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As she was speaking, Sister Hu's phone rang. Someone wanted to see her out. Sister Hu put down the phone and smiled at me.

"Little brother, send Yun back later!" "I'm telling you, you're not allowed to bully her …"

Sister Hu's words made me feel a little awkward. I chuckled twice but didn't say anything.

Sister Yun didn't drive. I was going to take a taxi when I walked her home. But Sister Yun said she wanted to walk. We walked down the street side by side. And then, you obediently followed behind me.

Sister Yun and I didn't talk much all the way. I don't know why, but when I was alone with her, I was especially nervous. He could chat with others whenever he wanted. But with Sister Yun, I can't open my mouth.

Sister Yun was rather interested in playing with you. After walking for a while, she would tease you for a while. It wasn't until she was at the door of her house that Sister Yun said to me,

"Zhongyu, you tell him about Yang Jun!"

I nodded. Only then did Sister Yun turn around and enter the residential area. Just as she reached the security door, she suddenly turned around and smiled at me.

"Zhongyu, thank you!"

With that, he turned around and left.

I looked at Sister Yun's back, heart warm, this is the second time Sister Yun smiled at me. Think I am also quite cheap, others to me laugh, I am happy fart fart fart fart.

After I saw Sister Yun off, I called Yang Jun. Let him ask for a leave of absence. As soon as we met, I told him about him being a chicken's head. Yang Jun thought about it and agreed. This job was much better than being a duck. Not only did he earn a lot, but he also didn't need to work that hard. I can only take care of Miss.

However, he was also a bit worried. After all, if he did this, it would mean that he was completely on the opposite side of Brother Hao. However, he had always hated Brother Hao and didn't want to work under him anymore.

After talking with Yang Jun, I went home and called the bandits. When the robber heard I asked him to be a security guard, he wouldn't budge. He said to go to KTV, but he had to be a duck. Or not.

This grandson's mind was filled with women. He thought that as long as he was a duck, women could play around with him. I began to trick him into telling him that business was not doing well and that the people looking for ducks were all wealthy and elderly women. One was more abnormal than the other.

On the other hand, being an internal security officer was for the best. Look at which young lady is good-looking and hook up with her yourself. If he succeeded, he could play however he wanted.

That's why the bandits agreed. Still, I was touched by the bandit's last words. He told me that one of the reasons for going to the Pearl was because of me. He knew that I had been beaten in Mingzhu and that Brother Hao had been very bad to me. He had even given me two slaps. He said that with him around, they could either work together or take a beating together.

Bandits were like this. They often talked back to others, but they did not speak a single word of seriousness. But when something happens, he must be very loyal.

When I reappeared on KTV, everyone was a little surprised. Everyone who knew me thought I was done with it. Including Brother Hao.

He saw me in Sister Yun's office. When he entered, he obviously didn't expect me to be there, so he was stunned for a moment.

I used to be afraid of him, after all, when I was a duck and he was the foreman. But it's different now. I'm going to be the head waiter. He was also a supervisor that was specifically targeting him.

Seeing Brother Hao in a daze, I stood up and smiled at him.

"Hello, Brother Hao!"

Brother Hao didn't say anything. He glanced at me, then turned around to look at Sister Yun. Sister Yun didn't even look at him as she picked up the things on the table and said,

"Zhongyu is back to work!" "In a while, go and tell everyone to hold a short meeting at the VIP bag on the fourth floor!"

Brother Hao acknowledged and turned around to leave. He intentionally gave me a glance before leaving, his gaze carrying a bit of malice.

The VIP room was the most luxurious room in the KTV. Normally, it was not reserved for outsiders. Only those guests with special statuses would come to this room to receive them.

When Sister Yun and I arrived at the VIP box on the fifth floor, the large room was filled with people. Besides a few foremen, various mommy, and the heads of various teams, even ordinary ladies were also participating in this meeting. This had never happened before.

The moment he entered, he saw Brother Hao and the other foremen sitting on the sofa, smoking. Brother Hao and Da Gang were sitting next to each other. Beside Da Gang sat the head of security. This fellow's name was Liu Si. Since he was bald, his nickname was Fourth Baldness.

Fourth Baldness was not the manager of the security department. The previous manager was called away by the boss at the front end of the line to accompany him on some errands. Fourth Baldness was temporarily in charge of the security department. However, this guy completely treated him as a manager. Usually, his opponents would point fingers at him and make him look like he was an unparalleled existence.

When Sister Yun sat down, the originally noisy room immediately became quiet. Sister Yun looked around and began to speak. She first told him about KTV's recent situation, which was something she always told him. No one seemed interested.

As Sister Yun spoke, she suddenly changed the topic of the conversation. She looked at the crowd and said,

"In the next two days, there will be a new batch of ladies and princesses from KTV. These people will be managed by Yang Jun in the future … "

As soon as Sister Yun finished her sentence, everyone looked at Yang Jun in surprise. The few people beside him congratulated him in whispers. There were even some who joked with him, saying that in the future, they would call him Chicken Yang and ask him to treat them after work.

I kept secretly observing Brother Hao and Da Gang. Brother Hao did not show any expression on his face. However, Da Gang pursed his lips. It was as if he was looking at him with disdain.

Sister Yun stopped here on purpose. When everyone quieted down, she suddenly said,

"Right now, there are only four foremen on KTV, so the customers won't be able to busy themselves for a long time. "From today onwards, we will add another supervisor …"

Everyone held their breath when they heard Sister Yun's words. Especially these mommies and misses. Their income was directly related to who would be the head waiter. That was why everyone listened very carefully.

However, Brother Hao's expression changed slightly. He seemed to have expected something and glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. Then he took a long drag on his cigarette.

Fourth Baldness, on the other hand, acted like it had nothing to do with him. He swung his legs and stroked his bald head as he asked Sister Yun while looking at her from the side.

"Sister Yun, who are you talking about? It can't be me, right? "

After saying that, he laughed out loud.

Sister Yun didn't even look at him as she said word by word,

"This supervisor is, Shi Zhongyu!"

The moment she finished speaking, a cry of surprise sounded out from the room. No one thought it was me. In their minds, I was just a newly arrived duck. Furthermore, he was unable to continue on and was sent away.

Brother Hao, Da Gang, and Fourth Baldness all had ugly expressions on their faces. Fourth Baldness seemed to want to say something, but Sister Yun continued,

"From today onwards, Zhongyu will be in charge of the chartered rooms on the fourth and fifth floors!"

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