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The only reason why Sister Li fawned over me was because she wanted to see how many young ladies she had under her. She could also make more money. I know that.

"Don't worry, Sister Li. "Those who can help will!"

When I finished speaking, Sister Li looked at me with her big eyes and a bright smile on her face.

"Really? Sister Li was not an ungrateful person. Sister Li remembered who was good to her, and would definitely repay her in the future. How about Sister Li repays you now? "

She put her hand down. I moved aside. Sister Li seemed a little disappointed, but then she started to giggle.

"Brother Yu doesn't like me to do this, right? "That's true. Little Brother Yu is young and handsome, so he definitely likes Manager Yun's type …"

I was a little embarrassed by her words. He was thinking about how to send her away. Suddenly, an angry voice was heard in the lecture hall.

"Shi Zhongyu, come over immediately. I need a room 320!"

This is Brother Hao's voice. His voice is quite loud, and it scared me. Aili said from the side,

"What's wrong? I'll go with you! "

I ignored her and immediately went to 320. I thought about it as I walked. Brother Hao is in charge of male PR, and I'm in charge of the VIP bag on the fourth and fifth floor. Why is he so angry at me?

When Aili and I entered, my head buzzed. The more I was afraid of something, the more likely it was that something would happen.

Brother Hao stood there with a long face. Beside him stood a few other PR staff members. Fourth Baldness was also there, and beside him were two other guards. Judging from his appearance, he should have been called here just now by Brother Hao.

On the sofa sat a woman, in her thirties, wearing a pair of glasses. It looked like it had a bit of beauty. It was obvious that he was looking for a duck.

But the person next to her was the one who gave me the biggest headache. This person was actually a bandit. bastard crossed his legs and casually sat beside the woman, while he casually put his arm around the woman's shoulders.

When Brother Hao saw me come in, he gritted his teeth and looked at me. At the same time, he pointed at the bandits and said,

"Let's take a look!" This is the security guard that you introduced, take a look at what he's doing! "

As soon as Brother Hao finished, the bandit stood up. He sauntered up to us and said in a disgruntled voice,

"Brother Hao, what you said is wrong!" This big sister has fallen for me, so what if I play with her for a while? I'm also earning money for KTV! "

The bandit's attitude caused Brother Hao's face to turn pale. He pointed at the bandit and did not say anything for a long time. I hurried over to the bandit and scolded him in a low voice,

"Bandit, what are you doing? Get out of here immediately! "

Who knew that the bandits would not do it? He boasted shamelessly,

"No, I have to stay with this sister!"

With so many people around, I was too embarrassed to shout at him, so I lowered my voice and said,

"With my ass!" You're a security guard, not a public relations officer! "

The bandit just pursed his lips in disdain.

"Then wouldn't it be good to have a guest?"

I was so angry by him that I almost fainted. The female customer on the sofa became anxious. She stood up, held her bag and walked out.

"This KTV thing of yours is a mess." "Not even a single person can understand it …"

Brother Hao quickly went up to apologize to the customer. The female customer didn't even look at Brother Hao as she turned around and left. The bandits were still shouting from behind,

"Sis, don't go. I'll stay with you tonight! "

The customer left. Brother Hao just stared at us and said,

"How can we deal with this if we anger our guests to leave!"

This was indeed a bandit's fault. I was just about to say something, but the bandits didn't. He tilted his head and looked at Brother Hao.

"The customer was taken away by you, and you still ask me how I count it? If you don't want to mess with me, I'll definitely get her to spend a lot of money on KTV tonight. "I didn't, and you still asked me how I did it …"

I was so angry that my head was buzzing. If this matter were to get to Sister Yun, she wouldn't be able to stand up for him. Running alone in KTV was also a big deal.

"Shut up! This is not your place to speak! "

As I said this, the bandit shut up. He's very good at this. If I say anything, he'll listen to me.

And I went on to apologize to Brother Hao,

"Brother Hao, I'm sorry. He had just arrived and didn't know the rules! Don't be like him! "

Brother Hao was about to speak, but Sister Li suddenly walked in front of him. He clapped his hand on his chest and said coquettishly,

"Aiya, Brother Hao!" This brat is too inexperienced to begin with. I think we should just forget about it! After all, this is our own affair. If you make a big fuss, let others see it as a joke! "

Saying that, she pushed Brother Hao lightly and said with a smile,

"Well, get out! "There are quite a few guests today …"

Only then did Brother Hao and Fourth Baldness leave. At the door, Brother Hao suddenly turned around. He stared at me. His eyes used to be cold, but this time they were vicious. My heart couldn't help but tremble. I was a little worried for the bandits. He regretted letting him come to Ming Zhu.

