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Jiang Liusu was looking forward to it, but Shen Xinran also spoke directly. She looked at Jiang Liusu and said, "My cousin Zheng Linke will be coming over soon. I have some cases to follow. Please entertain him for me."

Hearing the expected answer, Jiang Liusu was still very happy and quickly nodded her head. "Yes."

After saying that, she was about to leave, but Shen Xinran became worried. "What is your relationship with my cousin? You sent him back last time, what happened? "

Shen Xinran had sent people to investigate Jiang Liusu, but they didn't find any contact between her and her brother.

Jiang Liusu smiled with her back facing Shen Xinran. It seemed that Zheng Linke did not tell Shen Xinran about their relationship. That was good, it felt like a secret exclusive to them.

Since her seniors had chosen to keep it a secret from her sister, there was no need for her to tell Shen Xinran.

Therefore, Jiang Liusu answered, "Director Shen, I will treat Mr. Zheng well, don't worry, as for my relationship with Mr. Zheng, I think you're overthinking it. Last time, I sent Mr. Zheng back on your order, and I sent Mr. Zheng back home and nothing happened."

Shen Xinran obviously wasn't satisfied with this answer, but since Shen Xinran had already said so herself, she couldn't force her.

As long as she didn't focus on Zhang Hanlun, she would have to make her brother feel wronged. However, she also believed that her cousin wouldn't fall for a woman like Jiang Liusu.

With this thought, Shen Xinran felt much better. She waved her hand and said, "Wake up. If you know, you can go down and prepare. Your afternoon leave is allowed."

Jiang Liusu then let out a sigh of relief and left the room.


Zhang Hanlun had a red handprint on his face. Although there was an ice bag beside his hand and the handprint on his face was not as swollen as before, he was furious when he thought of that woman who bared her fangs and brandished her claws.

"This stinking woman! How dare you hit me! This is not the first time! "

As he said that, Zhang Hanlun took the ice bag and put it on his face. A wave of pain came from the bag, causing Zhang Hanlun to squint his eyes in pain.

"Tell me, how do you want to bring Jiang Liusu back?"

The assistant tried her best to reduce the feeling of her presence, but she didn't expect Zhang Hanlun to ask her that.

Jiang Liusu dared to beat their CEO, this is clearly determined to not come back, isn't it?

Besides, why would they hang themselves from such a tree and even dare to be disrespectful to the CEO? With her status as the CEO, with just a casual flick of her finger, all kinds of beautiful and gentle ladies would throw themselves into her arms …

The more the assistant thought about it, the more crooked he became. He didn't catch up with Zhang Hanlun's words. Zhang Hanlun glared at him unhappily: "What are you thinking about!? I asked you a question, did you hear it? "

The assistant then snapped back to reality, "CEO, if you want to find an assistant, I'll go and put up an advertisement. With the reputation of our Zhang's, I think we'll definitely break through the door, you really don't have to worry about Jiang Liusu alone."

Zhang Hanlun put down the ice bag in his hand and looked at the assistant, "Do you understand what I mean? I want Jiang Liusu, not an assistant! "

The assistant looked at Zhang Hanlun with suspicion. Did he hear something that was similar to a confession correctly?

But looking at Zhang Hanlun's killing eyes, he really didn't dare to say it out loud.

"CEO, how about you take a different approach?"

When Zhang Hanlun heard this, he knew that the assistant had a way, "Speak!"

The assistant then cautiously said: "CEO, Jiang Liusu followed you into Zhang's, she insisted on leaving, so … "Cough, cough …"

Seeing Zhang Hanlun's dark face, the assistant immediately became confused, and then continued: "If you want to recruit her again, then you will have to rely on your personal charm. If you still can't make her come back like this, then it means that there must be something that Jiang Liusu can't bear to part with in Dingsheng."

Something she couldn't bear to part with?

Zhang Hanlun grabbed hold of the main point, and started searching in his mind, but to no avail: "There's nothing special about Dingsheng, do they not have our Zhang's? Furthermore, she does chores for me while I'm at the Zhang's, but she does chores for a group of people when she's at the Dingsheng. Could it be that she would rather do chores for a group of people than do chores for me? "

Not necessarily.

The assistant cursed silently. If he had a choice, he would choose to do odd jobs for a bunch of people. After all, Boss Zhang could kill someone when they were angry.

Thinking about it in his mind was one thing, but when the words were just about to come out, the assistant's attitude changed, "CEO, maybe there is something that Jiang Liusu likes in Dingsheng, or maybe it's a person? That's right! Maybe she has a man she likes in Dingsheng? "

The assistant made a guess and a corresponding person also appeared in Zhang Hanlun's mind! His face instantly turned long.

Zheng! Lin! But!

"Wah!" "Mr. Zheng is here. Director Shen is in the office. Do you want me to take you there?"

Nana originally wanted to go get some water with her cup, but she didn't expect to see Zheng Linke just after walking a few steps.

Absolute prince charming, fifth brother of the diamond king! This was Shen Xinran's cousin, and he was not cheap either. More importantly, he had a good personality!

Hearing Nana's words, Zheng Linke shook his head and said in a polite and gentle tone, "No need, I just called you guys, Director Shen. I came to see your company today, and she asked Jiang Liusu to receive me."

"Jiang Liusu?"

Nana's tone was filled with surprise.

"Mr. Zheng!"

Jiang Liusu's voice came from behind Nana. She walked over to Zheng Linke with a smile, ignoring Nana, who was glaring at her.

"Mr. Zheng, we've been waiting for a long time. Should we go greet Director Shen first?" Then, I'll show you around Dingsheng? "

Without waiting for Zheng Linke to speak, Nana could not sit still and spoke first: "Jiang Liusu, you just came to Dingsheng, what do you know? It has been three years since I came to Dingsheng. "

Saying that, Nana turned her head to Zheng Linke and said: "Mr. Zheng, Jiang Liusu is a new person, and doesn't understand a lot of things, we still have to teach her, how can we let her bring you around to visit Dingsheng, I'm afraid her hospitality is lacking, why not let me do it, I will definitely do my best …"

"No need."

Before he finished his sentence, Zheng Linke interrupted him and looked at Nana apologetically: "Sorry, young lady. Before I came, I've already arranged for Jiang to introduce you to me. I won't be troubling you."

With that, she ignored the awkward Nana and reached out to grab Jiang Liusu's wrist. "Jiang, you don't need to see Xinran anymore. Just say hi to her before I leave. Let's go out, I've been here many times."

Jiang Liusu was still dizzy after Zheng Linke pulled her wrist. She did not retort even after hearing Zheng Linke's words and let Zheng Linke drag her away.

Nana, who was watching from behind, stomped her feet in anger. "You fox spirit!"

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