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It had to start with the summer of 2010, the first day of summer vacation, a day of absolute tragedy for me. My girlfriend of more than a year broke up with me because of an Apple Four. She had officially fallen in love with a rich and handsome man in the school.

The most depressing thing was that Gao Fujun even gave me a thousand yuan. He said that I only spent a few hundred dollars for my girlfriend this year, so I'll use the rest as a breakup fee.

At that moment, I felt utterly humiliated, but he was right.

I walked down the street like an SB. I felt a stab of pain in my heart. But what could he do? Who told me to be a poor diaosi without money?

While I was daydreaming, a text message suddenly came into my phone. I thought it might be my girlfriend, but when I took it out, it was an unfamiliar number. Opening it, it was written, "Ming Zhu KTV is recruiting for public relations. Age 18 and above, proper and healthy. "The treatment is generous, it's 2-10w a month."

I had received such messages before, but never took them seriously. However, it was different this time. The amount of money on it made my eyes red with envy. After a long while, I made the call from above. A sweet voice told me that if I wanted to apply, I could go for an interview in the afternoon.

On the way to the interview in the afternoon, I hesitated. After all, it would be shameful if this profession was revealed. But I was relieved to think that no money could survive in this society. My girlfriend is gone too, what the f * * k do I care? F * ck, they were either laughing or laughing at the same time. Do it!

I've thought it through too, since life is so doggy! It would be better to burn it! A fierce counterattack by a diaosi!

The interview was held at a training center. When I arrived, there were twenty or thirty men and women standing in the corridor. Damn, I didn't expect to be a duck or a chicken to be so competitive.

It was a woman, in her forties. She asked me how old I was. I was actually eighteen, but I said nineteen deliberately to look mature. Asked how tall I was, I told her a meter and seventy-nine. Then I asked a few more questions, and finally a physical examination. After I passed, I was officially recruited.

I thought I would be able to work directly, but I didn't expect to have to train for two more days. The content of the training was also quite interesting. I summarized it to three points.

First, dispel the shame in our hearts, let us have no psychological burden, light on the battlefield.

Second, watch the film and teach us some skills. It was a woman in her thirties. Looking at a woman talking about this on the stage, using the current popular phrase, I'm also drunk!

Third, how to grasp the heart of female customers, how to let them consume to the greatest extent. To put it bluntly, he was just bluffing.

Two days later, I officially went to KTV. Other people used a fake name, but I was the only one who blurted out his real name, Shi Zhongyu.

That night, I took the first guest of my life. The guests were arranged by our head teacher, Brother Hao. Brother Hao was around 30 years old, and he was big and tall. It looked pretty scary.

But it seemed to me that he had a pretty good opinion of me, and he had only said one thing to me after that, which was to ask me what my name was. Moreover, his tone was extremely vile.

Brother Hao took us to the luxury bag on the third floor. Upon entering, he saw three women sitting on the large sofa.

Brother Hao had changed from his usual arrogant and arrogant attitude. He said to one of the women in a flattering manner:

"Sister Zhao, I specially called a few newcomers over for you. "Pick and choose. If you can't do it, I'll change it again …"

I stood in the back row and stole a glance at the three women as they spoke. She was called Sister Zhao, an old rich lady. But he was in his fifties and he wasn't tall and he was fat. A large piece of cake with heavy makeup on its face looked a bit scary.

I looked at the other two. One of them had to be fifty. Not much stronger than Sister Zhao. On the other hand, the one at the side looked alright. He looked to be in his thirties, and had a pretty good figure as well.

I prayed in my heart that the youngest would choose me.

It could be seen that these people were all flattering Sister Zhao and letting her choose first. When I heard that Sister Zhao was going to pick someone, I immediately lowered my head and slightly bent my legs so that I wouldn't look that tall. In his heart, he began to pray non-stop that he would not choose me, not me!

"The one behind, look up!"

When Sister Zhao's shrill voice rang out, my heart went cold, but I immediately raised my head. Before Sister Zhao could say anything, Brother Hao flattered her,

"Sister Zhao, you have good eyes!" His name is Zhongyu, he's the youngest here, he's only 19, and he hasn't received a single customer yet! "

Hearing Brother Hao's words, I cursed all eighteen generations of his ancestors in my heart. There was still a trace of fantasy in her heart. She hoped that Sister Zhao didn't take a fancy to me.

However, things did not go as he wished. Sister Zhao once again said, "Let him be." It also shattered my last hope. The two women also chose two. Brother Hao led the others out of the room.

I don't even know how I sat down next to Sister Zhao. When I saw her up close, I felt sick. Her face was covered with a thick layer of paint, like the whitewash on a wall. But it didn't cover up the wrinkles. His lips were completely red, and his mouth looked as if it had just tasted blood.

But Sister Zhao was proud of it. She hooked her fingers under my chin and pinched my face. He turned to the two women and said,

"Look, this tender skin is quite handsome?"

In that instant, I felt as though I had been humiliated to the extreme. Not even on the street. The two girls flattered Sister Zhao, saying that she was going to eat fresh meat today. They all laughed. I just sat there like an idiot.

Sister Zhao poured me a glass of wine and asked me to accompany her. I hesitated, then picked up my glass and drank with her.

Sister Zhao seemed pleased. She took five hundred dollars out of her purse and stuck it under my shirt. He stuffed the money in and pinched my chest muscles. She seemed to be f * cking crazy, and she squeezed very hard. The pain almost made me scream out loud.

The more I was like this, the happier old perv seemed. She laughed, and the makeup fell off her face. She praised me well and told me to perform well. I'll definitely get a big red packet tonight.

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