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Jiang Liusu squeezed the handle of her coffee cup and then smiled. "No problem."

He was the same as Zhang Hanlun!

Difficult to wait upon!

Jiang Liusu couldn't help but curse silently. She was about to open the door and leave, but Shen Xinran obviously didn't want her to have an easy time.

"I want a coffee bean called W from South Africa, but I don't have any in the teahouse. Go buy it for me, don't worry, I know how poor you are, buy it back for the company, don't try to fool me, my tongue is different from yours, who drinks low-quality instant coffee."

Jiang Liusu could tell that Shen Xinran was mocking her identity. Turning to look at her, she said, "Of course, you and Mr. Zhang are indeed the same. Your taste is also the same."

Shen Xinran frowned. "Don't use words if you don't know how to use them. Exposing your ignorance and vulgarity is disgracing me! "Also, you're not allowed to mention Boss Zhang's name in the future!"

Jiang Liusu raised her eyebrows. "Yes."

With that, she closed the door. Jiang Liusu turned her head to look at the tightly shut door and curled her lips.

The first match could be considered a draw.

As expected, all of his thoughts were on Zhang Hanlun. He went on a rampage the moment Zhang Hanlun mentioned his name.


A malicious voice came from behind her. Jiang Liusu turned her head and saw that Big Bo's sister, Nana, was looking at her as if she was looking at something.

Jiang Liusu then pointed at herself with her index finger, which was smeared with her aunt's red nail polish, causing her head to hurt.

"Over there, go change the water."

Nana pointed at a bucket of water in the corner, indicating that she wanted Jiang Liusu to change into a water dispenser.

Jiang Liusu glanced at her and said, "It's not like there are no men in the company. You shouldn't call me here for something like this, right?"

"Right, right!" Let me do it! "

Just as Jiang Liusu finished her sentence, a man walked out of the crowd.

Jiang Liusu looked over and discovered that it was a very young man. He had a very delicate and pretty face, with a hint of childishness.

Jiang Liusu actually had a good impression of him, but Nana didn't think so. Just as Jiang Liusu was about to thank him, Nana took the initiative.

"Xu Heng!" Don't forget that you're still an intern. Do you find it hard to work? Jiang Liusu graduated from high school, so this is all she can do here.

"I …"

Xu Heng was obviously a bit dumb. He was rendered speechless by Nana, but his eyes still showed some dissatisfaction.

Jiang Liusu did not want to make things difficult for others, so she took the initiative and spoke up, "It's fine, let me do it, Nana, right? "You're right, we'll each take up our duties, but you're not part of the HR department, nor are you in charge. It's hard to avoid giving a lesson to an employee like yourself. You're overstepping your boundaries and overestimating yourself too much, aren't you?"


"I'm going to change the water! Everyone, work hard! Come on! "

While Nana was fuming with anger, Jiang Liusu slipped away with a bright smile on her face.

Wasn't it just a change of water?

Back then, in order to play a role, he had to fawn over the staff of the film crew, pour them some tea, help them move their equipment, and buy coffee. It wasn't like he hadn't done it before.

Without a change in expression, Jiang Liusu changed the water dispensers in the office and walked out to buy coffee beans with her bag and heart remaining calm and composed.

As soon as she left, the office bustled with activity.

The women around Nana looked at the door and spoke in a disdainful tone, "Nana, don't get angry at such a vulgar person. What kind of woman is this? "How vulgar!"

"That's right. Looking at her pretty face, I guess she definitely can't afford makeup."

"Right, right. You have no taste at all, bumpkin!"

Nana snorted coldly, "How dare a bumpkin provoke me? Let's see how many days she can stay for!"

Just when everyone thought that Jiang Liusu, a woman who had no strength and no brains, would have to get the hell out of here in a few days' time, they were greatly shocked by Jiang Liusu.

"Jiang Liusu!" "Come and help me fill up a cup of boiling water!"


"Jiang Liusu!" Come and copy twenty copies of this document! "

"It's almost done!"

"Jiang Liusu, it's time for lunch!" Order a takeout for us! "

"Alright!" What do you want to eat? "

"Jiang Liusu!"

"Jiang Liusu!"

In these three days, Jiang Liusu's name had been the most shouted by the planning department. Jiang Liusu had actually gained some fame for herself.

The other departments all knew that the planning department came with a diligent little bee, a patient and good-natured department's nanny.

Jiang Liusu helped the whole department beat up their subordinates. It was tiring, but she was really good-natured and didn't get mad at everyone.

Of course, other than Nana's faction, which deliberately provoked them all day, Jiang Liusu did not show them any courtesy. She did not hold back and showed it to the others in the department. She was not someone to be trifled with.

But most of the time, she was still smiling at the others.

She didn't want to hit a smiling person because she had just arrived. If she didn't have a good relationship with most people, it would just be on the surface.

She had to think of a way to survive in this place. Her skin was simply thick enough. After a while, everyone gradually began to accept her.

Even Xu Heng became friends with her on the first day.

"Liusu, you're really amazing. Everyone has a whole new level of respect for you now."

In the cafeteria, Jiang Liusu and Xu Heng were sitting across from each other while Xu Heng praised her generously.

Jiang Liusu smiled and said somewhat proudly, "Of course."

She could even deal with that weirdo Zhang Hanlun, these people? It was simply a minor event.

"Jiang Liusu!" Director Shen is looking for you! "

A colleague walked to Jiang Liusu's table and stared unblinkingly at her lunchbox. Jiang Liusu didn't eat in the cafeteria; she cooked her own food.

The person was interested in her dishes, so Jiang Liusu generously pushed the plate of Red Braised Meat that hadn't even touched a bite of the dish to the person in front of her.

"You want to eat it?" "Then I'll give it to you, I'll lose weight!"

That person loved to eat, so when he heard this, he felt a little embarrassed. "Are you really not going to eat?"

However, Jiang Liusu shrugged her shoulders and left the lunchbox behind. Xu Heng, who witnessed everything, got used to it. This was the usual way for Jiang Liusu to win over people's hearts.

Jiang Liusu walked to Shen Xinran's office and knocked on the door. Shen Xinran's arrogant voice came from inside.


After Jiang Liusu entered, Shen Xinran raised her head and looked at her with disdain, "I underestimated you. You sure know how to win over people's hearts. You even said that you didn't seduce Boss Zhang?"

Jiang Liusu was too lazy to argue with her over this logic. She was already on the right track and her good days were yet to come. In order to prevent her days from getting worse, Jiang Liusu warned her.

"Director Shen, I know you don't like me, but don't forget our original agreement. I won't be able to see Boss Zhang at work here, but if you force me into a corner, then I'll have to go back and forth."

As she said that, Jiang Liusu smiled, while Shen Xinran's expression changed.

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