "What did you mean by that?"

Jiang Liusu did not avoid her gaze. She looked straight at Shen Xinran and said without hesitation, "That's what I meant. Zhang Hanlun and I are not the kind of relationship you think we are."

Shen Xinran looked Jiang Liusu up and down and was about to wave her out when her phone rang.

Shen Xinran answered in front of Jiang Liusu, "Cousin."

Out of the corner of her eye, Shen Xinran saw a slight change in Jiang Liusu's expression. The corner of her mouth was faintly curling into a smile.

"Cousin brother, why have you come to our Dingsheng?"

Jiang Liusu guessed that Zheng Linke was coming to the Dingsheng?

"I'm sure I'm working hard. What? You're coming this afternoon? "It's not impossible. Then, let me settle the matter at hand first. I'll accompany you in the afternoon, do you not need me to accompany you?"

Jiang Liusu noticed that Shen Xinran glanced at her as she finished her sentence.

There was a faint sense of anticipation in her heart. Although she was somewhat delusional, she still wished that it could go her way.

Shen Xinran pursed her lips and looked away from Jiang Liusu. "Alright, I'll be hanging up then."

With that, Shen Xinran hung up the phone, but her gaze was still focused on Jiang Liusu as she looked her up and down.

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