Aili saw Brother Hao and the others leave the room. She held onto the bandit's arm with a smile as she charmingly said,

"Little handsome brother, you can't possibly think of women that much, right? If you want to, talk to Sister Li. Sister Li had nothing but a bunch of beauties under her. "It's not like you're going to fight over women with those ducks, right …"

When the bandit heard Sister Li's cackling laughter, the grandson touched Sister Li's butt.

"Sis, but I just like people like you. What do you think we should do?"

Sister Li giggled and was about to say something. So I pulled the bandit over and frowned at him and said,

"Hurry back to the security department, don't bullshit around here!"

The bandit reluctantly waved his hand towards Sister Li. As soon as the bandit went out, Sister Li came back and took my arm, saying in her sweet voice,

"Brother Yu, this friend of yours is really interesting. This is too funny! "

I was in no mood to bullshit with her, so with a grunt, I pulled my arm free and went out the door. When they reached the door, Sister Li shouted from behind.

"Brother Yu, don't forget to take care of my sisters!"

I thought, Take care! Take care of your sister! You're f * * king together with Brother Hao, and I'm still taking care of you! But then he realized that something was wrong. Brother Hao definitely had the chance to take care of the bandits today. After all, the bandits did something wrong! However, when he heard Aili's words, he directly left. Could there be something else?

After work, the bandits are coming to stay with me. He said he wanted to flirt with you! I had been renting a house out of school. It wasn't too big, about thirty square meters. I lived with my girlfriend. But now, he didn't know where she and bastard were staying. I still live there because the house hasn't expired.

When we got home, the bandit sat on the sofa and played with you. You are indeed extraordinary. You are at home, and your home is not the slightest bit disturbed. I can even go to the bathroom myself, where I've prepared it.

I asked the bandit what had happened today. The bandit, looking nonchalant, told me that he had seen a female guest and had entered the room alone. I guess it's for the ducks. As soon as the waiter came out, he went in. When Brother Hao brought the male PR team over, he had already hooked up with the female.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But when you think about it, you say,

"Bandit, don't go to KTV tomorrow …"

The bandit looked up at me with dissatisfaction and asked why. And I told him, you know,

"You were already offended by Brother Hao on the first day, he might not have any way to take revenge on you in the future." "I've been busy recently, so I can't care less about you …"

Before I could finish, the bandit interrupted me with a look of disdain.

"Stop! What was my purpose in coming to KTV? Do you think I'm really here to pick up girls? I am lustful, but I also know how to prioritize things. I just want to find trouble with this bullsh * t Brother Hao! How can we just let this go? I tell you, I did it on purpose! I just wanted to anger him! "Don't let me leave the Ming Zhu before you take care of Brother Hao!"

The bandits' words made my heart warm. He was indeed very loyal. We were not in the same class, but we played together in high school. Whatever difficulties there were, they all came together. But I was still worried, so I said to him,

"You can do it on KTV, but you can't cause such a ruckus in the future! If you have things to do, then let's go together. We can't act so rashly! "

The bandit teased you as he said nonchalantly,

"Sure, you're the big brother. What you say is true, is that not enough? But I have to take you to work tomorrow. "He's so bored at home …"

Let me think about it. In any case, I have my own lounge, so I'll just push you along and stay inside.

These two days the bandits were quite honest and did not cause any trouble. I brought you to KTV. In the end, you were seen by Sister Yun. When she's free, she takes you to her office to play. And everyone else, seeing how obedient you are, likes it. All of a sudden, you became the most popular KTV in the world.

It's very good of you to do that. Other than me and the bandit, he never eats what anyone else gives him. Sister Yun fed it twice, but it didn't eat it. It was only when I let it eat that it started to eat the food Sister Yun gave it.

I've been spending all my time on the uniform show. Sister Yun asked me to contact Sister Hu. You need to know the sizes of these models before you can issue clothes. At the same time, they had to do some promotional work. Our propaganda is quite strong, every day a customer asks us, T stage show concrete when to do.

I just arrived at KTV that day. Sister Hu called and told me the uniforms had arrived. Let me go over and see the effect. When I heard that, I immediately went out to take a taxi to Sister Hu's company.

As soon as I opened the door and entered Sister Hu's office, I was shocked by what I saw. There were nearly twenty beauties, each of them wearing a white nurse's uniform. They all stood there in unison. When I came in, I nodded to say hello,

"Hello, Brother Yu!"

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