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Sister Yun's words caused another commotion among the crowd. One must know that both the fourth and fifth floors were luxurious bags, and they were clearly a grade higher than the ones on the first floor. The people who came to these rooms were basically all either rich or noble. Unlike the ordinary bags downstairs, most of them went to the working class. Then there were the gangsters in society.

And Sister Yun gave me two floors. This was a treatment that the head waiter had never received before. Sister Yun did not care about what everyone was talking about. She waved her hand at the crowd and told them to get busy. Fourth Baldness suddenly stood up and said to Sister Yun with a cold expression,

"Sister Yun, I have an objection!"

Sister Yun didn't even look at him as she coldly said,

"All of you, stay behind. Everyone else, get busy!"

Everyone started to walk outside. That Mommy called Aili, when she passed me, she intentionally rubbed her chest with me and whispered beside me,

"Brother Yu, Aili is someone who repays kindness to others. You have to take care of me in the future …"

Fuck, a thirty-something year old mother called me Brother Yu, which made me feel a little uncomfortable. Some of the ladies greeted me when they passed by. What he said wasn't wrong. In the future, he would have to look after these types of people.

After Mommy and Miss went out. Sister Yun pointed to the sofa at the side and told me to sit down. As soon as I sat down, Fourth Baldness stood up and said,

"Sister Yun, you are the manager. He could have anyone as a head waiter. But why did you arrange for such a hairless brat to grow up? I heard he didn't even know how to be a duck. How could he be a foreman? You don't think it's just because he's young, do you? "

Fourth Baldness's words were very unpleasant to listen to. The moment he said that, Brother Hao and Da Gang laughed. But the other two foremen did not dare to laugh. These two fellows were the type that no one would offend.

Sister Yun also smiled, but she sneered. She raised her head and looked at Fourth Baldness. She didn't answer his question but instead asked him a question instead.

"Liu Si, let me ask you. Two days ago, Shi Zhongyu was beaten up in the chartered room, where were you that day? I asked the security guards to come over, why haven't the security guards come over even after waiting for so long? "

Fourth Baldness looked a little embarrassed. He looked at Da Gang and said,

"Da Gang was sick that day. I sent him to the hospital …"

"Then why didn't you ask me for leave? Not even a phone call? "

It was only then that I realized Sister Yun had never dealt with that day's matter. Originally, Da Gang was in charge of the room, but he and Fourth Baldness were not there. And he hadn't taken a leave of absence.

Fourth Baldness stuttered as he couldn't understand. Sister Yun suddenly stood up. She looked at Fourth Baldness and said coldly,

"Do you want to use Ming Zhu's rules as decoration, or do you want to use me, the manager, as a decoration? Liu Si, do you really think that I don't dare to fire you? "

I once heard from Sister Hu that Sister Yun didn't fire Brother Hao and the others. It was because the person behind them was the boss's favorite person. Thus, in order to eliminate them, one had to have a reason that everyone believed in.

I think Sister Yun was angered as well, that's why she said that. She arranged for a supervisor, but Fourth Baldness still dared to jump out and criticize her. He completely didn't put Sister Yun in his eyes.

Fourth Baldness's face turned awkward. He looked at Brother Hao, but Brother Hao lowered his head and smoked without looking at him. With his back leaning against the sofa, Da Gang raised his head to look at the chandelier. As if nothing had happened.

Seeing that Fourth Baldness didn't say anything, Sister Yun asked coldly.

"Is there anything else?"

No one said anything. Sister Yun raised her leg and left.

"If you have nothing to do, then go and busy yourself with it!"

As he spoke, he pushed the door open and left. The foremen and stewards in the room left one after another. No one came to greet me.

I silently cursed in my heart. Sooner or later, I will make all of you kneel and lick me with your hands.

He changed into the foreman's uniform and his headset. I became the head waiter just like a dog. Sister Yun had yet to let the models she had trained before come to work. Yang Jun was fine. He stayed in my lounge.

I already have my own lounge. At this time, I asked Yang Jun about some things that the supervisor needs to pay attention to.

Although Yang Jun had never been a supervisor before, he did, after all, have been in public relations for five years, so he knew all about this. He told me little by little. After listening for a while, I suddenly thought of a lazy idea.

Anyway, Yang Jun was a chicken head, so he wasn't too busy. Let him be my assistant. When I'm busy, let him help me entertain the guests. When I told him about the idea, Yang Jun happily agreed. This would also be beneficial to him, so when the young miss came, he could easily bring his young miss to meet a guest.

As I was talking with Yang Jun, I suddenly shouted to a waiter in the lecture,

"Brother Yu, there's a mister looking for you at the door. He said he's your friend!"

Now these people call me Brother Yu, I'm not used to it. But it felt good. Much better than when I was a duck.

As soon as I heard someone was looking for me, I assumed it was a bandit. When he arrived at the door with Yang Jun, indeed, the bandit was looking around.

The bandits were still the same, wearing a floral vest and underpants. But this time it wasn't slippers. It was probably due to him losing the fight that day, but now he had gained a lot of experience.

When the bandits saw me, they came over and threw a punch at my shoulder.

"I'm waiting to go to work, and you're not calling me? "I still have to find him myself …"

I was going to let him come back tomorrow, but he was in such a hurry. He ran over himself. I introduced him and Yang Jun. When they shook hands, the bandit said,

"I heard Zhongyu talk about you. You were a duck before, you worked for several years. Nice job, isn't it? "I said, how about you teach me a few moves one day?"

This grandson's voice is quite loud. We were originally in the main hall. The nearby attendants could all hear him clearly. There were two people chuckling with their hands over their mouths.

Yang Jun was even more embarrassed, he smiled without saying anything. Even though everyone knew that he used to be a duck maker. But no one wants to talk about it in public.

However, the bandits did not care about this. He turned around and shouted at the laughing waiter,

"Why are you laughing? Why are you guys discriminating against us ducks? If I laugh anymore, I'll sell it to you all as chicken! "

I immediately pulled the bandit away. I'm afraid that after a while, this grandson might not say anything out of line.

It was already past 9, and the number of guests increased. I told Yang Jun to go to the fourth and fifth floor and have him call me. I took the bandits straight to Sister Yun.

When I got to Sister Yun's office, I didn't wait for an introduction. Unexpectedly, the bandit took a step forward and extended his hand. Sister Yun was momentarily stunned, but she still extended her hand. She shook hands with the bandit only with the tips of her fingers. However, the bandits still refused to let go, and they could only mutter incessantly.

"Hello, Sister Yun!" My name is Zheng, you can call me bandit. I heard Zhongyu say Sister Yun was a beauty. I saw it today, is that bastard of Shi Zhongyu lying? Sister Yun, this isn't a beauty, this is a fairy! Sister Yun, when do you have time? I want to treat you to a meal and your celestial energy. "In the future, when I go back and boast with my friends, I'll say that I've eaten with a celestial sister, and they'll envy me to death …

Sister Yun was a little embarrassed at first, but as the bandit talked, she still couldn't help but giggle. This smile made the bandit even more pleased with himself. I was a little depressed. Damn, Sister Yun had only smiled at me twice after spending so much time with me. This grandson had made Sister Yun laugh the moment he arrived. I have to admit, I'm definitely not as good as bandits when it comes to picking up girls.

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