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When Jiang Liusu came back to Domi's house at night, she told her about it. However, she did not receive a response for a long time.

Annoyed, he raised his head and was about to inquire further when he saw Domi staring at him in surprise.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Jiang Liusu frowned and touched her face.

Domi clicked his tongue twice, then put his long index finger on Jiang Liusu's forehead. "Are you stupid?" he asked.

Jiang Liusu stared angrily at him, "What are you talking about!?" It's all because of that stinking brat, Zhang Hanlun! "

Domi snorted coldly, "I think it's better for you to follow Zhang Hanlun than Shen Xinran. Who is Shen Xinran? She's Zhang Hanlun's fiancee!"

Jiang Liusu smiled, "If she wasn't Zhang Hanlun's fiancee, I wouldn't have come looking for her. How good would it be to affect their harmonious life?"

Domi smirked: "I was afraid you would throw yourself in there. Who is Zhang Hanlun? Who was Shen Xinran? How about you? Who do you think you are in front of them? "

This sentence was a bit heavy, but it was the truth. Domi was someone who knew the truth.

Jiang Liusu's eyes dimmed for a moment, but it was quickly filled with unwillingness, "So what? They are indeed of higher status and wealth than me, but what right do they have to treat me like a toy? Zhang Hanlun is teasing me like that, I must get my revenge! "Humph!"

As he spoke, he took his pajamas to the bathroom. Before entering, he turned his head to look at Domi and viciously said, "Don't try to persuade me, I've made up my mind!"

Domi shrugged his shoulders: "Whatever you want. You are not afraid of death. I have said what I should say."

After saying that, he picked up the nail polish on the table and smeared it on his finger. Then, he leisurely blew on the nail polish.


In response to her call, Jiang Liusu slammed the door, causing Duo Mi to raise her eyebrows. After drying the door, she directly returned to her bed.

"Some people don't shed tears until they see the coffin."


Jiang Liusu was wearing a black suit that she had borrowed from Domi.

Jiang Liusu had already left the Zhang's, so she didn't need to apply those disgusting and inferior cosmetics anymore.

After all, she came to Dingsheng to be Shen Xinran's assistant, and not Zhang's to be Zhang Hanlun's nanny plus garbage collector.

Standing at the Dingsheng floor, Jiang Liusu was dazed for a moment.

"I am such a fool. Why didn't I think of coming here earlier? "Rather than being Zhang Hanlun's plaything, why not come here and be an upright employee?"

Jiang Liusu muttered as she looked at her Dingsheng in a daze.

"Hey!" What are you doing here? "

An impatient voice came from behind her. Jiang Liusu turned around and saw Shen Xinran wearing a fashion suit.

This woman's taste was truly good.

Although she was skeptical of Shen Xinran's way of looking at men, Jiang Liusu had to admit that this woman's taste in clothes was quite good.

Thinking that she could be considered to be living under someone else's roof, Jiang Liusu tactfully raised her head and smiled, "Hello, Director Shen."

Looking at Jiang Liusu's pretty face, which had a smiley face like a blooming lily, Shen Xinran felt a little bit of jealousy rising in her heart.

She couldn't help but be moved by such a beautiful smile, let alone a man.

It seemed like he had to properly keep her by his side and not let her meet with Big Brother Zhang.

However, during this period of time, she had to properly show her the gap between her and him.

It was best if he knew the difficulty of the matter and retreated. Otherwise, her heart would one day snatch big brother Zhang away from her.

As for what she meant by Big Brother Zhang forcing her, to Shen Xinran, it was simply nonsense.

When she was dressed like that back then, even when she saw him, she felt disgusted. It must have been that he saw through her ulterior motives and chased her out while she was trying to seduce Big Brother Zhang.

If she spoke in such a grand manner, then she wouldn't be able to eat until she was satisfied!

"You came rather early."

Shen Xinran raised her chin and looked at her. Her words were slightly taunting, as if Jiang Liusu had rushed over with Dingsheng.

Although that was the truth.

Jiang Liusu was infuriated, but she maintained a smile on her face. "I still need to thank Director Shen for taking me in."

Seeing that she was sensible, Shen Xinran was in a good mood. She pursed her red lips and said, "As long as you know gratitude, it's good enough. Follow me. Don't look around like a country bumpkin. Don't embarrass me."

Shen Xinran arrogantly walked in front as she spoke. Seeing this, Jiang Liusu extended her fist and gestured behind her back, making a face.

What are you so proud of! Zhang Hanlun doesn't want to see you!

The two of them rode in the elevator all the way up to the 23rd floor. Jiang Liusu followed Shen Xinran all the way up. Once they got in, they entered a huge office. Jiang Liusu's entrance attracted quite a bit of attention.

"Good morning, Director Shen!"

Along the way, quite a few people greeted Shen Xinran. Shen Xinran nodded and then shouted loudly.

"This is Jiang, and she's my assistant in the future. She doesn't know anything, and she also graduated from high school, so I'm afraid she won't be able to help. You don't have to be polite, you can pour tea and buy things for her."

After Shen Xinran finished her sentence, everyone's heart was as clear as a mirror. It seemed like this person had nothing to do with the Director.

"Puchi …"

A laugh was heard from the side. Jiang Liusu looked over with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. She realized that it was a big sister in thick makeup, wearing a deep V, looking at her with ridicule.

She also saw Jiang Liusu looking at her. Her red lips curled up as her mocking tone became self-evident.

"He just graduated from high school. Our aunties who clean up the floor have at least graduated from university. Director Shen, where did you find him?"

Shen Xinran was very satisfied with her taunting. She smiled and said, "Nana, she just graduated from high school, so she couldn't find a job. I also saw her brought back with pity. Everyone, take good care of her."

Shen Xinran purposely emphasized the words' care '. Jiang Liusu and everyone present knew what she meant, and everyone seemed eager to give it a try.

After Shen Xinran finished speaking, she brought Jiang Liusu into the office. Jiang Liusu walked into the office and smiled, "Boss Shen, is this a greeting gift for me?"

Jiang Liusu suddenly felt that she had gained quite a bit of face.

Shen Xinran sat on her office chair with her arms crossed and looked at Jiang Liusu with undisguised disdain.

"What do you think? With your education, you should be snickering since you were able to enter Dingsheng. I won't raise people who eat for free, all that I have said should be what you can currently do. "

Jiang Liusu smiled, glanced at Shen Xinran's desk, then went up to her and picked up her coffee cup, "Then Director Shen, I'll go make you a cup of coffee."

Shen Xinran harrumphed, "I only drink freshly grinded ones. The temperature of the water should be 60 degrees Celsius, 20% milk, and 10% sugar."

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