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Hearing Jiang Liusu's words, Zhang Hanlun stood up from the boss' chair, tidied up his collar, bent down and asked Jiang Liusu while looking at her extremely ugly face, "Are you stirring up this cooperation?"


Jiang Liusu said in a bad mood, even though she already knew the answer.

Zhang Hanlun suddenly sneered: "According to the information I received, one hour ago, Chief Chen had already signed a contract with Sheng An Group. Where did you disrupt the business?"

He had never seen such an arrogant staff member who got mad at him instead of completing her work. This woman was tired of living!

Jiang Liusu froze in place when she heard that. How was this possible? Was that man not CEO Chen?

No wonder the atmosphere in the room was so romantic, with only a man and a woman inside.

"Yan Du International, 268." Jiang Liusu spat out these words in a dull tone.

Zhang Hanlun's handsome face turned as cold as a thousand year old ice: "The address written on it is the Blue Whale Club behind Yan Du International!"

Jiang Liusu's face changed as she heard that. She hastily took out her phone and looked at the message. Her face looked as if she had just eaten a dead fly.

At this moment, there were only three words in her mind: It's over!

"How useless are you to make such a simple mistake? What's the difference between you and trash?" Zhang Hanlun's expression was cold and extremely ugly.

Jiang Liusu immediately felt her heart clogging up. When she was young, her grandma was always hitting her while scolding her for being a trash. That was why she was disgusted by this term.

"If I were trash, then I wouldn't do so many things for you. If I were trash, then who took care of your meals and drinks?"

Looking at Jiang Liusu's face filled with anger and excitement, Zhang Hanlun's expression turned even more sullen, "You really think highly of yourself. Just look at yourself. If you lie on the bed waiting for others to sleep, others might not think highly of you."

Zhang Hanlun had a special ability, which was Viper. Either he didn't say it, but the moment he said it, he would stab people in the face. Previously, many people were scolded by Zhang Hanlun, but if it wasn't for Jiang Liusu's thick skin, they would have already left.

If it was before, Jiang Liusu would not bother with Zhang Hanlun, but today, she felt wronged in her heart.

"You can do it, right? Those women look down on you! "If you don't have anything, you can always make more money every day than the people who ask for food on the streets!"

Jiang Liusu imitated Zhang Hanlun's venomous tongue as she spoke.

Zhang Hanlun was so angry that his face turned ashen. He directly threw Jiang Liusu onto the desk.

"What are you doing?" Jiang Liusu was a little scared and wanted to get up, but was pressed down by Zhang Hanlun on the table.

"I just want to repeat the scene where I saw you for the first time. I want to see just what kind of ambition leopard you ate that dares to speak to me like that!"

Saying that, Zhang Hanlun started to strip Jiang Liusu's clothes.

Jiang Liusu knew what Zhang Hanlun was going to do, so she struggled desperately. "What are you doing? Let me go!"

"Last time you were able to leave the hotel in your birthday suit, but this time you'll be able to leave the company in your birthday suit. Aren't you awesome? Let's see how good you can be!"

As Zhang Hanlun said this, his actions became even more crude. Seeing that he was about to be stripped naked, Jiang Liusu anxiously slapped Zhang Hanlun.

Today, Zhang Hanlun had touched Jiang Liusu's reverse scale, which was the scar of her entire life. Yet, today, he had forcefully opened it up, leaving Jiang Liusu in a terrible state.

"You are courting death!" Zhang Hanlun didn't expect this woman to attack him. He was angered to the point that he wanted to eat this woman alive.

Jiang Liusu was terrified. She jumped down from the desk as fast as she could and quickly tidied up her clothes.

Zhang Hanlun's expression was darker than the bottom of a pot. Jiang Liusu stood on the side with her neck hunched, looking like a frightened little deer. She was really afraid that Zhang Hanlun would become even more beastly.

After five seconds of silence, he squeezed out a word from between his teeth. "Scram!"

Jiang Liusu bit her lower lip and nodded. She took her bag and turned around to leave. The moment she stepped out of the door, she imitated Zhang Hanlun's casual tone and said, "My resignation letter will be delivered to your office tomorrow."

When she slammed the door and left, she did not notice that Zhang Hanlun's handsome face was horribly distorted.

He had never seen Jiang Liusu like this. In the past, she always had a gentle and fawning smile on her face, but her tone of voice was weak.

This was her real face, right? This woman had always been like a snake in front of him.

This woman's acting is really good. If she hadn't left the show industry, she would have become a movie queen sooner or later.

Jiang Liusu didn't know how she got back to her residence. All along the way, she kept reminiscing about the sadness in her heart.

Previously, in Zhang Hanlun's eyes, she was just a machine. As long as he was happy, she had played the role of cute model, mature model, pure model, and so on.

Sometimes, she felt that it was harder to be by Zhang Hanlun's side than it was to be an actress.

The only thing was, she didn't have to sell it.

In such a long period of time, under the various patterns Zhang Hanlun needed, she had long since lost her ego and nature. She had had enough!

In the early hours of the morning, Jiang Liusu's phone suddenly rang. In a daze, she pressed the answer button.

"Hello, Secretary Boss Zhang. Boss Zhang's car is injured, and he even lost money. We brothers also won't let him go, so come over and settle it!"

Although Zhang Hanlun had a lot of money, he never remembered the password of his bank card. Every time Jiang Liusu mentioned it, Zhang Hanlun would put on a stern face and say to her, "Then what do I need you for?"

Jiang Liusu was not only Zhang Hanlun's secretary and actress, but also his housekeeper and babysitter.

Jiang Liusu's eyes snapped open when she heard that something had happened to Zhang Hanlun. She got up from the bed and instinctively went back to her job as an old lady. "Alright, help me take care of him. I'll be right away …"

Before she could finish, Jiang Liusu suddenly remembered that she had already resigned from her job and didn't need to worry about that man anymore. She then laid back down in peace.

She felt much more relaxed as she spoke into the phone with a smile that was not a smile, "I'm sorry, but he is no longer my superior. You can do whatever you want with him."

From now on, whether Zhang Hanlun lived or died had nothing to do with her!

After hanging up, Jiang Liusu quickly fell asleep again. In her dreams, she dreamed that Zhang Hanlun's company had failed, and many people were chasing after his debt. Zhang Hanlun kneeled in front of her and begged her to help him.

"Dong, dong, dong!"

Just as she was laughing happily in her sleep, there was a sudden ear-piercing knock on the door. Jiang Liusu flipped over and rolled off the bed.

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