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Jiang Liusu grabbed the pillow beside her and threw it at Zhang Hanlun in anger, but Zhang Hanlun threw it away with a punch.

"When you're done playing, go back to work." Zhang Hanlun still had an commanding tone.

"No, I won't go back even if I die!"

She would never let this demon squeeze her again!

"Hmph, stop asking for trouble. I've come early today. If I had come late, you would have been long gone to sleep."

"I'm willing!" Jiang Liusuxing sat up on the sofa and said stubbornly.

The culprit behind all of this was Zhang Hanlun. Why was he pretending to be a good person now? She didn't believe that if she left him, she would become a good-for-nothing!

"Alright, I'll wait to see a good show for you!" Looking at the woman fighting like a chicken, Zhang Hanlun sneered as he slammed the door and left.

Watching her slender figure disappear at the door, Jiang Liusu laid her head on the sofa and cried.

Jiang Liusu clenched her fists. She swore that she would definitely find a job. She couldn't let that guy look down on her!

That day, Jiang Liusu was sitting on a chair in the People's Square, munching on bread when her cell phone rang.

When he opened his WeChat, he received a message from the Demon Boss: "Bring me a cup of coffee when you return. Remember, no sugar, no coffee beans."

Jiang Liusu was a bit mad. If you want to drink water, just say so! Besides, how could he be so sure that he would go back?

Jiang Liusu directly called, "Just you wait." Three words, and then he was added to the blacklist.

Since Zhang Hanlun had troubled her so that she couldn't find a job, she didn't hesitate to give him a blow!

Early the next morning, Jiang Liusu drew a beautiful makeup and borrowed a beautiful piece of clothing from Duo Mi to apply for at Dingsheng International.

Dingsheng International was the biggest company in the city. Its employees were all elites from all over the world, and even the cleaning aunties had graduated from university. A small figure like Jiang Liusu could probably help them carry their shoes.

More importantly, the international company does not recruit staff at all.

But Jiang Liusu can be the company's director assistant, because the director of the company is Zhang Hanlun's fiancée.

"Hello, is this Director Shen? I'm Boss Zhang's secretary, Jiang Liusu. I have some things I want to talk to you about Boss Zhang."

Jiang Liusu calmly sat in the coffee shop opposite Dingsheng International and gave Shen Xinran a call. When Shen Xinran heard this, she immediately came as if she was on stimulants.

Sure enough, in just five minutes, a woman with an extraordinary temperament in a beige business suit pushed open the glass door of the coffee shop.

Shen Xinran rubbed the glasses on her nose, her sharp eyes falling on Jiang Liusu.

However, she had some doubts. This woman did look a little similar to Jiang Liusu who was beside Zhang Hanlun, but more than ten times better than Jiang Liusu.

Shen Xinran uncertainly stood on the spot, Jiang Liusu smiled and waved at her.

"You're Jiang Liusu?" Shen Xinran stood in front of Jiang Liusu with her 10 cm high heels, sizing her up from head to toe with a look of disbelief on her face.

Jiang Liusu smiled as she pushed her curly hair away from her ears and slightly parted her red lips. "Please take a seat, Director Shen."

Shen Xinran's eyes flashed with hostility as she looked at Jiang Liusu's exquisite and clean makeup. This woman was actually so good-looking. I wonder if Zhang Hanlun was attracted to her?

"Why are you looking for me?"

"I quit my job and can't find a job for the time being. I want to be your assistant."

Jiang Liusu raised her hand gracefully and pushed the Blue Mountain Coffee in front of Shen Xinran. Her words were straightforward.

Shen Xinran looked at Jiang Liusu's white and beautiful hands and smiled meaningfully: "Are you joking with me? Which one of Dingsheng's employees aren't qualified and experienced? Our company doesn't lack coffee for what you're here for."

Jiang Liusu found it difficult to reply, "But..."

Shen Xinran interrupted Jiang Liusu impatiently, "Didn't you say you were looking for me about Hanlun?"

"What I'm telling you is Boss Zhang's business." Jiang Liusu had a troubled expression on her face as she lowered her voice.

"What does your job have to do with Hanlun?"

"Boss Zhang sexually harassed me, so I quit. But I couldn't find a job, so Boss Zhang said I can go back to work as his secretary. As long as I can satisfy his needs …"

Jiang Liusu's eyes turned red as she said that. She bit her lips and looked like she wanted to say something, but was unable to.

The reason Jiang Liusu said this was because she was trying to trick Shen Xinran.

The weight of Zhang Hanlun in Shen Xinran's heart was probably equal to her life. As long as Jiang Liusu said that Zhang Hanlun was interested in her, Shen Xinran's temper would definitely stop this from happening. The only way was to keep Jiang Liusu by his side and watch her closely all the time.

This way, not only did Jiang Liusu find a job, she could even use Shen Xinran as a talisman.

"You're lying, it must be you seducing Hanlun!" Shen Xinran had an ugly expression on her face.

Shen Xinran believed Jiang Liusu's words, but she did not dare to accept this reality.

If it was before, Zhang Hanlun definitely wouldn't care about Jiang Liusu's makeup, but now, not only was Jiang Liusu beautiful, but she also had a good figure. It wasn't impossible for Zhang Hanlun to fancy her.

"I can't help it if Miss Shen doesn't believe me. The reason I told you everything is because I can't bear to see you getting hurt." Jiang Liusu blinked and puffed her chest out, intentionally or unintentionally, she continued to smear Zhang Hanlun. Who asked him to do that to her?

Shen Xinran's gaze paused on Jiang Liusu's half-naked chest that she squeezed out for three seconds. Her face immediately turned pale. She loved Zhang Hanlun so much. She definitely couldn't let this happen!

Looking at Shen Xinran's resentful gaze, Jiang Liusu squeezed out two drops of tears, "Director Shen, if I really seduced Boss Zhang, I won't resign. You should believe my sincerity towards you. "However, if I still can't find a job, I can only return to Boss Zhang's side. To agree to his conditions …"

"How dare you!"

Shen Xinran blurted out in a panic.

Her voice was too loud, causing quite a few people to look in her direction.

Jiang Liusu looked conflicted, "I don't want to either. If I can't find a job, I'll sleep on the streets. Boss Zhang promised me that as long as I satisfy him, he can promote me to department manager."

Upon hearing that, Shen Xinran replied without hesitation, "You can come to my side and be my assistant."

Shen Xinran thought that as long as Jiang Liusu stayed by her side, Zhang Hanlun wouldn't be able to get close to her so easily. Moreover, she had the chance to slowly take care of this woman!

"Of course, but if I don't do well by your side, I might be called back by Boss Zhang."

Jiang Liusu naturally knew how hostile Shen Xinran was towards her, so she also needed to remind Shen Xinran. If Shen Xinran was against her, then she could just go back to Zhang Hanlun.

This was a foot higher than the law and a foot higher than the devil!

Since Jiang Liusu warned her in such a disguised manner, Shen Xinran had no choice but to promise, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you by my side. But you have to guarantee that you'll keep your distance from my fiance.

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