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After exchanging a few words with Sister Yun, I was about to leave her office. She suddenly called out to me. When I looked back, she was holding the Chinese medicine I'd prescribed for her. She was still expressionless as she said,

"I don't know how to boil this herb." "In a few days, can you help me to bear with it?"

I smiled and nodded at her.

I don't have to work these two days, and I have nowhere to go. He just went to the internet cafe every day. I played for a while that day, but it was boring. Just as he was about to get off, QQ flashed non-stop. When I opened it, I saw that it was Zheng Sihang. This grandson is one of my bad friends at school.

We were classmates, but not in the same class. I study Chinese medicine, he studies international trade. However, this grandson rarely attends classes in school. In any case, our senior management isn't strict either. Everyday, he would either go online or pick up a girl. His greatest characteristic is his lust, he can call anyone with any looks in our school by name.

In his second year of high school, he had once drunk too much and was about to pounce on a girl on the school field. In the end, it was forcibly pulled apart by us. From then on, he also got the nickname "Bandit".

Actually, the bandit leader was quite handsome. He was more than 1.80 meters tall and a bit taller than me. He also likes to exercise normally, so his body is quite robust. However, he was usually careless and did not pay attention to his clothes. Very few women dared to approach him.

The bandit asked me where I was. I said in the Internet Cafe. He said there was no point in coming over to play.

After I told him the name of the Internet Cafe, I stood at the door waiting for him. A moment later, he arrived by taxi.

The bandit got out of the car and stunned me. The grandson just wore a vest and a pair of flowered shorts, and a pair of slippers. What surprised me the most was that this grandson actually took a big dog off the car. The dog had followed him without a chain.

I looked a little uncomfortable, and I asked him,

"Why did you lead a dog out?"

After I said this, the bandit tilted his head and looked at me.

"Did you go silly during the holidays, or did you get eye cancer? Is this a f * cking dog? "

I was confused by the bandits, how could I not recognize a dog? I asked him back,

"Is this a dog or your dad?"

The bandit gave a "tsk" and disdainfully said,

"Saying that you don't know anything means that you don't know anything! This is a fucking police dog, an authentic German shepherd. It took a lot of connections for my dad to get it for me. If it wasn't for the fact that he was injured and had retired, I wouldn't have been able to get my hands on a single strand of hair! Look at its ears. This is the injury it suffered during the mission. Should I retire? "I'll tell you, he's got a second class achievement, but he's so awesome …

As the bandit said this, I realized that the dog's ears were missing a piece. The bandit made a show of showing off to me, and he shouted at the dog,

"Rooney, sit!"

The dog was right there. However, he still stuck out his tongue and his ears remained open. It was obvious at a glance that he was on high alert.

But the name of the dog is a bit odd, the same name as the English star. I asked the robber what his name was.

The bandit waved his hand.

"What Rooney?" Beckham! It's calling you Looney, not Rooney! "

As the bandit said this, he made a gesture to piss the bandit off.

"Do you understand? Pull! You! The meaning of calling this person 'this' is that whoever f * cking refuses to accept this will become our target! Do you know how long I trained him to change his name? I didn't do anything else for the holiday, so I trained it to remember this person! "

This dog is really quite likable. After I touched it a few times, it became motionless and obedient. The bandit, on the other hand, kept urging me on. He said that he was going to eat since he hadn't eaten at noon.

We took Rooney to a nearby restaurant. But the boss wouldn't let the dog in. I was a little angry. I wanted to go to another place. The bandit said it was all right. He turned around and pointed at a tree by the door and said,

"Bullsh * t, go to the tree and wait for me!"

This dog was indeed a police dog. It immediately ran to the tree and sat down obediently. The boss and I were stunned. The bandits were even more proud.

We ordered a few side dishes and a few bottles of beer. As they drank, they chatted. The bandit asked me what I was up to these days. Why didn't she call him?

I told him that I had broken up with Andy and that KTV was now working. He drank a glass of wine and said disdainfully,

"I told you so. Andy was very vain at first glance. "You can't raise her at all …"

Although I broke up with Andy, but others say she is not good I still do not like to hear. When the bandit saw that I was silent, he asked me,

"What are you doing at KTV? To be a duck? "

He was originally joking, but I seriously nodded my head. Being a duck isn't something to be proud of, but there's no need to hide it from us.

Who knew that after I finished, the bandit slapped the table with a "pa" sound. He looked at me with wide eyes and shouted,

"Aren't you being too picky? You didn't call me a duck? "This is a job that I have been f * cking dreaming of. Playing with women for nothing, how can I earn money!"

The grandson's voice was loud, and all the other tables were looking at us. I waved my hand at him.

"Lower your f * cking voice. What kind of glorious thing is this? "

The bandits immediately lowered their voices,

"Alright, I'll be quiet. Then quickly tell me, how many women did you play with? How much money have we earned? "

Looking at his despicable appearance, my anger started to rise. He drank a glass of beer and glared at him. But I told her about the time at KTV. I explained in detail, including Brother Hao and Sister Hu. But I didn't tell him I liked Sister Yun.

As soon as I finished speaking, the bandit grabbed my arm. He begged me in a low voice,

"Zhongyu, quick." Take me to the interview in the afternoon. I want to be a duck too! Fuck, I listened to you too well! After I go, who dares to bully us? What bullsh * t Brother Hao, when the time comes, we'll fuck him together. "If there's really no other way, I'll just tease you so much that you can tease him …"

I pushed the bandit's hand away and said impatiently,

"Get lost!" I won't do it now. "We still don't know what the next step will be …"

The bandits were somewhat anxious.

"If you don't want to do it, I'll do it! Just take me there! "

The bandits started to keep talking to me. But I don't agree. He was so angry that he kept scolding me. I know the character of a bandit too well. He was just a troublemaker. If he were to go, in a few days, Ming Zhu would have to let him get to the bottom of this.

When the bandit saw that he could not move me, he scolded me. Say that I will meet old perv again in the future when I receive the guest.

No matter what he says, I just ignore him. Since he didn't have any tricks up his sleeve, he had no choice but to keep quiet. We started talking about school and drinking beer while we talked.

When he left the snack bar, it was already 3 in the afternoon. We were both a little dazed. The bandits were just about to shout at you to shove you on your ass when you left the house. When I turned around, I saw a few people talking to each other not too far away.

The first thing I saw scared me. The leader of the group was the redhead from the night at KTV. I was afraid that Red would see me. Just as he was about to turn around, it was already too late. Red sees me, too.

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